DCT announces last 11 after submission of letter of intent




The Druk Chirwang Tshogpa (DCT) after submission of its Letter of Intent (LoI) to participate in the primary round of the National Assembly (NA) elections now has its complete set of 47 candidates.The last 11 to join the DCT flock were announced by the party office on Monday.


Norbu Gyeltshen for Nganglam-Decholing, Pemagatshel

Having handled the post of a student president during his college life in Sherubtse College, the 29-year-old hopes to put his leadership skills to the test at the national level.

“I take it as a solemn responsibility to work for the betterment of the country and the people,” he said. “I am hopeful that I can contribute positively to Bhutan’s progress.”

He has a bachelor’s degree in economics and environmental studies. After graduation in 2010, he has worked in various private organizations.


Tshewang Tobjai for Samkhar-Kanglung-Udzorong, Trashigang

The DCT contestant from Trashigang graduated from Nehu University, India with a bachelor in arts in 2012. After graduating from college, he has spent time in his village, helping with the farm works.

“Becoming an educated farmer was a choice that I made because I enjoy it. It is challenging and fruitful,” he said.


Sonam Penjor for Khar-Yurung, Pemagatshel

The 31-year-old DCT candidate has a bachelor’s degree in economics and geography, and he worked for Advanced Geo-Tech Engineering in Thimphu for almost two years.

“I came forward to join DCT because I felt it was time for young people to come forward and participate in the democratic process,” he said. “I am confident that I will be of service to my people,” said Sonam Penjor who served as a counselor in Sherubtse College for a year.


Kinley Dem for South Thimphu

The 27-year-old who graduated in 2010 with a bachelor in business administration said she intends to focus on curbing the rural-urban migration by uplifting the wellbeing of rural residents, and promoting rural prosperity.

“I have spent most of my life in Thimphu, and I have enjoyed the fruits of development from a very young age,” she said. “I want to make sure young people around the country enjoy the same in their own constituencies. We need to progress together as a country.”


Ngawang Choden for Wamrong, Trashigang

The young candidate draws inspiration from the DCT president, and therefore, joined the party to contest the 2013 elections.

After graduating in 2011, she worked for the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) and the National Statistics Bureau (NSB).

“As a woman, we have our own perspectives and opinions that are important for decision making,” she said. “It is necessary for women to participate in the decision making process, that is one of the many reasons why I joined politics.”


Pema Yangzom for Shongphu, Trashigang

“My youth is my strength, and I want to set an example. So much importance has been given to youth by our kings and leaders, and I feel obliged to live up to their expectations,” stated Pema Yangzom.

The 28-year-old has a bachelor’s degree in business administration.


Pema Wangchug for Khatoe-Laya, Gasa

With a bachelor’s degree in Tibetan Buddhism, he has worked in various media houses including the radio medium in the country.

“I take this as an opportunity to serve the nation. I have gained good experience having worked in the media,” said Pema Wangchug.


Tashi Phuntsho for Dremitse-Ngatshang, Mongar

The 26-year-old is motivated by the party’s collective vision to bring about positive change in the country.

“Democracy is such a precious gift from the King, and we must all make democracy a success in Bhutan. I was genuinely interested in politics since 2008. I am hard working and I believe I can bring about positive changes in the country,” said the 2012 graduate from Sikkim Manipal University, India.

He replaced former candidate Namgay Om.

 Chador Namgyal for Athang-Thedtsho, Wangduephodrang

A part-time tour guide, who also worked as a contract teacher for three years, Chado Namgyel is a 2008 commerce graduate from North Bengal University.

“As a former National Council aspirant, I gained a lot of ground experience when it comes to the election process. I am hoping to do a better service by joining DCT toward fulfilling the goals and aspirations of the people,” the 34-year-old who replaced former candidate Tshering Phuntsho said.


Kezang Choden for Kengkhar Weringla, Mongar

The 28-year-old DCT candidate has a bachelor’s degree in computer applications. She worked as the general manager for Druk Waste in Paro.

“Bhutanese women deserve more, in terms of respect and rights. With right policies and education, we can change the discriminatory mindset and culture toward women. I believe in equality between genders and hope to push for it,” she said.


Kezang Dorji for Nubi-Tangsibji, Trongsa

The 27-year-old DCT candidate who has a bachelor’s degree in commerce is keen to put his leadership skills to the test at the national level.

“I am daring to do something bigger in life, and I am confident that I can do it. My young age is my advantage,” said Kezang who replaced former party candidate Kencho Tashi.

Sonam Pelvar / Thimphu


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  1. When all failures are taken in by political parties in the name of democracy, I wonder what will happen to democracy. I can’t imagine failures and leftovers running the country. What will happen to country. Some of them have been there unemployed and not even shortlisted because they neither have talents nor have ability. Ask them to write application. I am sure they will not know how to…

    • As long as they have a degree which is the bare minimum requirement, we should not caste aspersions on their ability to govern. Who knows, some of them just might turn out to be great leaders one day. This is the greatness of democracy.



    By the way, DCT is like a joke. How can one ever think that political party who is formed with an objective to rule a country can comprise of only fresh graduates. I can not imagine. ECB should look into framing or revising the present electoral law or we may have to amend the constitution to address this problem. Minimum age for candidates aspiring to join politics should be made at least 35 years old. 

    • Ha ha well said pasa pasa!
      Actually our rules are made like that sii. Forget about politics, even RCSC does not allow doctors and engineers do MBA on one hand and they set criteria for director such as MBA. Isn’t it funny???????????????

  3. whoever rule the country, whoever gets the highest votes, lowest votes, they need roof above their heads, they cannot be housed without a civil engineer, do not blame civil engineer, they save lives of people but gets the blame most, credit taken by the government, without engineer development activities cannot be carried out. Great engineers, proud to be an engineer.

  4. Guys, just think hard before voting for DCT which comprise only the leftovers……

  5. DCT is participating just for the sake. Actually, BKP and DCT should merge together to form a strong party. I don’t think those fresh graduates, who were just looking for a job will ever do a good job for country. Even, i have 10 years of civil service experience but still am not that confident to handle the MPs task, if we have to genuinely do it.

    Actually DCT has done good job by temporarily absorbing those useless fresh graduates for a time being. DCT is currently helping DPT to retain its unemployment rate at 2 percent. 

  6. If DCT is eliminated in the primary round, what will happened to these youth?  Poor boy and girls wish them success. 

    • Visitior!

      This guys will be resting for three years as a cooling period or start their bussiness if they have money.
      My observation till date is that the persone who come to join politics are of this types:(1) Who doesnot have job. (2). Whose parents are rich. (3) Who have bussiness. (4) ……..????? Therefore i guess we can expect less from them. DON’T EXPECT ANYTHING THAN YOU WILL NEVER BE DISAPPOINTED.

  7. DCT will come to power this time…..
     All the best to DCT

  8. In the first presidential debate held on 8/5/2013, the ratings (out of 10) are as follows:
    DCT————————— >  9
    PDP………………………………>   9
    DNT………………………………>   8
    DPT……………………………….>   7

    I hope the next round will help them improve further

    • Looks like you were watching a different debate, while all were good, the EX PM was certainly a little better than the others.

  9. Country might just save Nu. 6 million plus few millions in TA and DA for electoral officials if DCT bows out because it is not going to make past primary.

  10. Palden Drukpa

    What ever may be….and what to do….all well talented, capable, well experienced and much senior Bhutanese are stepping back. They are much feared, if they don’t win, so many ‘ if ‘ before they come front and serve as politicians.  It is one way good to see all those graduates coming in front to try their luck. But I do agree, if they are given the opportunity to be the member of NA, how they could handle the responsibilities. Anyway lets see…nothing against those fresh graduates. All the best of Luck….

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