DCT flags off campaign from Punakha

64117_444402895643293_625295776_nThe Druk Chirwang Tshogpa (DCT) officially kicked off its campaign from Punakha yesterday.

DCT President Lily Wangchhuk said the party decided to kick-start the campaign from Punakha because of the historical significance and symbolism of the dzongkhag.

“The first king was crowned in the Puna dewachenpoi phodrang (Punakha Dzong) in 1907,” Lily Wangchhuk said. “The first session of the National Assembly was also held in the dzong 1953 and it was for these reasons that the party opted to start the campaign from Punakha.”

The DCT President met with the people of Punakha Dzongkhag at Khuruthang Vocational Training Institute. She told the people that they should vote for the people’s party that will form a government that will work for each and every Bhutanese and not just the privileged few – a government whose vision is to build a just, more prosperous, happier and stronger nation.

“I am here to offer an alternative to the people – a political party that will genuinely work for the welfare and wellbeing of the citizens. Citizen’s interest is the central theme of our objective and we’ll strive hard and put in our heart and soul to create the right conditions for our people to pursue happiness,” said Lily Wangchhuk.

She said that a fine mix of senior and young professionals from humble, hardworking backgrounds, who understand the ground realities, issues and difficulties faced by the people, formed DCT. “They know what you go through every day of your lives and best understands what must be done in order to solve the numerous problems our people face,” she said.

Talking about the importance of voting for the right party, she reminded the people to make a wise decision while casting their votes. “Democracy, gifted by our farsighted Monarchs, has given you the power to choose your own government. You have the power to decide your own future. If we want democracy to flourish, we must votefortherightparty,”shesaid. “I hope people will vote and use their franchise wisely so that their votes go to the people who are truly worthy.”

Lily Wangchhuk also talked about DCT’s manifesto and what the party will do if given the mandate. “Our manifesto is a reflection of people’s dreams and aspiration. It’s a roadmap to fulfill our collective vision to create a just, a more prosperous, stronger, and happier Bhutan,” she said.

DCT president will campaign in Trongsa tomorrow and then head toward Eastern and Southern dzongkhags.

Meanwhile, DCT party candidates are already in the constituencies and have begun their campaigns.

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