DCT gets to 33 with new 11

nbnbWith the latest batch of eleven candidates launched by Druk Chirwang Tshogpa (DCT) covering almost all regions, the party has now confirmed 33 candidates in total and will release the remaining candidates soon.

“The remaining candidates will hopefully be released in the next one or two weeks,” said DCT President Lily Wangchhuk.


Tenzin Thinley (42)

A former Royal Bhutan Army officer and also a recipient of Drakpoi Khorlo (gallantry medal) from His Majesty the Fourth King for his selfless contributions during the Operation Flush Out in 2003 will contest as a DCT candidate from Chhokor-Tang constituency in Bumthang.

He was motivated to join DCT because of the party’s concern for the youth, particularly the underprivileged ones. “One of the main visions of DCT is youth empowerment, which is close to my heart,” he said. “I will work hard to make the hopes and the dreams of many unprivileged youth across the country possible.”

Tenzin attended the young officer’s course, commando course and also advanced data processing course in India. He graduated from the National Defence Academy in Pune in 1997. In 1998 he attended a one-year military course at the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun.


Tshering Phuntsho (31)

With an experience of six years in the private sector, , he will contest from Athang-Thedtsho constituency in Wangduephodrang.

With a Bachelors Degree in Commerce he joined DCT upon the request of the community from his Constituency and motivated by the party’s leadership and the country’s first female president.

Tshering Phuntsho shall work towards “bridging the gap between haves and the have-nots, and uplifting the living standards and wellbeing of rural communities.”


Tej Bahadur Rai (33)

DCT has fielded him for Dorokha-Tading constituency in Samtse. He went  back to his village to work as an educated farmer after his graduation with Bachelors in Commerce seven years ago.

He decided to return to his village to lend a helping hand to his old parents.  “I will not call myself unfortunate for not being able to join the government service like everyone else,” he said. “I have spent so much time in my village helping my parents and community, it has given me a lot of fulfillment.”

This rural experience, he said, taught him about the difficulties faced by rural folks. Tej Bahadur Rai was inspired by the party’s focus on low and middle-income groups, the poor, marginalized and vulnerable sections of the society.


Dhan Bahadur Tamang (34)

He , is DCT’s contender from Patalay-Tsirangtoe constituency in Tsirang. Born and brought up in Tsirang, he has spent all of his life in Tsirang and knows every nook and corner of his village. After his graduation he has been running his own construction business for the last six years.

“I believe in the cause of the common people,” he said. “I would put in my heart and soul to improve the living conditions of our people at the grassroots and be their voice.”

He believes that the party will lead the country toward better and greater change.


Kencho Tashi (29)

DCT’s candidate from Nubi-Tangsibji, hopes to put his leadership skills to test at the national level.

With a Bachelors Degree in Computer Applications, Kencho Tashi resigned from a private firm to join DCT. “I am daring to do something bigger in life and I am confident that I can do it,” he said. “As a young person, I want to channelize all my energies in being the voice for the youth, improving people’s lives and taking development to backward communities.”


Kuenga Tenzin (34)

Having completed his Bachelor Degree in Arts and with more 11 years of experience in tourism industry Kuenga has joined DCT to contest from Sombaykha constituency in Haa.

“I was inspired by His Majesty’s National Day address and therefore I decided to join politics to work for the larger interest of the nation,” he said. “My main priority will to be boost the private sector growth and create enabling environment for economic development.”


Kinzang (26)

A graduate of RVS College of Arts and Science in Tamil Nadu, India, Kinzang, is DCT’s candidate from Kabji-Talo constituency in Punakha.

““As a woman candidate, I will focus on women empowerment, providing alternative livelihood opportunities for rural women and encouraging women to take a lead role in nation building,” she added.

She believes that for Bhutan to truly progress, the yawning gaps between the rich and poor must be bridged with conducive policies. .


Sonam Tshering (25)

Will run from Bji-Katsho-Eusu in Haa for DCT.

Having worked in the tourism industry since his graduation, he has travelled across the country and interacted with diverse sections of the rural populace. He also claimed to have vast knowledge about the various iconography of Bhutan.

“I want to focus on preservation and promotion of our rich tradition and culture,” he said. “Bhutanese culture must be promoted through new technologies that are available today lest we face the danger of losing it forever. Therefore, DCT has placed high importance to the promotion of our culture and tradition.”


 Tenzin Jamtsho (26)

Motivated to join politics by the DCT’s young and dynamic candidates, he is the party’s candidate from Panbang in Zhemgang. He has a Bachelor in Science (IT) graduate from Rathinavel Subramaniam College of Arts and Science.

“I can be the voice of the youth,” he said. Coming from a humble family background, he says, he understands the grassroots realities very well. “Many people in the grassroots struggle to have a decent meal, forget about comforts and luxury. I will endeavor to improve the wellbeing of these vulnerable people.”



Jigme Wangchuk (28)

Disappointed with the glaring inequalities in the society, Jigme joined politics to be part of the decision-making process. He is DCT’s candidate from Radi-Sakteng constituency in Trashigang.

Jigme did his degree in Bachelors in Commerce from St. Joseph’s College, India.

“I believe DCT’s strong belief and ideology will benefit the poor in both rural and urban areas in the country,” he said. “Personally, as a young man, I am interested in youth issues, unemployment problems, rural-urban migration and rural development. I am energetic and motivated to serve the people.”



Kinzang Choden (28)

She is DCT’s candidate from Nyisho-Sephu constituency in Wangduephodrang. After graduation, she worked as an IT Instructor at a private firm.

“DCT has given an equal opportunity to both men and women to prove themselves and to serve the nation,” she said. “I would like to prove myself too. I want to set an example to women in the county and also motivate them to take up leadership roles.”

Her main focus, she said would be helping the underprivileged, supporting women and promoting happiness. “DCT offers platform to humble hardworking people. DCT’s president is a role model and I am inspired to follow her footsteps.

Meanwhile, DCT is holding its party convention today in the capital with representatives from all 20 Dzongkhags. The party will elect its president, office bearers and executive committee members and the party charter will also be tabled for endorsement as partial fulfillment of the election commission’s requirements to contest in the 2013 elections.

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  1. Well, DCT is turning into Desperate Chirwang Tshokpa because it is recruiting more and more candidates in twenties out of desperation. About 80 percent of their candidates are fresh graduates and can that group govern our country? Come on! let’s be realistic and awaken ourselves from the world of imagination. Do not let our country and people down. We have faith in young leaders, but too many of them will only spoil the party.

    • ahhahahahahah u got it rite.. WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO WITH ALL THE FRESH GUYS… M sure they havn’t hold a managerial post too .. 

      • Old Trafford, If you are old dont think young are unable to perform if given the opportunity. If you are young dont be envious if you havent been given a party ticket. And finally, if you think you are better than them why dont you step into politics yourself rather than making fun of others?

  2. This party is coming up with biggest joke of the election….Most of the candidates in 20’s…..How funny

    • I think there is nothing funny about this. Young people comprise 60% of our population and they must come forward and take our country further. Only if young people are there – there will be changes otherwise old people from civil service will carry on like they did before. look at some of the old DPT MPs like Karma Rongdel and Major Pasang, Gyem Dorji etc. what have they done for the country and their constituency? If you ask people in their constituency – they have never been seen around after elections. we need young people now as it is time for change 

  3. DCT is losing its image by bringing in more and more fresh graduates. Is the party still looking for same kind of candidates? The party can have a few of them, but not so many as it is the case now.

  4. looking at the cohort of the emerging politicians, in another five yrs time we can expect every Bhutanese, esp youth to be gainfully employed and affluent…politics itself have become a platform to be learnt and employed for our desperate youths…where are we heading? 

  5. Only Head count and nothing more!

  6. Everything started when they elected Lili as the president. It will die its natural death.

    • With Aum Lily at the helm of affairs, DCT will never disappear. She has hundreds of fans and supporter including myself and we will go all out to make sure she and her party wins

      • She is truly an inspiration for women and many young people. She was the best at RTC common forum and after her statement all at RTC has become her fan and we will all support her and her party

  7. I think there is a very good balance with 5 candidates above 30 and 6 in late 20s which represents 40% old and 60% youth and we have 60% youth in our country. I think youth brings change and new ideas and represents the future and if you look at the huge turnout at DCT party convention – it looks like a very strong party. I have not seen that many people at DNT and BKP convention

    • You are right I was very impressed to hear that there were more than 600 people at their recent party convention. I think I heard there were less than 200 people at BKP and DNT convention. DCT seems to be very strong at the grassroot

  8. I salute all the young vibrant DCT candidates. It is such a refreshing change to see new, clean faces rather than old, retired, corrupted govt officials. I will surely support DCT as I want to see some change in our country 

  9. young should volunteer first and work in the party to learn before they become politician themselves. This is the system in matured democracies but for Bhutan oldies are scared to leave their comfortable chair and they deserved to be ruled by the young. They should be taught lessons for failing to participate in the election and lead the parties. Politics has also become a job opportunities for some. So we need to balance it by choosing the right ones and not every Tom Dick and hurry!

  10. Politics is not a Soccer Game where young and energetic people are preferred…..lets not make it a epic joke out of it to the onlookers. 

  11. @Wisdom, are you very young and you have taken oath never to become old ? your parents are old, in fact all your elders are old. Old is gold finally.

  12. I think, its not fair to recruit fresh graduates for such an important positions. We respect party’s slogan to give opportunities to potential youth but it doesn’t make sense giving tickets to very fresh graduates in early 20’s. What changes can such youth bring, given no experience in government policies. I think in early 20’s, they will not be in a position to wear their Gho properly, stop thinking about bringing changes to their constituencies. It will be like fighting for loosing battle especially in those constituencies where more experienced member were nominated by other parties. Its just my suggestion to the president to stop giving ticket to a candidate in 20’s because i have a strong respect and optimistic assurance from this party.

    • I think it is not fair that ECB should make such strict rules which does not encourage oldies to participate in politics especially those who are working in govt and own business. if ECB laws and rules are flexible many oldies will join and will not give opportunity to young. If young are joining today we can only blame ECB and people who made such strict law and not political parties

  13. Ya, Kobe is right that DCT is preparing for Soccer game rather than a ppolitical party with all fresh and energetic youths. I have already understood from the NC youth candidates what they can do for the country. I think if we have around 10 parties, all our youths will be employed. The olds will understand youth problems because everybody passed youth age. But, Youths will not understand country’s big issues because they have not been into the system. So, a party does not require 50 percent of youths to discuss youth issues.

  14. Do you know full form of DCT…..DCT=Druk Child Tshogpa

  15. Oi Ghost, Druk Child Tshokpa is a fantastic full form for DCT. So, another 14 children to join the party soon?

  16. All you sick men or women in this forum are probably people who are not ready to answer the call of the nation by joining politics and when young people are coming forward to join politics why are you making such mean comments? If you think these people are no good why dont you join politics yourself? Bhutanese people are very judgemental and also make such cynical comments on other people without even understanding their background. you guys are all hypocrites…..for me I am old but I will encourage our children to take this country forward as out time is gone and we had our share in life. DCT all the best – i will vote for you

    • i dont think the nation is in desperate position like DCT to say some inexperienced youths has to come forward answering the call…you provide the needed choice but people’s preference will be different….anyways good luck…

  17. Hi Karma,
    Do you think tha best youths are joining the party? The best of fresh graduates have entered into civil service. If the best of youths really join the party, I welcome them. But, this is not the case. If they could not get selected for civil service, can they do good business in legislation?

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