DCT has a change of heart on logo and slogan

dct new logo
dct new logo

… And the Election Commission has approved the new logo

The Druk Chirwang Tshogpa (DCT) has unveiled what according to it is a ‘new, better, and more attractive version’ of its election symbol, which it feels is in consonance with the party’s ideology.

The sudden change midway in the run up to elections took place after DCT members across the country recommended that the color of the Swan be changed from blue to white.

Chirwang Tshogpa has also revealed its slogan: The change we need, The voice we deserve.

“DCT’s slogan and modified election symbol were made in order to connect DCT with a wider section of the population,” said Lily Wangchhuk, the DCT President in a DCT news release. “The election symbol is a representation of what we stand for as a political party and the slogan is what we aspire and want to collectively achieve for the people of Bhutan.”

Speaking on the party slogan, DCT President Lily Wangchhuk said it was finalized after a series of brainstorming sessions with candidates and party members.

“The change we need, the voice we deserve, truly reflects Chirwang Tshogpa’s endeavors and aspirations,” she said. “There is a growing clamor for change and renewal and we want to be that agent of change. Our people’s voice, particularly those of low and middle income groups, poor, marginalized and vulnerable sections of our society, has not been heard. Chirwang Tshogpa will be that voice. We want to bring them into the national mainstream since we can only embrace happiness and progress, together.”

The meaning of the word ‘Chirwang’ according to the DCT President has often been misunderstood or deliberately misinterpreted. “The launch of the modified election symbol and slogan is a conscious move to redefine what DCT stands for and for whom, said Lily Wangchhuk,” in the DCT news release.

The word Chirwang literally means, ‘Power to the People’, stated the release.

“We draw our vision and purpose from this meaning,” Lily Wangchhuk said. “We believe in equality for all, inclusive growth and balanced socio-economic development, among many others. Every citizen must be a part and parcel of our development story. That’s what Chirwang is all about.”

DCT’s election symbol is a white swan surging skyward from a lotus mount sprouting on a body of water with a Norbu (precious gem) as a backdrop.  The elegant swan represents the rising glory of Bhutan with unity, equity, harmony and positive transformation. The composure of the Swan with its wings spread high represents DCT’s commitment to protect every citizen and ensure equality, social justice and happiness for all. The sharp lines of the Wings signify DCT’s clear vision, clarity and determination to serve the people and safeguard the nation’s sovereignty.

As a source of life, the water represents the essence of DCT’s commitment to sustain the continuity of Bhutanese values, culture and tradition. The Lotus symbolizes purity and harmony, and reflects DCT’s resolve to create a peaceful and progressive society. The Norbu, or the precious gem, represents DCT’s unwavering loyalty to Tsa-Wa-Sum and its genuine aspiration to spread prosperity and happiness across Bhutan.

The Orange color signifies DCT’s optimism, confidence, and determination while the yellow color symbolizes happiness, prosperity, and GNH. Overall, the election symbol signifies Unity, Prosperity and Happiness for the people and country while, for the Party, it is symbolic of its principles of social democracy.

Of the total 47 candidates DCT has finalized 40 of them.

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  1. Party who stands for the voice for the voiceless will win 2013 election

  2. DCT my vote is always for madam lily wangchuck and DCT…three cheers for DCT

  3. good vision

  4. Readers, hav u watched the first progrm of the BBS People’s Voice 1012? wher Lily was a penalist. If nt u watch. She cud not complete one decent point of debate. Can u imagine her leading Gov.? We must think b4 u cut ur thumb to vote. Best of luck Lily.

    • Me- did you watch lily wangchuck on dawai kudroen few weeks ago where she performed so well and was far outstanding than other president of BKP and DNT. She spoke from her heart both in dzongkha and english in very fluent manner. please update your knowledge about her before you pass your judgement. i think and many of my colleagues think she has the right ability to lead our country. 

  5. I will just watch only no vote!

  6. To me, DCT will perform better than corrupted DPT’s lips services.

  7. I really liked the new logo and its meaning and significance. If DCT can truly give it to the people of Bhutan what they have stated, and really show how they can do this, there is a silver lining in it. What is bit worrying is with the candidates fielded as of now in various constituencies. Most appears to be young but it is very encouraging to see that they are giving their best. DCT may now need to strategies how this can be translated into strength and bring to the forefront to make to the general round. One thing that everyone will look at is the candidate’s capability now. My prayers are with DCT, but sadly, there is no nay candidate from my constituency as of now.

  8. i will vote for DCT as it is led by the most inspirational woman of Bhutan- aum lily wangchuk. i know she will never go wrong

  9. Wai ina reggae? Even i m going to support DCT this time. Hope i m not making mistake this time like in 2008.

  10. who knows before u vote for any party plz think yourself , all the partys best of luck me not going to vote any of this party.

  11. Your vote is your right but why do you have to make public? You vote when the time comes. ALL BULLSHITS!

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