DCT President campaign highlights a better Gelephu

DCT campaign in Gelephu
DCT campaign in Gelephu

After ferrying across the infamous Mao Khola from Sarpang town to Chuzergang gewog, the Druk Chirwang Tshogpa (DCT) president concluded her daylong campaign at Gelephu town.

Speaking about the economic potential of Gelephu, Lily Wangchhuk told the gathering that it was time now for Gelephu to unlock its potential. “Not long ago in the past, Gelephu had a booming small and medium industry. They have all disappeared now,” she said. “We must revive the industries and revitalize the commercial potential of Gelephu,” she added.

Particularly at a time when the country is faced with Rupee shortfall, she reminded the people of the urgent need to encourage local production to meet the domestic needs. She said our overdependence on external resources, from basic commodities to luxury goods, is the cause of Rupee shortfall. “We must produce our own goods, if we need to be self-reliant, and that can only happen when our policies and efforts are directed towards promoting local production and facilitate market accessibility,” she said.

Lily Wangchhuk shared the party manifesto and plans to develop Gelephu into a vibrant commercial hub in the south. “Gelephu has suffered for long, but now we must look forward and make the best use of the opportunities that are available before us,” she said. “DCT has plans to establish industries in the south that will create jobs and economic opportunities to the people,” Lily Wangchhuk added.

She also said that given the mandate to form the government, DCT will promote sports facilities and promote Gelephu as a sporting centre. “Our youth are talented, but what they lack is proper facilities, trainings and career opportunities in sports,” she said, and added, “Our party will introduce career opportunities in various sporting fields and expand and upgrade sports facilities.”

In Chuzergang gewog, Lily Wangchhuk touched on the issues of human-wildlife conflict and the need to boost agriculture production. She added that DCT will make concerted efforts to solve human-wildlife conflict.

During her campaign in Sarpang town, DCT president talked about the need for a new township in Sarpang. “Sarpang desperately needs a town,” she said. “Sarpang town can serve as a potential market for many local produces from nearby communities,” said Lily Wangchhuk.

The DCT president also talked about the need to address the census issue faced by certain sections of Bhutanese people.

DCT president will head towards Samtse tomorrow.

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