DCT President honored as Top Global Woman of 2013

Lilly Wangchhuk
Lilly Wangchhuk

The Druk Chirwang Tshogpa’s President, Lily Wangchhuk, the first Bhutanese woman to make it to the list of among 15 women across the globe was honored as Top Global Women of 2013 by Diplomatic Courier, a magazine on diplomacy and foreign policy based in the United States on International Women’s Day.

Lily Wangchuk was recognized for being the first woman in Bhutan to break the political barrier to lead a party in the 2013 elections and for her genuine commitment to address a number of social issues.

Currently, she is attempting to build a strong foundation for the party, encouraging each member, especially women, to actively participate in the democratic process. She is also the founding member of Bhutan Association of Women Entrepreneurs (BAOWE) and Bhutan Cancer Society.

Lily Wangchhuk said, “I am deeply humbled to receive such a prestigious honor on International Women’s Day along with an eclectic group of women personalities across the world. It gives me immense pride as a Bhutanese citizen to be included in the list of top global women of 2013.”

“I only hope that I can inspire more Bhutanese women to reach for higher goals in life,” she added.

Instead of traveling to America to receive the honor few weeks back, she gave up the trip since she had more pressing work at home.

In the middle of preparation for the upcoming elections, the DCT President said, “the first priority is always my country and fellow citizens.”

“We, Druk Chirwang Tshogpa, want to build a strong, alternate party with citizen’s interest as the central theme of our objective,” Lily Wangchuk said. “I could never leave in the middle of such an important task and travel abroad, how much ever big that honor was.”

She said, “I expect no recognition or award for what I do and strongly believe in, rather I take it as my duty to serve womenfolk and contribute in creating a gender equal society.”

Along with Lily Wangchhuk, 15 other women were also honored as women who have worked to improve the world.

One of them is Htar Htar Thet, the co-founder of New Generation Student’s Union from Burma. A press release mentioned that when her father died at the age of three, Thet supported her mother by selling food products while she went to school.

Eventually, Thet was able to overcome poverty and established a school for Burmese youth to encourage them to pursue their dreams despite hardship. Later in 2007, Thet established the New Generation Student’s Union (2007 NGSU), an organization that advocated for the rule of law in Burma.

The press release mentioned another top global woman, Razan Shalab al-Sham from Syria, who is dedicated to building a democratic Syria. She works for the Syrian Emergency Task Force, the Syrian Women Organization and other Organizations to funnel aid to needy communities inside Syria.

According to the press statement from Diplomatic Courier, “All of the Top Global Women are nominated by other women and while some may be famous and others are not so well known, all of them are deserving of this honor and much more.

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  1. Congratulations to Aum Lily Wangchuk. This is most wonderful news for all Bhutanese and our country. Hope she will take bhutan to greater heights

    • could be an example for all bhutanese starting from a kid to the very PM’s level, I quote, “I could never leave in the middle of such an important task and travel abroad, how much ever big that honor was.”

  2. She will take Bhutan to GREATER HIMALAYA and to China!

    • She has done us proud and will take us to greater glory and greater height. Three cheers for lily wangchuk. I and many of my friends are her fan and we are so proud of what she stands for and will always wish her well.

  3. Her opponents are really tough! goodness how should she win the election? Atleast with woman as our leader our nation will tend to be clean and true, and we want few more..

    • All the parties are targeting her by fielding all women candidates for Thimphu North and now even DNT has roped in female president to challenge her. Its evident that all are trying to pull DCT down by targeting their president but I am confident that aum lily wangchuck will do well as she is a very genuine person and well meaning for all of us. she will do Bhutan proud and i wish her the very best. My vote is for DCT because of her

  4. How do you say women are clean! Hehind every great and notorious men there are women. All the ideas are given by ladies to their husbands. We are happy with what we have.

  5. So she is the founder of BAOWE? Hmmm… I heard that Aum Damchey of Palden group was claiming to be the founder. I guess some people will lie about almost anything mosh?

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