DCT replaces three, brings in nine additional candidates

Untitled-2With the fast approaching primary rounds for the National Assembly (NA) Elections, Druk Chirwang Tshogpa (DCT) announced nine more candidates, taking its number of candidates to 41. The party will announce the remaining six candidates in the days ahead.

Among the nine, three of the candidates are replacements for the previously-announced candidates, who could not produce their college degree certificates on time. The decisions were made on party consensus.


Yeshey Dorji – former National Council (NC) elections contender switches to NA politics from Goen-Khamey-Lunana, Gasa

Yeshey Dorji, 33-year-old college graduate with Business Administration degree from Sikkim University, worked as a tour guide for three years, and another three years as a contract teacher before resigning to contest for the 2013 NC elections.

“I have gained a lot of experience as an NC-aspirant. Now, I am more than ready to work towards the greater good of the nation as a candidate for DCT,” he said.

Listening to the Party President’s speech at the Royal Thimphu College (RTC) common forum inspired me to join hands with DCT.


PemaWangchuk forNanong-Shumar, Pemagatshel

This time, the former NC-aspirant will contest under a DCT ticket.

Pema Wangchuk, 33-year-old, started his career as a civil servant with the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) in 2002. He later worked with the Ministry of Education until 2008. He resigned from the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in January 2010 to contest for the 2013 NC Elections.

He holds a master’s degree in legal studies from University of Canberra, Australia, and a postgraduate diploma in legal studies, corruption studies, and a postgraduate certificate in management from various universities in Australia and Hongkong. He completed his bachelor’s in arts degree from Shillong, India.

“I feel very humbled to be given a second chance to serve the people and partake in the democratic process. It’s a great privilege to join a party like DCT that has a fine mix of young and senior leaders led by a dynamic woman president, and the party has a persuasive manifesto, mission and vision,” he said.


Namgay Dorji – another NC hopeful who changed political lanes

The 31-year old with a master’s in mass comm. and media management from Punjab University, India is DCT’s candidate from Kabji-Talo constituency, Punakha.

Namgay Dorji worked as the Director of Ascent Pictures, and as the General Manager of White Pigeon Courier Service/Import House.

“What inspired me to join politics was DCT’s emphasis on issues related to youth and women, and the party’s people-centric approach to development. I was an NC-aspirant because I wanted to serve the people. Though I did not get through, I believe I am doing so by joining DCT.”

He replaced the former party candidate Kinzang.


Kezang Norbu for Drakteng-Langthel, Trongsa

For Kezang Norbu, 27-year-old, politics is an opportunity that he wants to use to contribute to the greater cause of the nation.

“I am not looking at politics as a form of employment. I am into politics because I have a deep concern for the people of Bhutan. I am young and I have the motivation and energy to contribute to their welfare,” he said.

He worked as an enumerator for poverty rate survey at National Statistic Bureau (NSB), and has almost three years of experience as a freelance tour guide.


Sangay Tamang for Patalay-Tsirangtoe

An NC contender for the recently concluded NC Elections, this candidate is more than ready to start contesting as a DCT candidate.

“I believe a person grows stronger with experience and zeal,” he said. “And I have definitely grown stronger in my belief and commitment to serve the people.”

As he comes from a humble background, Sangay Tamang was inspired to join DCT since the party is formed of simple, hardworking people from the grassroots. “I will work hard, give everything up to bring a positive change in the country,” he said.

Sangay Tamang who has replaced Dhan Bdr Tamang, has a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Royal Thimphu College (RTC) and has worked as a Residence Assistant at the college.


Jigme Norbu for Menbi-Tsenkhar, Lhuentse

One of the youngest candidates in the party, 25-year-old Jigme Norbu has a bachelor’s in education from Samtse College of Education. And he worked as a teacher for two years.

With good networking and communication skills, and command over Dzongkha, English, Sharchop, Lhotshamkha, he hopes to win the people’s hearts in his constituency.

“Chirwang has wise leadership, a progressive ideology and a people-centric manifesto. I am confident of the people’s support, we can move forward as a nation,” he said.


Kinley Choden for Dogar-Shaba, Paro

Kinley Choden, 26-year-old, graduated in 2010 with a bachelor’s in science (IT). Her priorities are women empowerment and education.

“Bhutanese women deserve more, in terms of respect and rights. With right policies and education, we can change the discriminatory mindset and culture toward women. I believe in equality between genders and hope to push for it,” she added.

She replaced Chencho Dorji from Dogar-Shaba.


Tshering Dorji for Thrimshing-Kangpara, Trashigang

DCT’s candidate from Thrimshing-Kangpara in Trashigang is 28-year-old, Tshering Dorji.

A graduate with a bachelor’s in arts, he decided to join politics seeking a bigger platform to serve the people and the country.

“As a businessman, most of the time, we tend to focus too much on our venture, forgetting that there are bigger callings in life. I chose to join politics because I thought I could do something for the people,” he said.


Ugyen Tshering for Lamgong Wangchang, Paro

The 45-year-old DCT candidate has over 22 years of experience in the private sector.

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Delhi University, India and also has a master’s in commerce from Auckland University, New Zealand.

He will look into issues such as rural development, private-sector growth, youth unemployment, agricultural development, and hydropower establishment.

Sonam Pelvar / Thimphu

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    • Please don’t make fun of other people, on the other hand we need to laud people like Lily Wangchuk, someone who has given up a cushy job to join the hurly-burly of politics. I hope Lily and her party surprises everyone and does much better than everyone is predicting.

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