DCT says any plan to start slaughter house is a slap on GNH

The Druk Chirwang Tshogpa in a press release opposed any plans to establish a slaughterhouse in Bhutan. DCT economic self-reliance is an important national objective and that as a developing nation, Bhutan must strive harder to promote equitable and sustainable socioeconomic development, through people centric policies and programs.

The party said development in Bhutan has been carefully guided by the noble philosophy of Gross National Happiness that aspires to strike a fine balance between material development and spiritual wellbeing of Bhutanese people.

DCT said, “Our farsighted Monarchs have ensured that in our pursuit of economic goals, we do not forget our time tested legacy, culture, pristine environment and rich traditional values.”

DCT said much of Bhutan’s values and principles – the bedrock of our society – are based on Buddhist concepts of compassion for and interdependence of all sentient beings. Our national life is deeply spiritual. “In this context, the PDP government’s plan to start slaughterhouses in the country is a massive blow to the noble principles that have shaped and molded our nation. The government’s plan has shocked and deeply distressed the people of Bhutan,” said the party.

The party said that while economic self-reliance and food self-sufficiency are critical national objectives, the government must also remember that they must fulfill the mandate without causing unnecessary distress to the people. The government needs to explore innovative ideas to offset the negative balance of trade and rupee deficit in the economy rather than quick-fix solutions that undermine the very philosophical foundation of our development said the party.

“Opening abattoirs and meat processing industry not only contradicts our age-old Buddhist values but also reflects poorly of the government’s economic strategy to boost the economy,” said the release.   The party said that although it cannot be denied that meat imports result in outflow of substantial amount of rupee from the economy, the overall trend is largely due to excessive imports against exports across all sectors.

Therefore, it would make much greater sense if the government comes up with viable alternatives and long-term strategies to boost exports and revitalize our economy than focusing on small, pet projects said the party.

The government’s economic plans must be in line with the guiding principles of GNH according the party. It said that since all major policies have to undergo GNH screening test DCT hoped the government will apply the screening measures to projects and programs as well.

Druk Chirwang Tshogpa said it would like to appeal to the government to be mindful of the repercussions of such initiatives and take into consideration the sentiments of people of Bhutan.

“We hope good sense will prevail and the plan to start slaughterhouses will be shelved for good,” said the release.



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