DCT unveils its 3 candidates in the southern foothills

Tsagay Dorji (left) , S.B Ghalley (centre), Sarswati Chhetri
Tsagay Dorji (left) , S.B Ghalley (centre), Sarswati Chhetri

The Druk Chirwang Tshogpa (DCT) has confirmed 3 candidates in the south from Tsirang, Sarpang and Dagana Dzongkhag.

And as of now, team DCT in the south makes up for an honesty-driven former military man, a seasoned former tourist guide who wishes to spread opportunity on a level plane and an aspiring transparency advocate who observed the government with a keen eye to discover ‘what to-do and how to-do’


S.B Ghalley

The 58 year old former military man will represent DCT from Kikhorthang-Mendrelgang Constituency under Tsirang Dzongkhag. He has 34 years of experience in the military and at the moment he is a farmer.

“I am joining politics as I perceive politics more as a social service,” he said. By joining politics he wants to be the voice for people and get involved personally to address the issues and challenges people currently face.

Other political parties had approached him but he joined DCT since his personal ideology matched with the DCT ideology and his fellow colleagues too have the same ideology.

Asked about plans for his constituency he said that he belongs to a military background which strictly avoids cheating and giving false promises.

Therefore, he said that he has left everything on them (the electorate) whether to vote for him or not.  But if he happens to win the elections he would educate rural people on hygiene and provide them all the necessary amenities which are not there at the moment.

“For urban society Youth unemployment is the main issue,” he added. If he happens to win, to solve the issue he would like to involve youth and solve the issue since they would be in better position to address the problem.

“We would discuss the solutions for the issue and we would not ignore the issues,” he said.


Tsagay Dorji

Tsagay Dorji, 31 who worked for the past 7 years as a freelance tourist guide is the DCT candidate from Shompangkha constituency in Sarpang. He has a Bachelors in Commerce (BCom) from Saint Edmund’s college, Shillong.

“I joined politics because I believe, being a Bhutanese citizen each individual has a role to play for the nation,” he said. Just like his fellow colleagues, he wants people’s voice to be heard as many voices are left unheard.

If he wins in the 2013 elections he would work to solve the unemployment and social problems that the youth are facing. Also, he would work on security problems in his constituency and make it a safer place to live.

He said many youth in his constituency are left out because of No objection Certificate (NOC) so he will look to solve this problem.

As a politician he believes in public services and team work. “I am sure I can make Bhutan land of opportunities especially for our children and free from corruption,” he added.

He joined DCT because it’s a common people’s party with a common purpose. The party he believes can take GNH to the grassroots level.


Sarswati Chhetri

Sarswati Chhetri will be contesting from Lhamoizingkha-Tashidingkha constituency under Dagana Dzongkhag. She did her Bachelor’s degree in Chennai under Madras University. She graduated with Bachelors in Information and management system in 2006.

The 32 year old DCT candidate joined politics since she is keen to help people.

“DCT is the place for me where the ideology is people-centric and they want to reach at the grassroots level. So I was very much motivated with the ideology and joined the party,” she said.

The foremost thing she wants to do if she wins in the elections is to bring transparency.

“Most of the people are uneducated and they don’t know what’s happening so I want to bring transparency among the people,” she added.

For the past six years she had observed the government and now she knows what to do and how to do. Therefore she thinks that she can do something for her constituency and for Bhutan.

While talking with people she came to know that drinking water, farm road and census problems are the main issues her constituency faces. Therefore she would be addressing these issues.

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  1. Sarswati – So far as I know she is the best candidate. She is not only educated but also energetic and kind.

  2. Yes, I too feel that she would be the best for our constituency. Honest, hardworking, reliable, educated, and very active and many more. I am happy that she joined politics.

  3. True southern bhutanese friend of mine whom I have seen from school days. The truth speaker. God bless her and hope she leads her way to politics and help her constituency people the way she has ever dreamt for. I think people should also feel proud if she gets elected because I have never seen such good person and friend in my life… All the best Sarswati Chhetri. You are on the right direction and keep moving.

  4. She is the best and honest person. Work hard i.e. all I can tell you. You can defeat the 4 standing men. You are a strong lady. Take the race.

  5. Ofcourse there is a difference between right and left hand of a person but they are meant to help eachother. Saraswati Chetri will lead the people there to bright light. Lucky are those Dagana people where such person has come

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