DCT’s Jigme to replace DPT’s Jigme in Radhi-Sakteng

This is after the backup candidate Kinzang Choden failed to qualify

The DPT has sent a formal letter to the Druk Chirwang Tshogpa asking its permission to get Jigme Wangchuk as its candidate to replace DPT’s Radhi-Sakteng candidate Jigme Tshultim who had been disqualified after failing to get the Security Clearance Certificate.

Meanwhile DCT President Lily Wangchuk who confirmed the offer said that her party would give Jigme Wangchuk the no objection clearance to join DPT.

Jigme Wangchuk was an administrative officer with the Ganjung Driving Center and has a Bachelors of Commerce degree. He had earlier already been approached by the DPT before the filing of nominations for the General Election round.

Disqualified DPT candidate Jigme Tshultim in an interview with the paper said, “I have reason to believe Jigme Wangchuk might replace me.”

DCT President Lily Wangchhuk said, “Jigme Wangchuk was also contacted on Thursday by the DPT Vice President Sonam Penjor and the former Tshogpon with an offer to stand as the candidate in place of Jigme Tshultim.”

She said, “DCT believes in deepening democratic culture and promoting the participation of young, dynamic leaders. That’s why we have decided to relieve Jigme Wangchuk from DCT so that he will in his own way fulfill the vision of the party for greater good of Bhutanese democracy, keeping aside party politics. It is also a great opportunity for a young, committed candidate to carry forward his commitment and dedication to serve the country.”

The DCT President clarified that her party does not gain anything and that rumors that DPT is offering certain benefits to the President and the Party are untrue. “Just as we have cooperated with PDP by relieving our Nanong- Shumar candidate, Pema Wangchuk we are only pleased to cooperate with DPT by relieving our Radhi-Sakteng candidate, in the interest of our nation and Bhutanese democracy,” said Lily Wangchuk.

She said that DCT is taking a non partisan approach when it comes to releasing their candidates and their choice of party. “This decision of DCT is based on the reason that DCT is here for greater good of Bhutanese democracy and not to pander to the whims and wishes of the two winning political parties. We wish both our candidates the very best in the elections and in service of the nation, if elected, “she said.

DPT approached DCT after it saw its back up candidate Kinzang Choden also being rejected by the Election Commission of Bhutan.

Kinzang Choden fell to the same clause in Political Party Rules that effectively knocked out two PDP candidates earlier, as she had not registered with the party before the start of the election period.

“As per the Letter of Intent submitted by the DPT earlier, Kinzang Choden had only joined the party as a registered member on May 4 while the Royal Kasho for the elections was issued on April 28, 2013. This means that as per section 4.5 of the Political Party Rules of Kingdom of Bhutan, Kinzang Choden cannot be a DPT candidate,” said ECB Director Dawa Tenzin.

Section 4.5 says, “A political party shall be prohibited from registering new members during the National Assembly election period except as provided under Section 209 of the Election Act.”

The DPT had earlier sent a letter to the ECB asking if Kinzang Choden whose name had been filed along with Jigme Tshultim as a backup candidate in the primary round could be made a candidate.

Yesterday, the ECB sent out a formal notification to all parties on acceptance of candidates, except for DPT’s Radhi-Sakteng and PDP’s Nanong-Shumar constituency. The notice said that neither of the parties have so far rebutted the disqualifications nor withdrawn any candidates.

Both parties have a timeframe of seven days till June 21 to nominate a replacement candidate before the ECB holds uncontested elections in these constituencies.

PDP is already secure after Druk Chirwang Tshogpa candidate Pema Wangchuk confirmed he will be contesting in place of the disqualified Jigme Drukpa.

 Tenzing Lamsang/Thimphu

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  1. Ha ha, I remember Ex-PM earlier said One party can not take another party candidate, now what happens????
    Is it not unconstitutional??? is it not violating the ECB laws??? Do u still say the same as u said la???

    • Rightly said.
      JYT declared that PDP and DNT formed coalition and its unconstitutional. Now his party has taken in DCT candidate as its Radhi Sakteng candidate. How different is this from PDP? Did he say based on number of candidates taken? Afterall it is the principle and not numbers.

      Double standard i guess.

      • Two people who have not understood anything, DPT sent a letter to DCT requesting permission from DCT, in DNT and PDPs case, they had closed door meetings to decide any future plan of action. Also, if you analyze carefully, many PDP candidates received a higher number of votes than the DNT candidates that are replacing them In such a scenario, don’t you find it a bit fishy to actually go for a candidate with lower votes.

        • Are you talking about the meeting or replacement of the candidates? I think Big Man and Pelchen are absolutely correct about the Double standard of DPT. According to them, it is bad when DNT candidates replace PDP candidates and it is good when DCT candidate replaces DPT. What a logic. *Gop rangi zan kha tsha, rogi zan Mikto tsha*- onion when eaten by self, burns your mouth, when eaten by others, burns your eyes.

  2. looks like Radhi-Sakteng can’t do without a Jigme.

    • Jigme literarily means fearless and they can be fearless in any physical actions influenced by negative thoughts.

  3. haha….finally, it is in fact contest between chirwang and nymdrup!!!!

  4. all Jigme’s will win but Tsherings will be out

  5. Our Radipas and Brokpas are “yongbas”. They will not consider quality. Even if a candidate is druggist and criminal, they will vote. Brokpas are esp happy that vehicle road has reached Mindrulla. They do not know that Jigmitsultrim used Govt money to bring the road. The budget is not from his own pocket. It is Govt money. Anybody could have opened road to Mindrulla when he/she is a ruling Govt. Therefore, someone from Brokpas please educate your brokpas about the truth.

  6. When words and actions do not match at all I fail to believe in JYT. Same thing was said in Gyaploshing case, mining, IT park, Tax revision, etc. People are beginning to take his statements with pinch of salt. He is losing his high credibility after joining to politics.

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