Dealing with the Australia Rush

The Australia Rush has now developed into a full herd rush as large numbers of the young and even middle-aged professionals head there.

However, there are four important things to consider.

The first is that this is coming at the loss of very important manpower for Bhutan in the form of doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers etc.

It is also taking away the economically most productive group of people.

It is high time that the government start appealing to professionals to not leave while not stopping anyone. The government must try and improve their work environment here and if necessary provide better incentives for critical staff. An appeal to patriotism must be made too.

The second factor is that a lot of risk is also building up as while job and work conditions are ideal right now in Australia, inflation is on the rise and the risk of recession by 2023 looms large.

If there is some change in working hours or visa conditions or if there is a downturn then many Bhutanese will be hit badly, especially those who have taken loans and gone.

It will be great if the herd finds greener pastures, but it will be disastrous if they go over the edge.

The third factor to consider is that while the main benefit from the expatriate community is in holding up our foreign reserves for the last two years with record inflows, this flow will drastically reduce or even stop during the time of the second generation once people settle there.

The final and fourth factor to consider for the government maybe to urgently send a team there to study what it is about Australia that not only attracts young and talented Bhutanese, but also retains them.

While the high wages may not be possible we could try and replicate others things like easier access to credit, less red tape, less hierarchy, more freedoms etc here that will not only encourage people to stay back in Bhutan, but also encourage people to come back.

It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.
Bill Gates

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  1. When it comes to salary 30,000-40,000 per month already is being paid to civil servant by the Government which is fair enough as no matter how much the salary is being paid, it can never fullfill the desire and demands as it is the same problem for the international world wide as well.
    So, even if the salary is increased, it is not going to slove the problem.
    But We have far more talented youth who are still jobless for past few years because of RSCS so though it is bad to see many experience civil servant are resigning. Encouraging them to stay and facilitate with high salary more than 40k which is even extremely difficult for the government overall budget wise. It is great opportunities for the jobless talented youth now is the time to give them job base on their performance and for the long run it would be great. And if Government makes strict rule upon extension leave for 1-2years, as more than 100 civil servant are going base on their leave so it would be clear enough for the Government to appoint new staff in replacement of that respective post instead of hiring just temporarily on contract basis till the main person comes from the leave after 1-2years as what will the temporary civil servant will do especially teacher after the main person comes from leave or doesn’t comes from leave making it difficult for the temporary staff to think twist letting them resign as well for other fix job.

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