Defamation case starts evidence hearing

The defamation suit filed by Sonam Phuntsho (Ap SP) against former BBS anchor Namgay Zam and Dr. Shacha Wangmo entered the evidential phase yesterday.

Ap SP submitted that since the defendants had claimed he does not have a good relation with anybody including his relatives, they should prove the truth of that.

He submitted agreements and receipts of the Nu 35mn that had been borrowed from him as well as that of the Nu 3 mn that was borrowed by Sonam Wangmo, the elder sister of Dr.Shacha. Besides, he presented the power of attorney given by the mother Aum Tandin Bidha to Sonam Wangmo concerning the building in dispute and also the agreement whereby Sonam Wangmo said she would not sell the building and would pay Ap SP his Nu 19.5mn. Statements of witnesses made to the court in the earlier case was also presented. He also said that the two judgments from the Supreme Court on the property dispute had both proved him right.

Dr. Shacha submitted an agreement showing business dealing between Ap SP and Choki Gyeltshen, her brother in law, countering Ap SP’s previous claims that he had no dealings with the latter. She said the agreement of sale of building had been drawn in the absence of either Sonam Wangmo or Tandin Bidha, a case she said was supported by the fact that Ap SP had declined forensic tests of the thumbprint alleged to be the mother’s.

She also submitted that if Ap SP could not prove his prior claims that her mother had secretly visited Sonam Wangmo in Jaigaon he be made to compensate the stress caused by his claims. Dr. Shacha also added verbal sexual harassment against Ap SP during the trial.

Namgay Zam’s submissions said he had victims from over 15 years who were “terrified of testifying in court” quoting them as saying the reason is because “Ap SP is the devil himself.” She submitted a story run by Kuensel in 2009. She also alleged cases of sexual harassment by the plaintiff of young students in Sonam Kuenphen School, which he owned, saying it culminated in his being barred from entering the school compounds.

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