Dena’s parents demand a full investigation after Forensic report suggests foul play

There was a big twist in the disappearance and death case of nine-year-old Dena Koirala earlier this week when the the forensic report submitted by the forensic team says that the probable cause of death of nine-year-old Dena Koirala is due to ‘Ligature Constriction’ or strangulation which happened before any animal got to her.

The report also does not confirm or rule out sexual assault. It says there was no obvious sperm cells in the medical swabs. However, sexual assault cannot be established or ruled out  due to the animal attacking certain parts of the body. The report highly recommends to look for corroborative evidences.

The report, however, does not confirm the exact cause of death.

Geeta Maya Adhikari, 33, the mother of the deceased said that she never believed that an animal had killed her daughter, as earlier theorized.

She said, “A man must have taken my daughter and killed her. Some of the injuries on her body could not have been made just by an animal.”

She requested the police to do a thorough investigation and nab the culprit.

She said that her husband and her in their statement to the police had even mentioned a possible suspect in Thimphu who had been jailed in a sexual assault case earlier and had threatened the family over a financial issue.

She said she does not know who killed her daughter and whether it was some man or someone high on substances.

Dena’s father said that if an animal had really killed his daughter then why was her hair still intact and in place and why were none of her bones broken as a wild animal like a leopard would thrash its prey around severely.

He said a wild animal tends to eat the stomach first but this had not happened.

The father also raised his suspicion that the private part of Dena had been severely damaged and he wondered if it was an attempt to cover up a crime by the actual criminal. He saw his daughter’s body later after he was released from prison for her last rites.

He said that now with the forensic report his doubts are even stronger that something terrible happened to his daughter and it was not a wild animal.

He also called upon the RBP to investigate the matter thoroughly and nab the culprit.

In the, meanwhile, Dena’s grandfather and father have been released from prison after paying Nu 342,000 to the Dorokha court. The father said he was awaiting his final release order from the court which had still not come even though the payment was made a week ago.

With many people contributing to the family the family is using the funds to do proper rituals for Dena and the remaining amount will be put to educate Dena’s two younger brothers who are a four-year-old and a one-year-old.

The family is planning to move away from the current Dechencholing home after coming back from their Tsirang village.

The father said, “We can’t bear to stay in that place now. I cannot believe she is dead and a part of me still feels that she would be there at home waiting for us. Her memories will be too painful for me and my wife to stay there.”

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