Denchi land compensation scam

The Bhutanese has found that the cabinet violated government laws to provide abnormally high compensation rates to landowners in Pemagatshel with the biggest beneficiary being a close relative of the Prime Minister.

The land in question is 116 acres of rural Kamzhing land owned by 26 thram holders and the government which, is being acquired by the government for the new Denchi town. The Prime Minister’s relative Aum Dechen is the largest landowner owning around 24 acres in this area.

Aum Dechen is the aunt (Ani) of the Prime Minister and they have their census together ever since Lyonchhen shifted his census to Pemagatshel in 2008 prior to the elections. The Prime Minister represents the Nanong-Shumar constituency in this same region.

The semi-autonomous Property Assessment and Valuation Agency (PAVA) applying the governments revised Land Compensation rules and rates of 2009 set the compensation rates at Nu 3,952.42 per decimal.

However, the cabinet violating the Land Compensation rules and the Land Act increased this to Nu 9,000.

This meant that landowners in the area were getting Nu 5,047.58 more than what the government rules allowed.

“This is in violation of the Land Compensation Rules of the government and also the Land Act as the PAVA rates can only be revised after every three years. It is also the job of the PAVA committee to come up with the rates based on rules,” said a Land Commission official on the condition of anonymity.

This meant that in the case of the Prime Minister’s relative the actual compensation as per the Land Compensation rules and PAVA should have been Nu 9.48mn. However, after the cabinet’s hike this increased to Nu 21.60mn. This meant that Nu 12.12 was paid above the official government compensation rate to Aum Dechen.

Another major beneficiary was the former Pemagatshel Dzongda Dasho Yonten who owned 10 acres. As per the official rates he should have been given Nu 3.95mn but after the increase received Nu 9mn.

Also the total financial burden increased from around Nu 40mn under the old rate to around Nu 90mn as per the cabinet’s orders.

It all began with the PAVA in 2010 applying its official rates as per the government rules for the affected land owners due to the land acquired for the town plan.

PAVA was created with the specific purpose of giving fair and uniform compensation to Bhutanese citizens especially in light of various projects like hydro projects that would require land acquisition.

Earlier before PAVA came in, compensation was Nu 200 per decimal for rural Kamzhing land. However, it was all drastically increased when Land Compensation Rules and PAVA came into being in 2009 along with a set compensation criteria which clearly defined the exact amount of compensation for rural and urban areas.

Earlier the Dzongkhag under its interpretation of PAVA rules had placed the area in question Class A land with a compensation of Nu 5,646 per decimal. When this was evaluated by PAVA the Class A category was rejected by PAVA.

The PAVA following a due process listed Denchi town plan under Class B as the land was four kilometers away from the present Pemagatshel town. As per the Land Compensation Rates of 2009, the land is classified under B rate when it is more than 2 km and less than or equal to 6 km from the municipal boundary.

As per PAVA rules, the land compensation rate for Pemagatshel was Nu 3,952.42.

“The affected people approached the Dzongkhag Administration as it involves land and it is something inherited by people,” said the Shumar Gup, Lepo.

The petition filed by the land owners for more compensation reached the Department of Urban Development and Engineering Services (DUDES) under Ministry of Works and Human Settlement, from where it was forwarded to the Cabinet. The cabinet then violating government Land Compensation Rules approved Nu 9,000 per decimal as the compensation rate.

The Shumar Gup said that the decision to form a town at Denchi is not a recent one. He said public consultations were carried out during the Prime Minister’s tenure as the then home minister and when Lyonpo Kinzang was the Works and Human Settlement Minister. “The new rate was given by the Cabinet as Kidu to the affected land owners,” said the Gup.

However, land officials say that in doing so the government has violated the Land Act 2007 as well.

Section 151 of the Land Act 2007 states that ‘there shall be a Property Assessment and Valuation Agency established under the Ministry of Finance to evaluate and fix the value of land and any other collateral property that may be acquired.’

The finance ministry had established PAVA with the Department of National Properties in 2008.

A 17th April 2009 notification of the Ministry of Finance says, “The Royal government hereby announces the revised compensation rates for land and structures on land, both in urban and rural areas, when acquired by the government.”

It also says, “These rules and rates shall supersede all the earlier relevant rules and rates. These shall come into effect from 1st of May 2009, and prevail for a duration of three years.”

Under the implementation procedures and guidelines section of the rules it says that for valuation, ‘the compensation rate for the land shall be worked out by the committee (PAVA) based on the rates.’

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  1. What the hell wrong with our leaders??? All Bhutanese should learn what is going on in our small Nation? GNH is there for only elected leaders and now try to flow to grass root level of their close relatives

  2. Insert a Facebook share plugin for every news so that people can share yours news on the facebook. People will never care to type your url and open the page to read news…rather they open facebook and eyes get clicked with it!!!

  3. I don’t have much to say about this except HAHAHAHAHA…Lyonchhen  you are GREAT buddy.Leave few places for poor people like us also.You want to make whole Bhutan yours or what?
    Keep it up buddy!!!

  4. He is not as clean and wiser as we thought.

  5. Thank you Kuenzang for bringing out another stories when still the other cases are pending on our GNH Prime Minister. These days your paper clearly shows a hit back on the recent ‘miscommunication circular’ by the MOIC Minister. You should believe in your own instinct to fight corruption but at the same time I would recommend you to follow up on the other high level land cases that you came up few months back.

  6. This is the quality of Priminister of Bhutan

  7. Bhutan won’t be rest in peace if there is no equity,peace and justice.There are many vested interest people who will create disturbance in the country and take so much mileage from it.Hope Bhutan wont be like Nepal&India and where all the business being operated by Indian  Madhesi and create the most corrupted political leader.Please stop& save Bhutan being joker of GNH.(Good Governnance).

  8. Why all these high profile cases are entwined with PM… My heart aches… One man we respected and felt he is different but diminishes everyday.. But this is no new in other countries too where democracy mirrors you all these activities

    • Wake up boss, this is democracy. No  matter who stood there, there will always be section of society, media, or whatever you call that will have no nice thing to say about. 

  9. that auger that the 2013 is not for him or the alike.

  10. If the report by this paper is correct, maybe the cabinet did violate the rules and hence should be made accountable, but if you actually look at the compensation rates, Nu9000 per decimal is not so high a sum at all. If I had the choice, I would rather keep my land instead of losing it for such a pittance.

    What I want to highlight here is that this story carried by The Bhutanese actually proves how biased this newspaper is, something which I have maintained all along, while they have gone all the way to a far flung Dzongkhag like Pema Gatshel to investigate this story, as it involves a relative of the PM, they have not done any investigation on the Namglam land scam as no one associated with the DPT is involved there.

    • Its not about whether the land rate is high or not. It is about whether laws have been violated. And what is biased about this story? aren’t the newspapers suppose to be watching the government or do you want to perform a zhey at your home for all of us to come and see instead of doing these kind of investigative journalism. It just appears like the Bhutanese is being biased because of the amount of land scams involved that are coming up but its just that they have the guts to write about it. It seems foreign because they are writing about it. They never went to the DPT officials and forced them to do these things illegaly. Gu to gu lep men ba raew yoep drey mena chooe?

      • I have never defended the cabinets decision to unilaterally raise the land rates and I agree that newspapers have the right to tell the truth, however, please give me an answer as to why this paper has not written anything about the Nanglam land scam, like I said earlier, it is because they have no use in getting to the bottom of that because the DPT/PM are not involved. In this way, they are biased.

        • The monk, 
          you should know that we regret for having elected the bunch of fools (Gundas) as our leaders.
          And we also know that we are heading to no return road. We gave them chance and now we should keep on giving chances to new parties every five year un till we find genuine one.

          • Kheng, please don’t waste my time by writing nonsense, if you are heading to the no return road, best of luck.

    • Good job the_monk. The flaws in your logic and reasoning are showing, not to mention your blind faith in JYT.

      Rules have been broken and you are reasoning out that the compensation values are too insignificant to matter? I am just curious to know what you think about the numerous people jailed for possessing tobacco worth few thousand ngultrums? For that matter, what do you think about the numerous people terminated from service for misappropriating few thousands.

      Its a pity you can go to great lengths to defend corrupt people. You are probably doing more damage to your bosses by defending them with your stupid logic.

      • Haha, I said that the cabinet was wrong in increasing the rates unilaterally so what more do you want me to say and then looking at the rates offered, don’t you yourself think that it is far to low. That is what I have mentioned and nothing more.

        • monk… even if DPT sell this country I think u would still support them right… if you talk about the land price… then look at the Thimphu land compensation… it is way belox … you nick and your thought are completely opposite…

      • If you understood my post that way, than I really can’ t do anything about it, but the fact is the cabinet may have broken a law and the other fact is that land compensation rates are far too low. In your case, since you are blinded by your hatred for the DPT, while you can see that a law is broken by the cabinet, you certainly don’t find the compensation rates too low.

        • Drukpaheartson

          Monk…You need to learn to accept defeat. You are trying to defend present government, if not, at least Lyonchen. You are pointing finger to media claiming not being fair, ironically, yourself being biased. I am happy with this print media; I hail Tenzin Lamzang for unearthing many unprecedented corruption cases. He is spearheading the task to bring justice to Bhutanese people as he did equally in Business Bhutan. Indeed, the current government’s party manifesto,” equity and Justice” should be vested on this print media, The Bhutanese. We are neither fools nor believers of blind faith. We support this article with good reasons, for we experienced lot of substantiate and prudent contents so far.

          • You find me biased but I can’t find this paper biased, is this what you trying to tell me, if that is so, you better go take a hike.

  11. antiSycophants

    again the have started another mess….

    • My point is that this paper is biased and I have proved it, chapter closed.

      • The Monk, Somthing is biased either paper or you and most of the time you raise same point. This paper has got telephone,office and so on why dont you go there and ask them instead of saying all the time this paper is Baised, Like old man and womans chanting the MANI.

  12. Dear ‘the monk’, from your regular posts here it seems you follow this paper closely and have quite a lot to say about it and its alleged bias. 

    So how come you have missed out this papers critical coverage on Phobjika involving yab, Namseling involving a HRH, Bjemina involving Singye and High Level committee reports naming Drangpons, PDP supporters like Gup Ugyen, Ashi Bida etc. 

    Either you are half blind or your mind is so biased that you can pick up only what your mind wants to believe. 

    • Please get your facts right, it was not this paper, maybe it was the same reporter that did the stories, but it was “Business Bhutan” which was the newspaper. If I am wrong, I stand corrected and if you have the links to the stories you mentioned, please share it with us.

    • Norbu Lynpo Jigme Thinley ge tsoew hong ni mey si. monk monk sey tamay ta they thang chay shem nang getay toen zha hong tamay HAHAHAHHAAH

  13. When you look at the compensation rates offered, while it may have been wrong on the part of the cabinet to have increased it unilaterally, we have to wonder as to how PAVA, don’t know what it even stands for arrives at such pitiful rates to compensate people for their land, no wonder, there are so many problems while trying to acquire land for any projects etc.

    It is time PAVA becomes more realistic and offers better compensation rates whenever they want to acquire land for any purpose.

    • For God’s sake dumbass the land was in rural Pemagatshel not Thimphu. In such areas people will not even offre Nu 9,000 per decimal for the market rate. 

      However, the issue is not how high or low rates are but how PM is favouring his own while rest of the land procured in the country for hydroprojects etc has to go by normal rates. 

    • Goodwill Embassador

      I don’t want to defend the decision made by the cabinet but I am wondering why The Bhutanese is always trying to find faults with the government. I appreciate the hot issues you all are bringing up but as Monk has said, it is looked at only from one angle. For instance, this issue doesn’t carry the government’s justification for its decision. I m sure they would have proper justifications for this and they won’t indulge in corruptions that easily. I have also done investigative journalism and I know that any piece of news must be given a multiperspective. Being a Bhutanese, I am wondering what kind of picture are we painting on the international frontier with such attacks on the government. We cannot undermine how much Lyonchen and the government have been doing for the country. So, please have a balanced look at everything. While many foreign people are beginning to appreciate our country, let us not try to paint a wrong picture.

      • All along this has been my point but not one of these guys that support this paper have refuted what I have written to support my views for accusing this paper of being biased, if they just admit that this paper is biased, game over and we all go home. But they think that it would be a weakness on their part to admit it.

      • Why not talk about how this paper is being attacked by the government? Bhutan’s image in the international arena is already damaged by the government controlling “all Bhutanese media” or is it “The Bhutanese” media.
        If we really care about the sentiments of the foreigners then we should all join hands in fighting corruptions at all level and forms. GNH will mean nothing if the people are miserable here. GNH will not have any significant effect on our lives, if the elite who are ruling in the government are bent on breaking constitutional laws, and don’t bother about social equity and justice.
        This paper’s only fault is that it dares to fight corruption and misdeeds of those in power. In this GNH society, we have no tolerance for any other views than the mainstream views propagated by those are in power. This is the truth which is prevalent not only in Bhutan but in all nations around the world. Every voice counts in the fight against corruption, and the fact that some people on this forum cannot recognize corruption as the bad guy is plain tragic. Corruption deserves to be exposed. Corruption is the main cause of social unrest, check out what is happening in India, and corruption is foul – it stinks up our image and the future of our people. That’s what we should really be worried about. A news report on corruption issues will get to the people. Some will call is bias, other will not find it bias, and neutral parties stand by as observers. The thing to keep in mind is that you can’t shoot and kill the messenger/ reporters over informing us of the awful things that are done by corrupt crooks.

        • Now when has this newspaper been attacked by the government, it seems to be that they are doing absolutely fine. I agree that we need to fight corruption, but how do we fight corruption that happened years ago. Now for example, take the Gyelozhing case, if everyone involved is required to be punished, how do we go about punishing HH.Je Khenpo and Gup Wangchen. So don’t you think, we should just ask them to return the land and punish the current Speaker who during his tenure as the Dzongda of Mongar was ultimately responsible for the allotment and how it was made. Another example is the Phobjika case, after 4 years, there is still no verdict, why do you think there has been no verdict even after such a long time, it is because, there are some people that are difficult to convict.

          So lets have a cut off point, say from 2008 and then go all out in exposing corruption cases, if this happens, I will be the first one to support such an initiative.

          • The assault has been made and its impact is evident. Private papers are dying because some of them are critical of the government. GNH will remain hallow if good governance is not in place. Good governance comes from having all the checks and balances in place. Corruption has no place in GNH. Just like desire, jealousy, greed etc. are hurdles in achieving enlightenment; corruption is the hurdle, which hampers our pace in achieving GNH.

  14. do you know even our prime minster owns one whole mountain at babesa, do you agree that his great great grand father and mother will settled in such mountain, surely it will be government land and some how he made on his name.he even do this in democracy days and why not in the past days mena

    • What would you say if you found out that the land was given to him by His Majesty K4, so lets not delve into such matter any further.

      • antiSycophants

        you know soo much about JYT i guess you are his relative. Frankly speaking bhutanese had so much faith and trust on him. But now he could not take positive advantage of it. He thought he can fool all the people all the time. But still i would say that JYT is not as bad as we think. Shit happens. So what i would recommend is come forward and accept it or clear it in the BBS. Renew his respect from the citizen. He is a great man. And must behave like one. Else i feel sorry for him. I had so much respect before he became PM but now with all the scam pointing at him it is gone. The lest i can say is that he need to shed off some of his egos.

        • The Dog above, has stated that the PM could not have inherited the hill where he presently resides, so if that is so, the only way he could have got it was if it was gifted to him by His Majesty, why is it so difficult to deduce that and if I were not correct, Tenzing Lamsang would be putting his investigative journalism skills into practice to accuse him of land grabbing.

  15. the monk here are the following links sourced from this very website you in-comprehending and biased dullard on this papers stories on Phobjika, Bjemina, Namseling, High Level committee. 

    1. On Phobjika  

    2. On Namseling

    3. On Bjemina 

    4. on High level committee

    Next time do your research before throwing wild allegations. Posts like yours will only show that the people around PM and DPT are still unrepentant and getting more arrogant by the day. 

    • Wai Norbu… Monk reply bay ni mindhu ba yah.. gelong tsam chey pa ya so hong ni mey…. aieee ney-so nyo key go ni mey mosh…. LOL!

      • Haha, what a dry joke, can’t help it if you get cheap thrills.

        • Not as dry as your brain though….

        • What do you have to say next by going through the post. You rascal and a cham-cha.
          God knows, the monk might own a mountain too, he is our next GNH Citizen (you deserve a TAMA).

          • I am having a big laugh looking at these demented pricks that support the PDP and this biased paper.

    • Well done Norbu, Now i understood that the Paper is not Biased but the The Idoit Monk is Biased.

    • Thanks for the links, but I still maintain that this paper is biased for reasons I have given you time and again.

      • the mo k must be PMs relative. It is no point making a dumb ass understand the truth of the matter.OR his IQ might be below 70, which means he is intellectually disabled.

        • Intellectually disabled, wow, where did you come up with this, IQ below 70, haha, but judging by what you write, I am safe in the knowledge that my IQ is much higher than yours.

          • That fact that you did not hear that phrase indicate
            that you have IQ below 70. Seriously, test yourself
            online and find out before it is too late. The other members
            here can help you improve your IQ and get you out of
            that disability.

        • Sonam, I concede, you have a higher IQ than me, is your pea brain happy now.

  16. Who is going to nab the culprits if these stories are true?
    We the people of Bhutan like seeing others do for them?
    Wake up Bhutanese…citizens of BHUTAN!

    • the culprits are the people of denchi who appealed to the cabinet for a hike in compensation rates.. you want them to be nabbed?? read it critically my man…

  17. The Bhutanese please stop publishing such news about JYT.
    You just might kill the_monk, he’s probably having a nervous breakdown.

    A message for the_monk: At this rate, you should ask for a lot more money from the DPT to do their damage control. The corruption cases involving them are increasing by the day. Maybe you should find other partners too, just you and phuntsho isn’t going to be enough anymore.

    • Haha, nervous break down, not in a million years, if PDP forms the next government, then maybe I will.

      • Maybe you might be some chamcha of the DPT lynpos or benefiting in some ways 😛 as far as a lot of us go both parties are not impressive especially DPT headed by medieval mindset ministers

        • Tshering ….the Bhutanese will not spare DPT’s chamcha like the monk and i guess he is already into some benefits. May be his name already came out in this paper for some corruption  acts. these corrupted people always bark and they are the greediest people who believe in inequity and unjust.  may be this monk will disappear commenting in this website after JYT is put behind the bar. so post as much as possible i dnt think law would keep your father Teresa JYT any longer.

          • Mr. Solaris,

            Please tell this gaffer the lover boy to write something sensible, I hope your moral lessons are not meant for me only.

  18. P’AVA rates have been used to screw the people of Bhutan. So it is painful that when it suits the PM and his govt, they can reward some people with excellent rates of compensation.

    The people of Changjiji were robbed off their land for 20/sft when the market rate those days was at least 300. The Jungshina people are paid 150/sft the PAVA rates, but reduced because the land was designated as a ‘green zone’ by the govt. so was treated as less valuable. Then they built the supreme court building on the same land. Again crooking the people.

    But some people get rewarded.

  19. antiSycophants

    that is y were having INR shortages.. they must be having outside also

  20. Whatever you guys post, just don’t live in denial, this paper is biased up to it’s neck and if you ask TL himself, I am sure he would agree with me. For all the PDP supporters that are here, maybe it is time to focus on your party so that we can have a more viable opposition next time.

    But one thing is for sure, try as they may, this paper will not have any influence on the outcome of the next elections, this is my take.

    • Oh dear there u go again. A few posts earlier u were proven totally wrong on this paper being biased with my links showing this papers stories on PDP supporters too. 

      also if u are so confident that this paper will not impact the 2013 elections then why are u all over this site like a fungal rash in case u are a guy or a bitch in heat in case u are a girl (more likely). Also like an earlier poster said your relentless defence of all the ills of the DPT and particularly this case involving PM’s family means that you are a relative of the PM. 

      Is this common man from 2008 now a rich man or woman with all the mines, land, factories etc . naughty naughty 

      • I did not respond to your posts because you proved that this paper had indeed written some reports on some other issues, but since you keep on harping on it, I have no alternative but to respond.

        After having read the links, it has actually convinced me even more that this paper is biased, while they have written some vague reports some vague reports, the one on the Phobjika case does not even qualify as a report as it is just an article on some court verdicts passed. It is very different from the witch hunt against the DPT and anyone associated with it.

        So Mr.Twerp, the pregnant toad, the links that you have posted certainly does not make this paper unbiased.

    • Monk if you are not Idoit ans according to topics given not all the This Paper is Biased. If you think that this paper is attacking DPT why dont you Investigate and write on PDP members if they are like DPT ministers. Dont you have proper works as you are the only one answering every bodys cooment here. Or you are PAid by corrupted DPT Ministers to ans whoever write against them. Donst waste your time here instead do some good job.

      • Your the biggest idiot on this forum, I have written some things with proof, I want an answer to that, the crap you are writing has been thrown at me so many times before, what difference is it going back.

      • Your a joke man, I am not saying anything about him not investigating corruption in the PDP rank and file, from where did you get this idea, I am just saying that his reports are sometimes biased. See, your PDP make up makes you believe that I somewhat want this paper to do a number on the PDP too, don’t worry, I don’t subscribe to any such extreme views.

      • The monk is the same writer who even writes in OL’s blogs. and he refers himself as ProOL. (please refer OL’s blog and the language says all)
        We should applaud this guy for keeping hard and trying to fight back with every issue where P.M and DPT is involve. 
        My understanding, if this so called F…… monk have so much of time supporting them and knows so much of fact, then why dont you start your own paper attacking Lamsang and others.

        No denying that he is a paid worker for DPT. 

        • Wow, now why should I start my own paper to attack Lamsang when I am doing it right in his own paper, you think I am an idiot like you or what. Frankly, all I am saying is that this paper is biased and I have nothing against the content of their stories.

          • I agree with monk,the bhutanese is biased. Things should be written in  balanced way,it giving bad image/name  to our country.

        • Goodwill Embassador

          No, u ppl r pro-ol instead…..always going against the government. In fact, the Monk is right.

  21. the monk, you are right in your own great sphere of thinking. But the rest are genuinely thinking  that if you have a nervous break down if PDP forms the next government, it will be worthwhile. I am for the majority. 

    • Which is never going to happen, so why should I worry, are you seriously thinking that PDP will form the next government, well, then your a dreamer, so keep on dreaming.

  22. All i can see is that the forum of The Bhutanese has become of late, a battle field between “The monk”  Vs Others “… 
    Strangely, The Monk is so so obviously on the side of DPT and Mr. Pm.. I’m wondering Why?.
    Just my observations up to now after following few articles and going through the forum related to these articles.

    • So I am DPT and all the others are not PDP, they are all like you who voted DPT but will now not vote for DPT, i think you have a loose screw in your head buddy.

      • Not a loose screw but we actually tightened it. What do you have to say about the confidential circulation that Lynpo Nandalal Rai and MOIC issued asking department to ban agencies from giving ads to this newspaper. No matter how biased a paper is that is not within the prerogatives of a government to shun private newspapers. I don’t like PDP but i DEFINITELY dont want DPT in power thats for sure

        • I say it was absolutely wrong on the part of the Lyonpo Nanda Lal and the government to have issued such a circular and then retracted it later, on this issue Tenzing Lamsang has my full support, especially in light of what he said about this issue on BBS last night.

  23. Well, 
    Mr Monk for ur kind and open truth is, I voted  and my entire family Voted for DPT for PM in 2008. I’ll have to reconsider that act in 2013. Not only of mine but my entire family members (>100 members in total).
    I openly say OL is no better. He prefers to keep his mouth shut on many pertinent  social issues. So u better don’t term everybody in this forum as PDP supporters. It’s sure u r one of the DPT supporters or one of these Useless MPs. May be u r Tshering Penjor from Punakha, that joker.

    • Wow, you really scare me, for all I care you and your family can vote for any ass hole you think is fit, the DPT will certainly not lose any sleep over it.

      • But it looks like you are already losing sleep, and probably your mind too and its evident that you ARE the DPT. So spare us your rubbish talk.

        • Lets wait for 2013, because you don’t agree with anything I say and I don’t agree with anything you say. Then we will probably know who lost more sleep.

      • Mr Monk, U should learn to use words properly. One day u might get beaten up for using wrongs words at wrong time and occasion. So better control ur tongue to throw out proper words.
        I know i’m certain that u belong to no party. U r a psychotic patient who probably missed his medications this morning.
        It sad to see that a educated person like u prefer to use words like this in a social forum.

        • Ooi lopen Kharpa, who the hell are you to say, use words properly, one day you may may be beaten up, you talking through your back side or what. Look at some of the words your fellow PDP pricks are using and then comment.

    • Lopen Kharpa… MOnk is a DPT fundamentalist sey. He doesn;t even see the fact that the DPT ministers have been undermining the authority of His Majesty the King so many times especially putting forward land revision bills and trying to go ahead and take land kidu powers from HM. Also if you look at Lynchoen speaking about GNH in other countries HE NEVER MENTIONS THE NAME OF HM the 4th KIng as the founder but rather acts like he came up with that philosophy. DPT ministers have no shame!

      • You are totally wrong here mister. This means you have never listened to  GNH speeches given by the PM. He always pay tribute and credits the idea of GNH to HM the K4. Don’t try to create a rift which no one will believe. Regards to Land Amendment Act 2012, this paper made a deliberate misinterpretation, no where in the Act was mentioned that the Land Kidu will be looked after by the cabinet. It only reiterated the government’s role in the rehabilitation of government land for public projects which even now the government is doing. And it is deemed necessary to have more government representatives in NLC for obvious reasons. No wonder you all get convinced by half baked stories. 

        • We don’t have the time to watch the national assembly everyday. Naturally we get our news from the newspapers. If what you say is true, that this paper continuously misinterprets the government, it should be regarded serious.

          Why is the government not doing anything to have this paper admit its mistakes. I can only deduce two things from it. Either the paper is reporting facts, or the government has reached a point where it does not care about what this paper writes and what people think after reading this paper.

          But it certainly is not the latter, because if it were, the government would not be secretly blocking advertisements to this paper. That is not the right way to go. You must be someone with close links to the government to know things in detail, but we certainly don’t know more than whats been reported in the news. Don’t you think it should be the government’s job to clear things up if its being maligned by some newspapers and leaving the public to form their own opinion based on those reports.

          • Oh my, you are too good at deducing and reading between the lines. At this rate of your deductions no one can help. So good luck dear friend. 

          • Goodwill Embassador

            Why do u think the govt. should give advertisements to this paper when it knows that it always attacks them? It’s like feeding a snake.

    • Must  be DNT, the other form of PDP then. 

  24. This paper is established only with one motivation: to defame the current govt

    • You better be ready for a long drawn battle with these trolls, I don’t know about you, but I am in it for the long haul and as long as this paper continues to target only the DPT and anyone associated with it.

      • Yeah like you are going to win any battles by saying this paper is biased! biased biased biased, yeah, thats your ONLY defense! What else have you got?

        If this paper is as biased as you think it is, you have all the rest of the newspapers/tv/radios that suck up to the government. Maybe you can ask your uncle/dad/in-law JYT to tell them to write on corruptions committed by members of the other parties. It would do us all good and if they expose corruptions, I would still condemn those people involved. But unlike you, I won’t call those papers biased or defend those corrupt people.

        I do not hate DPT nor do I love PDP, I am here commenting, driven by the love for my country and a desire to see a corrupt free Bhutan. You on the other hand, your sole purpose of coming here is to defend JYT who in turn looks after your self interest.

        What a stupid selfish monk! Thou need to change you name. Monks are supposed to be apolitical and not selfish, unless of course you are JYT’s version of a “monk”.

        • Please spare us the bull shit, you are talking here because for the love of your country. You have PDP written all over your face. You think we guys were born yesterday or what.

          • You cant even see his face over here omg. Dont know if you were born yesterday ( you definitely sound like an old fool) but know for sure you are blind 😛

  25. The monk is achieving his/her mission i.e driving away neutrals like me from reading this paper because we know who and what type of comments will follow. May I please request people not to entertain monk’s comments? This way, we neutrals can have proper constructive comments to strengthen the article. 

    • Your a joke man, all posts attacking the government are fine but when I state that this paper is biased, with lots of facts thrown in to prove my point, then you have a problem.

      • Yeah you sound like the modern days ‘monk’..hahaha..With regard to the credibility of this newspaper we should all applaud the seriousness and the deep facts they dig out from a country which basically have no RTI. Each and every allegations this paper have pointed out has been supported by strong data and facts. So how do we tag this paper as ‘bias’? Well done thebhutanese. We are with you. F**K off you moron ‘the monk’.

        • Your a moron of the highest order, I have never questioned what this paper written, but I have given you proof that they are biased, why is it that while attacking me personally, no one is refuting what I have written.

          As for RTI, do you really need RTI when this paper can even get hold of an RGOB circular, as it is the constitution guarantees the Right to Information, so whats the hurry.

          So you prick, better respond instead of making an ass of yourself.

  26. Did The Bhutanese weigh the negative aspects it would result if landowners are not willing to surrender the land as per the government’s approved land? Who’s going to be the looser? If PM is not concerned of the general public, he could have easily held the town planning as the most land belongs to his relatives. Let’s talk sense. Nu. 9000 per decimal is in anyway far lower if we go by market rate especially in towns. It’s only going to grow and as far as i am concerned, for the benefit of the general public, it’s time to acquire the land now which i believe would escalate appreciably.
    Well, let’s say the landowners are not willing to give up their lands for town planning at government approved land rates. The town planning would not get through. While the government play safe by saying that they could not acquire land, it’s the general public and businessmen who will sufferer. The cost would only escalate through passage of time and the process would only recur in future. Is that what we want?   

    • With the pedestrian day, the general public and the businesses are suffering. Do you still think the government cares about the public’s suffering?

      There should be a reason why there is such a thing as PAVA rates. If the government ignores it and pays more when their relatives are involved, isn’t it going to set a bad precedence? Is the government going to negotiate with all future land owners on the rates? There any already many land owners who are not happy with what they have been paid. Is it right for the government to be selective and offer negotiated rates for a few?

      Don’t try to fool others saying the PM thinks for the general public. He does not and most of his actions are proof of it. He is arrogant at best, and a corrupted selfish leader at worst.

  27. To all on this blog, let me try to make my stand once more:

    1) I have never questioned the content of this paper and have always maintained that I welcome corruption stories being covered by any paper and not only this paper. Like all of you seem to be, I too am worried about the rampant corruption in the country.

    2) I have always said that the guilty should be punished, my posts that the Speaker and Chang Ugen should be locked up bears testimony to that, both are also senior members of the DPT, yet I have been labeled as being biased and a blind DPT stooge by most of you. If it were true, I would certainly not be writing against anyone remotely connected with the party.

    3) Even PM should be held responsible if he is found to have misused his powers.

    My only problem is that in my view I find this paper being biased and I have tried to give you guys many reasons for thinking so, yet the only thing you all have tried to is to unsuccessfully shout me down.

    Now for the last time, I just want to give you one example where this paper has been biased:

    a) In Chang Ugen case, the report by this paper clearly mentions that there are 9 others that have not settled their cases, while, it maybe true that Chang Ugens case deserves maximum scrutiny, why has this paper refused to even name the nine others. Why should they not be punished too.

    b} The same report also mentions that the 5 people that bought land from Chang Ugen were willing to replace the land they bought but from other Dzongkhags, a request which was apparently approved by the special commission investigating this case. As per the discussions in this forum, everyone agrees that the land replacement should be the exact land he got illegally at Babesa. Now, why is this paper refusing to name the 5 people that bought the land from him. Like I mentioned earlier, the identities of the 5 will have a bearing on why the high level committee recommended that land replacement be allowed to be made from another dzongkhag and not from Thimphu. So why is this paper protecting the identities of these 5 gentlemen, what is their motive in doing so.

    So my conscience is clear, when I say that this paper is biased and the above proves my point.

  28. If anyone wants to respond to my post, please make it in context with what I have written and not on some stupid assumptions which have no bearing to what I have posted.

  29. This pm portrays as shahrukh khan infact he is gulshan Grover. My god, such corruptions were happening before. Nowadays, everybody, my friends  inclipuding me cursing parents for not giving birth to us as same as this minutely birth time. By now I would be another corrupted ministe. 

  30. God save the nation because when we have people like “monk”. I can assure everyone in this forum that this rustic and hooligan is nothing but mere a DPT agent who is in this forum 24 hrs a day. He is a person who even don’t know what is “manner”.. social manner. I am sure he don’t mind presence of his mother or sister around when he uses all the foul words known in english. It’s sad very sad… no wonder DPT is doing so badly, Look at their agent, full of shit and non sense.

    • Wai wise guy, please respond to what i have written, if you don’t have anything to say on it, just shut up.

    • Or why don’t prove that I am wrong to find this paper being biased, don’t you think the report is incomplete and is targeting only a DPT member when others are being conveniently omitted from their report. If you had some sense, you would agree with me, but obviously you don’t so in order to discredit me, you come out one of the weirdest posts ever written.

      • I can obviously see how sensible u r from the language u use, dear. Keep going… all the best

        • So what do you have to say about my post, please for heavens sake don’t start with allegations that I am a DPT agent and the crap that you manage to come up with.

          Otherwise, goodbye and best of luck to PDP for the next elections.

  31. There’s no dearth of PDP ass holes on this forum, even when I have given them proof that this paper is biased, yet they will not admit it. Why is it difficult for them to agree that this paper is sometimes biased in their reporting and than move on, instead of coming up with some nonsensical posts like Kharpa and Tshering seem to keep on churning out.

    • That’s bitter monk! You seem to be all alone. Please buy someone on your side too. lol

      • All alone but the PDP gang can’t even manage to discuss things in a coherent manner with some one who is all alone, doesn’t say much for the PDP majority, does it. I have laid my cards on the table, as for the PDP supporters here, all they have managed to come up with is some ridiculous crap. like you are a DPT agent, PMs son in law, LYZs son in law, blind follower of DPT, come on, can’t they collectively do better than that. If they don’t have anything substantial to debate on, just quit and let bygones be bygones and we can all go back to living our lives.

        Goodbye to all you losers.

  32. Actually i try to refrain from writing in this forum as it seems bad habit but the way this news paper is bringing the news force me to jot some of my points.From one side, i feel there should be people like Tenzin Lamzang if he is bringing  unbiased investigative news.But I am really getting fade up with this news paper always trying to attack our PM.Even the layman will understand that this news paper doesn’t bring the balance news. Actually he is trying to challenge the PM in the name of democracy and taking the advantage of media right.Hi friends in this forum, be-carefull with this news paper

  33. kind attention ECB of bhutan. 101% no ticket to PM for 2013  election. make sure rule is rule. no fear and dear to anything. this country is democracy now. we innocent  citizen of bhutan do not want leader of land grabbing . coomom pm. your really corrupted for land grabbing. think thousand times before doing .you have hardly  ten yearsto stay in the beatiful world after that  you left behind everything and go .  

    • Goodwill Embassador

      Do u think Lyonchen has grabbed Denchi land for his personal use? Please think twice before u throw false allegations. What would u have called him if the cabinet had turned down the petition submitted by 26 land owners from Denchi? M sure u would have wrecked your brain to cook up another allegation. Please for heaven’s sake, don’t call this your love for your country. U r really demoralizing our government and damaging our social harmony.

  34. antiSycophants


  35. You are truly a sycophant of coercer such as this paper wherein your brain seem to have no capacity to analyse the situation yourself. 

  36. I think the monk is paid to reply post in this paper by the our GNH PM

    • Your higher IQ managed to come up with only this, I seriously feel sorry for you.

      • otherwise how can you waste ur valuable time replying all the post  instead of working for your family…ohh shit may be you made all the money you want with the help of GNH **

        • Please don’t lecture me on how I should be spending my time and please let me know how to make money with the help of GNH, with your high IQ, I am sure you can teach me.

    • Did  PM steal your girl friend? You have so much rage and hatred towards JYT. 

  37. In any case, it is the right of the land owners to get the amount they feel is ‘right’ for their land when it has to be surrendered for some govt. project. Govt. cannot act as both buyer and seller and fix a price suitable for the buyer. A democratic govt. has to act according to principles of market economy. The land owner deserves the price he/she thinks the land is worth. In my view this is a move in the right direction. Illogical acts should be replaced.

  38. The cost of land varies depending on time, place and its utility. The chanjiji and other other places where compensation was paid may have been ruling rate then. The land rate is bound to change, because the supply is fixed and the demand is more.

    In this very particular case, there are 26 land owners and all benefited(96 acres land owners). Please do not point fingers on one land owner who owned 24 acres.only out of 116 acres.

  39. As Mr. Monk pointed out, there are some degrees of personal grudge in reporting by the paper. This article begins as under: The Bhutanese has found that the cabinet violated govt. laws to provide abnormally high compensation rates to landowners in P/gatsel with the biggest beneficiary being a close relative of the Prime Minister.

    In the article, it is stressed that Aum Dechen who is the relative of PM only has been benefited and not other 25 land owners. This is my opinion!

    • Don’t worry, for mentioning that this paper is somehow biased as I have proven and the example you have cited, you will be labeled a blind DPT/PM follower and a host of other names. Someone called Sonam, a person who claims she has a higher IQ than me even accuses me of being paid by the PM to write against this paper.

    • Birla, Read and Answer accordingly,

      The Bhutanese has found that the cabinet violated government laws to provide abnormally high compensation rates to landowners in Pemagatshel with the biggest beneficiary being a close relative of the Prime Minister.

      • Agey Haap, this is exactly the point, when he can name the PMs relative, why can’t this paper name the 5 people that bought land from Chang Ugen. Don’t you agree that this paper is sometimes biased.

        • Monk if you are egar to know that 5 Peoples why dont you go and investigate it like TL and write article and post it through any paper we will be happy to read your post as well as you can post here too. But i doubt our Pm and others Minister could be one in that 5 peoples.

          • So after all this you still do not get it did you, since this paper has writeen the report, it is their duty to be as objective as possible, not naming them, while continuing to name Chang Ugen is where they are biased. And why should I go and find out who the 5 people are and it is obvious that it is not the PM and some DPT minnisters, because if it was , do you think this paper will refrain from naming them.

            Now, please stop wasting my precious time with your weird posts and fanciful requests.

  40. all other compensations were done pre-democracy whereas the Denchi case was after introduction of democracy. hope you realise that with democracy everyone knows his right and will not relinquish and can hold up development works endlessly. govt just cannot acquire as pre democracy era. All those against the land compensation done in consultation with land owners – hope you will give up your land willingly at PAVA rates as submisively as prior to April 2008.

  41. Compensation approved by PAVA was Nu.3952 per decima which comes to approximately 4 lacs per acrel, no wonder the people there refused the initial PAVA rates, though, this is not to say that the cabinet were right in increasing it unilaterally. If they had to, they should have done it more transparently.

  42. Who are these five buyers? Are they “Their Highnessess” like the owner of the hill top above Namseling?

  43. To put it in perspective – people even said that the compensation per sq ft was less than the cost of a packet of instant noodles. Would anybody in this day and age agree to settle for such rates? And is it right for a democratic govt to forcibly acquire land with that kind of prices?

  44. Monk – it is not only T Lamsang, more competent Journalist are in lines who will reveal the names of the corrupt people, including your father, father-inlaws and relatives.

    • You truly are an idiot, ask Tenzing Lamsang, as in, since he covered the story, now why would other journalists reveal the names of the 5 people, what is relevant here, is why is this paper protecting their identities.

  45. A thief catches a thief! Thus a person who exposes corrupt people must be super corrupt himself in the first place. Disgusted and disgruntled people are never happy at the position of good people(Mezang).

  46. Birla- for the first time in history I am hearing that good people (Mezang) are robbing innocent villagers by colluding with the people of high positions and influential family. Your definition of ‘good people-mezang’ need further validation.

  47. Our PM’ s forefather, his father and himself have been serving the Kings of Bhutan since first king”s time. That way our PM is a great man, hence the 4th and the 5th King has great and deep trust in him. That is how I respect and consider him good people(Mezang)

    To write or talk bad about good people, will demean oneself. We say we are Buddhist, but in fact all of us are infected by animal instinct.

    • Birla, we have never said bad about our PM’s forefathers. They have served the Druk Gyalpos and we are thankful to them. However, we can’t generalize everything. Now we are talking something very concrete and PM also has the option to take the people concerned to the court if he feels that he is innocent and that he has been defamed. Nobody is hiding here like a sniper. But if he keeps silent on this issue, or prolongs investigation indefinitely, it only goes on to prove that he is guilty.

      Taking refuge into the argument of Buddhist values here sounds like the story of Emperor’s new clothes, where only a child stands up to say the truth that the emperor was actually naked. Buddha never taught us to surrender to what is shown or taught. He taught us to actively question, reason out and then only accept if you are convinced that that is the truth. Now, what we are looking from our PM is the truth. So, we abide very much by the teachings of the compassionate Buddha.

  48. Birla, I agree with you when it comes to LJYT that he falls in the category of (mezang), but at the same time, it only shows he is also human being with the temptation to acquire the land from Gyelpozhing and he knew that it was going to become business hub in the east. For that matter no body is perfect, we respect LJYT, but does it mean that for those people involved in the land scam should be left without any action whilst in other cases like Gelephu, Army welfare Project, Samtse minings were all jailed. What is your justification. No one citizen in the country will be satisfied if these people engaged in the land scandals are left without taking adequate action. These groups of people have taken law in their hands, they thought- they can do whatever they like. For your information- I am neither the supporter of PDP nor the DPT, but as a citizen of this beautiful nation, it is my responsibility to engage in this fruitful debate and point out if they are trying to cross the limit and not respecting the law of the land.

    • Now, please stop equating the Samchi mining scam and the AWP case with the Gyelpozhing case. It is completely different and I don’t want to elaborate as I know it will go way over your head. And you also know that the ACC is doing an investigation into it, so wait for it to come out. If people are found guilty they will be punished as per the provisions in our law.

  49. The case is under investigation and the true picture will be revealed, but we are concluding that they (Ministers) are involved for sure. Where is the full proof to conclude. I think we are not correct to back bite our own selected leaders. Yes, if they are proven guilty they should face the music of their stupid action. Yes I am also neither relative of all these ministers, but I am raising my concern as a Bhutanese, because it appears to me that all are trying to find fault with the ruling party headed by Lyonchen , even if he is on tour there is one comment or the other, advocating GNH is also looked down. What is wrong with Bhutanese. Lyonchen is trying his best to lead the country to prosperity.

  50. The case is under investigation and the true picture will be revealed, but we are concluding that they (Ministers) are involved for sure. Where is the full proof to conclude. I think we are not correct to back bite our own selected leaders. Yes, if they are proven guilty they should face the music of their stupid action. Yes I am also neither relative of all these ministers, but I am raising my concern as a Bhutanese, because it appears to me that all are trying to find fault with the ruling party headed by Lyonchen , even if he is on tour there is one comment or the other, advocating GNH is also looked down. What is wrong with Bhutanese. Lyonchen is trying his best to lead the country to prosperity. Please note that some writers are instigation civil wars, which will ruin the country and the people.

  51. Thebhutanese newspaper already mentioned names of some of the land buyers name in their very first issue,
    “Conflict of interest as accused becomes Chang Gup

    Coincidentally, in a strong conflict of interest, Chang Ugyen became the Chang Gup in 1985 and was still in office when the tampering happened.

    Also in another blatant conflict of interest, the Director of the Land Records, Lhaba Duba, in charge of maintaining the chaza thram received around 2.5 acres from Chang Ugyen from the seven-acre plot.

    Lhaba Duba sold the 2.5 acres to a buyer named Pem Choden. The other four buyers of Chang Ugyen’s seven-acre plot were Gopal Waiba (1.5 acres), Gaki (1 acre), Tshering Zam (2 acres) and Thinley Drukda (15 decimals).”
    More details here;

  52. JYT is so ‘Mezang’ that he tried to grab the Land Kidu powers of His Majesty the King. 

    JYT is so Mezang that his ministers, MPs and party tshogpas give lip service to our Kings but try and undermine them in secret. 

  53. You’re trying to blackmail here, aren’t you? You must know JYT is a staunch Royalist unlike you cynic who’s trying hard to create rift between the institution of monarchy and the government. To me, you look quite dangerous. Nevertheless I hope you’re being careful when you’re executing your horrid motives. 

  54. Those who are trying to create a rift between our beloved Kings and the democratically elected govt (that also happens to be the staunchest royalists) are doing a great disservice to the nation.

    You know the story about the stout stick that could be broken but the bundle of thin sticks that could not be broken? Our Kings, the people and the govt are those sticks. Divide them up with your constant divisive speeches and we will be easily broken by anyone and everyone.

    Looks like your hatred of JYT has so blinded you that you are willing to sacrifice the solidarity of our nation.

    • Solidarity of the nation is already at stake when leaders in power try to suppress the people’s fundamental rights and responsibilities. We are all empowered by our constitution to lead a just and righteous life. A disservice to the King and nation will be done when we stop taking action and responsibilities for the common good. Just as a judge has to pass a verdict, a policemen his duty, and so must a journalist bring out reports to keep the nation informed. Everyone is doing their jobs and the cynics here must learn to respect that.

      • Ms Himalaya,

        Now you are beginning to make some sense at last, I had actually given up on you, but this paper is doing exactly the opposite of what you are propagating. We don’t expect them to do anything more, just some responsible reporting.

        • There was someone in this forum who shared with the links of the stories done by this paper to address other issues. And just because you are not satisfied with those stories, doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of a read and for us to draw our own conclusions. The DPT corruptions cases are a blatant example of the misuse of power, public resources and they are downright outrageous for people claiming to have untainted records. This paper is exposing what has been done by the elected leaders. There are legal obligations to take into consideration when reporting such stories. Why would anybody make such things a public knowledge if there’s no substance or proof behind it? That way, this paper is living up to its mandate of being the watch dog, the fourth estate essential for Democracy to thrive, and to help people make informed choices. “The Bhutanese” – your grit and resolve to be keep the people and nation informed is commendable.

          • Ms.HImalaya,

            Please read my posts where I have given my reasons for finding this paper biased, if you can’t refute those charges, nothing that you say is going to change my mind. As to the stories reported, how many times am I supposed to tell you that they are fine, the only problem is that some reports are biased, that my bone of contention.

            Now, I would like to make myself scarce, you know what they say about a woman scorned.

  55. There are psychologically disturbed people who enjoy the freedom of writing on the free forum, yet it doesnot mean you put everything that runs through your mad head.
    The paper is not baised but it is your guilty consciousness, how can media name everyone when a round-up of one man fills two pages, had the paper been baised it would neither mention that ‘five buyers are willing to replace the stolen land’, ani someone is named because she was most benifitted. I saw the name of former Dzongda and i understand he never played direct role in DPT-but he was second highest paid.
    Even if you are paid, never support DPT for a change our nation has to see.
    Next time there are such issues, i beg every citizen concerned not to over cry, its of no use to think that someone is trying to break royal-DPT relation- DPT is a jungle of mad man and you will be another in the group if you face others from DPT’s side.
    Truth is simple- world runs the way it does, not the way you think. All along the way DPT has thrown banana covers.

    • You moron, what you think does not matter, we have proved that this paper is biased, so save your moral lectures for another time and place.

  56. There’s a nut case on Facebook who goes by the name of Peldhen Sonam NIma who has invited me to join him on FB, the tone of his post suggests that he wants to kick ass. The way he spells his name sends you a clear message, that of something not being right with him, maybe he was born a loser, so he has to look different, hence his way of spelling his name. Mind you, in many cases, spelling ones name differently has no bearing on ones personality, but in his case it does seem to have.

    To get back, I am obviously going to refuse his offer, because unlike the fool he is, I am not. My message to him is to be smart and not a smart ass.

    • hahaha monk! You seem to be having sleepless nights. Don’t react too much, you will spoil your health and shoot your blood pressure, and all that for nothing. What is truth will always prevail and will not need proof and what is false will not stand even if we shout at the top our voice. They won’t pay you for speaking for either side. If either of them already do, then I have no comments.,,lol

      • Thanks for the advice, but sleepless nights, do I look like someone who is having sleepless nights and as for the truth coming out, that we want too, but it is the other side that wants to crucify some people to soon.

        • Hi Monk, I think you are right in your own ways and so are others who are getting at you.. just ignore them.. I  think this discussion is getting worse now, and yea please keep your temper cool. 

          i think some of your words are way beyond what  what is expected from a insightful man.

          all the best. 

          • Kunpole, I got you, will learn to be more appropriate in the choice of my words in future, but you must understand me too, the things they have labeled mt to be.

            All the best to you too.

          • dear monk,

            now why did u remove your response to my comment.

          • ooh its there …..sorry/…..

          • Kunpole,

            If you are stalking me, I hope you are of the female species.

    • the monk,
      Don’t bring your personal and stupid problem in the forum. No wonder i was wondering why you are really pissed of with Tenzin Lhazang. He is a reporter don’t take it to heart. And whatever the story he is writing don’t make it personal. Please don’t did he ditched you or is it that he snatched your wife. Keep your personal grudges to yourself.

    • Braveheart Peldhen, you need to grow up first, why don’t you come and join us here for a free for all, I don’t consider anyone who who comments on FB to be more brave than someone commenting anonymously here. I am too far gone to reveal my identity as you well know, like I said I am not a fool like you. I also suspect that you are already commenting anonymously on this blog and most probably getting roasted by some commentators here. Ok, I accept I am not man enough to join you there, so be man enough and join us here, will be waiting for you.

      • Haha, Peldhen Sonam Nima, the macho man has removed his posts from Facebook, proving to me what I suspected him to be all along, a wimp and that too a foolish wimp. If you want to debate here, the offer is still open though.

        • Peldehn Sonam, you wanted my insights on the issue, really was that your intention, now please stop lying, I am sure you were fully aware that it was impossible to for me to reveal myself for reasons best known to you. But, if I read you wrong, I am sorry. I also see that you are a student, so all the best with your course.


          • Peldhen Sonam, absolutely no hard feelings from my side too.

            Cheers and all the best.

        • seems like you are busy everywhere. where do you get time for all this?

  57. I want to start a game here since ‘the monk” has been a serial poster here. Lets guess his or her identity depending on the writing style and comparison with other blogs and forums. 

    I have a list of suspects here goes

    – PM’s family- (Highly charged nature of responses) 
    – Riverview Family- (Very very angry) 
    – PM’s Media Cell girls –  (No work but go on net) 
    – PM’s twitter and Facebook supporters –  Sonam Ongmo, IP Tashi, Dungkar Drukpa, Karma Phuentsho (MoH) (JYT fanatics) 

    • Wow, I actually thought you were one of the sensible posters on this blog, but this, come on, please grow up, we don’t have time for such childish games. But, seriously, have I become that important for you to put me on a pedestal, thanks Norbu, but my advice is, please don’t waste your time, I am not even remotely connected to any of the above parties/people you mentioned. Good try though.

  58. It is better to have a ghost who is already in the room than think of another one coming from outside. So let the DPT rule another term from 2013-2018. Let us help them win the election like in the 2008. Let us vote for DPT!

  59. na.. JYT must be mad GNH ambassador and leave aside. He does well in that field. That is one positive quality that is there in him. But PM? Not again! DPT will shine better without JYT.

  60. I think the Monk has completely succeeded in achieving something for those he is desperate to protect. By being online 24/7 (hats off to him/her), and by baiting all of the other posters to respond to his “Your and idiot” types of posts, he has successfully managed to bring the total number of posts upto 156 within a matter of days. Now who wants to go through 156 posts most of which are responses to ‘your an idiot’? Nobody. So that is how is purpose is served.

    My suggestion is for the other posters to write about the facts and not fill up the space with meaningless battles with the Monk who has more time than anybody else. 

    And maybe The Bhutanese can help by not having the ‘reply to post’ feature as it really throws off the sequence. In KOL you can jump straight to the latest post even if there are a 1000 before them and this makes it easier to track the flow.

    • If the multitude of you make idiotic posts, what do I call them. Read some of the dumb statements coming from your side and then talk, we certainly don’t need any one telling us what to write. And if you want to start playing the moral policeman, Tenzing Lamsang should be your first target.

      See again, you have not got me, write facts, that’s what we want, but we don’t want biased reporting.

  61. Even one ‘the monk” against the rest of the world put together kind of a situation and still the game going the monk’s way. I see lot of a substance in your writings and I salute you. We need straight talking people like you here in our Bhutanese society where the so called “truth speakers” get huge bashing left and right from various quarters. It is an uphill task no doubt; but, please do not give up. The nation building collectively rests solely on all of us ‘the Bhutanese citizens” and each one us must play our part productively.

    In the name of democracy, Bhutan mustn’t be made like a crook’s paradise – going the incorrect national growth restraining path. If all our developmental activities were viewed purely from the negative prisms and unashamedly brought down even over the slightest drop of the hat, then, won’t such so called naughty democratic behaviors paralyze our nation’ growth? In that case, who would be the losers? Bhutan must progress ahead with respect and dignity and that will come, only, if, we respect the rule of law and truth as the corner stone of our nation’s development priority over ill conceived misplaced loyalties.

  62. The monk some people say is a hardcore DPT supporter from a central district in Bhutan umm

    • If you are hoping to become an intelligence officer with the RBP or the RBA, you will be shown the exit immediately, that’s how cold you are with your guesses.

      • Is it Trongsa. 

        • My advice to you is to be careful when u use ur system to not allow others to peek over your shoulder or leave the system without logging out. Trongsa it is then for now atleast. Now what else did my friends say about you hmmm next episode

  63. i am indebt to Tenzing Lamsang from the theBhutanese news paper for informing the news that is worth reading and knowing our politicians. Unlike other reporters specially in kuensel(that the nation will be informed=that the nation will be fooled) Tenzing Lamsang is doing great job. And he has become so special for Bhutanese citizen.

    • Tenzing Lamsang’s record is great. Check out all the stories he has done in Kuensel and Business Bhutan. This is one person who does justice to his profession, people and the nation. He deserves a special mention and applause for the tough stance he takes against corruption. Cheers to you.

      • Respect has to flow two ways. PM deserves more than a “walk out” with the way he handled the situation. The Indians should be really mad at what happened during the Meet The Press as PM said Tenzing Lamsang is working for vested interests in India, when covering the Lottery Scam report. It was a huge business. Could have made a lot of money for Bhutan if it was done legally. What’s so wrong about that? Government is always trying to hide things from us and the only person reporting is labeled sinister, working for Indian vested interest in a formal meeting, and how does that make us look to the Indians when our PM has no respect for a journalist and for our close neighbor India. The distrust comes from PM. How does that work in a democracy? Not good.

        • You will be surprised to know that the lottery scam has linkages beyond Bhutan, It has ramifications if delved will lead up to some of the Indian Politicians of ruling congress party. It is not only Bhutan Government that wants the case to be closed silently but also the counterpart in India that is equally worried about the investigation agencies and media spilling the beans. Thus, I wonder how PM could accuse TL of working for Indian interest.

  64. All this this Prime Minister is good for is robbing peoples of their land. 

    In case of Gyelposhing and Chang Ugyen PM said it was past cases (even though it is still corruption). Now what will he say for Denchi which was done last year. 

    I know he will say it is also past case as it was in 2011 and we should talk only about 2012. lol

  65. Tenzing Lamsang is a national hero. The Druk Wangyal should be stripped of the PM and given instead to TL. 

  66. Given the facts of the story there is only one way out for the PM to resign -pure and simple. 

    The Prime Minister has been proven to be involved in so many corruption cases like Gyelposhing, Trowa theater, Bhutan Post Chineses buses, Education City and now Denchi. 
    If it was any self respecting leader he should have resigned by now. This is why some ppl say Bhutanese politicians are worse then even Indian politicians. 

  67. Do you have an insider’s view about whether there is a “personal grudge” btw PM and Tenzing or what? Why are you so defensive? As the journalists are taking a stance on corruption, so are we who support this paper. If our PM and his party were perfect as you make them out to be then who is committing all the corruption. Some evil twin of theirs? As for name calling: DPT should also be called the Deplorable Power Tyrants.

  68. Goodwill Embassador

    Yes, the journalists must fight corruptions and malpractices to ensure good governance but is that all your duty? Don’t u also have to inform the public of good initiatives undertaken by the government? and everytime u r attacking PM only whether he does good or bad.

    • There are plenty of good stories in this paper, even editorials which say good things about our nation. Some stories were so nice that some forum people called it kissing up to the DPT. So, there is no way TL can win. People reading the stories will always read it with their preconceived bias and judgmental views. Journalists can’t make everyone happy since people are bound to find the inconvenient truth hard to swallow. Look at what the did to BBS and Kuensel. They moment they get bold with their stories, then they are bombarded with questions at even parliamentary level questioning its ownership and what not. For now these two will report only the good things on the government, but a day isn’t far when they will start to question their roles – a government mouthpiece or carry out its true mandate of being the watchdogs for democracy to thrive. At the end of the day, we all want the goodness and truth to prevail, even at the sake of your own peace, comfort, and security, and that is the mark of a hero. Be a hero and say no to corruption.

  69. So you think PM can call people names and throw wild accusation in a formal meeting?How is that irrelevant? Do you think Tenzing Lamsang will just walk out for no apparent reason? PM was overwhelmed by a simple question from Tenzing Lamsang and PM lost it that day. Who was the PM trying to protect that made him lose his cool? I think the PM should have apologized to the meeting for such distasteful display of outrage at a journalist . There is absolutely nothing on Tenzing Lamsang that we can find to attack him with but his “walk out” from the press meeting after he was being bullied by the PM. Say no to bullies. And say no to corruption.

  70. I have copied this post from one The Aged in another thread.. here goes..

    I am 83 years old now, this has been a wish and may be last wish on forums like this. The wish is – unless you choose a government with candidates of new age i.e less than 45 years Bhutan wont be able to fight this battle of corruption.
    My 39 years of experience in civil service has taught me one thing- every civil servants will have taken some unfair advantage after ten years in job.
    My childrens please take this point seriously and energize the youth to be politicall active.
    I cant talk anything about corruption because i would have something i did behind curtain- how do you think i erected three buildings in Thimphu, so how can i talk about any level of corruption going on.
    Believe me and be sure- youth are clean when corruption is concerned- they are not corrupt, less corrupt are new age people.
    I you ever knew that some person is already employed when a vaccancy is announced, you probably got some hints of a form of corruption.
    This happens more often than not on our land. I have lived my life at peace, i fear my grand children will not have as peaceful life as i had.
    Since i am out of age, its for you out there to reshape our(in a way your) nation’s destiny. GNH is a good thing, it is used wrongly by people who administer it.
    To remain happy at my age, do correct things now- one of the top secret to make a heaven out of Bhutan is to throw away the old politicians and replace them with young energetic and clean people in their place.
    Dont worry about experience, i knew about DNA at the age of 68 today my grandson speaks volumes about it at the age of 17, world has a shared consciousness, what someone knows will be known by another person in a short while- remember milk starts to flow naturally when calf is born, more often than not we learn to do things right when responsibility is sworn.
    You may have a mango tree in your backyard, but it is only fruit you can eat, nibblingits bark is as good as not having the fruit tree- i mean you are given a chance to choose who can be best to do right thing, relying on his/her experience is a grave mistake.
    May the untold be known by analysis, the told is an opinion of a falling age.

    • Pathetic! whoever the old person is – you see all other people through your eyes of corruption. Erected three buildings and there is a hell’s pride. 

  71. I join to condemn the corruption of administrative power here. Bhutan should now be lead by young blood. All these long serving Ministers took us on ride. It is slightly better now after democracy than before.

  72. Monk means here monkey !!

  73. Whoever may be that 83 years old(MEYMEY), Please be careful, the young politicians could dump you near chorten or subji- Bazer to lead a retired life in solitude. If one analyses properly there is no corruption in Bhutan. The rich people were rich from time immemorial and it is they who can become more rich because money begets money.
    The people are making hue and cry in this forum about corruptions. To me the people are vomiting their frustrations because they can not and will not equal who are rich and holding positions.

    • This very attitude of arrogance and superior feelings of so called rich sows the seeds of instability in any country. If you are rich, please remember, you can’t sleep in peace if you have neighbours dying to have square meals a day.  


    It comes as a shock for any Bhutanese to hear that someone robed in the Buddha’s attire participated in criminal activities or was party to assist or facilitate such acts. This naturally implanted forethought strikes many Bhutanese minds because it’s general knowledge that monks are groomed and brought up with the most stringent disciplinary codes of conduct and should supposedly possess the most virtuous of takes on everything in creation.
    A fellow from the line of monastic bodies is therefore expected to be the last to make it to the list of people in conflict with the law. They are expected more so to be within the premises of their institution dedicating prayers for the welfare of sentient beings.
    Conversely and not really to please the eyes and ears of any pious soul, the statistics at the Police headquarters paints a most contradictory picture where many monks have visited and revisited the not so holy premises and vicinities of the lawbreaker’s lair.
    If the data with the Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) in Thimphu are any indication increasing number of monks have constantly placed themselves in conflict with the law.
    From 2010 till August this year, some 21 monks have been arrested and detained by RBP personnel on grounds of various crimes committed.
    The monks involved were listed under crimes which ranged from possession and consumption of controlled substances, battery and burglary.
    From among the 21, 11 were arrested on varying counts for possession of controlled substances, seven were arrested for battery, two for burglary and two for murder.
    Some of those who feature in the list are also the ex-monks who were already expelled from the institutions for crimes committed.
    A police officer said a total of nine monks were arrested in 2010 alone. These monks were arrested in connection with the possession of controlled substance and battery which normally happens during gang fights.
    Such nature of crime according to the police officials are the highest ever committed by the monks.
    These former monks who dropped out of their schools are from various Dratshangs (monastery) and Shedras (Buddhist schools) across the country. These ex-monks once relieved from monkhood go wayward and many remain as vagabonds who loaf around in the capital city.
    The police also said that it is difficult for them to trace the figure for ex-monks who have committed crimes. This is because a serving monk becomes ‘former monk’ when they are expelled for the crime committed. Moreover, these ex-monks after they quit their monkhood claim themselves as ‘jobless’ while registering the case with the police.
    However out of 21 cases recorded, the most heinous crime committed ever is the murder of a youth by a group of boys, among which one was a monk. The victim, a 26 year old was killed at Changjiji this year.
    Two former monks, aged 20 and 22, were arrested after it was discovered that they were involved in the crime on May 22 this year.
    Other than the crimes mentioned above, monks have also been involved in crimes such as committing con, larceny, gang fights etc.
    The Dratshang Lhentshog’s Secretary, Karma Penjor, said this is due to the reflection of the society’s changing values.
    “We’re equally concerned about it,” said the secretary. The Lhentshog is making concerted efforts to curb such social problems created by the monks.
    The monks are properly advised and are also warned. Only when the corrective measures are exhausted, do they resort to expulsion. “The codes of conduct for the monks are strict and the disciplinary action includes expulsion,” he said.

    • I don’t know why you brought this topic here. Perhaps the Monk who used to write here must have got into your nerves. Nevertheless, monks are only humans with equal emotions, pains, sufferings and needs as any other human being, like you and me. However you ‘expect’ or rather want them to behave like ‘boddhisatvvas’ . Just because they are monks or they adorn the robes symbolizing Buddha’s attire, it doesn’t mean they have become Buddhas.  Therefore like any other citizens they do face the consequences of their actions, and you have mentioned the statistics of monks apprehended by Police. 

  75. Whatever said and done, please do not cry foul to the monks so long as they do not harm you. If you can not help them at least do not harm them. Look at others as another you.


      Hi I am referring to monk who right nonsense. Are u the monk who write nonsense. Come on!!!!

  76. The Monk: If the paper was biased in anyways, it has the administrative right stop to voices against it. You would have been blocked to voice out any of your opinion! THINK ABOUT IT!

  77. What type of RIGHT NONSENSE? I am neither Monk nor Gomchen.

  78. Where is my comrade “the monk”? He seems to have suddenly gone AWOL.

    Norbu-ji, you should not have scared him away with the threat to expose his identity. With his absence the forum’s charm has been lost now 🙁

  79. Why did the Bhutanese cabinet violate government laws to provide abnormally high compensation rates to landowners in Pemagatshel, with the biggest beneficiary being a close relative of the Prime Minister?

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