Desuups to help in the Punakha Wang

Till date five batches of Desuups have been trained

This year after the celebration of the National Day on 17 December more than 120 Desuups will be sent to Punakha to take part in the upcoming Pel Dechok Khorlo Dompai Nangchen Wang which will start from the 20th of this month.

The Desuups from all the batches starting from the first batch will participate in this Waang.

The organizer Mr. Tashi Tobgay said “The Desuups will visit Punakha to help the organizing committee as it will be helpful too”.

Talking to some of the Desuups who will visit Punakha Wang, Sonam Choden, 25 said she is happy that she is one of the Desuups who is helping the country in many ways and she will be helping out the committee team because they expect more than 30,000 public who will come to receive the Wang and they need to control the crowd and need to do mass cleaning every day.

Tshering, 24 said that she is happy to be a Desuup as it is an opportunity for her to participate in every event that goes on in the country. “We will be helping with serving food in this Wang ceremony,” she said.

In an email interview, Desuup Tsherub Dorji, one of the first batch trainer who is currently in Austria said he is proud to be a Desuup under the great spiritual leader and serve the communities. He is happy that he has a part in this and rendered active participation and the training inspired him to listen to the sorrows of the needy youths but at the same time he is unhappy that this time he cannot help in such an event.

At the end of January, the sixth batch will come up for the training with the participants from institutes or any colleges within Bhutan.

The trainings are done for five weeks where the participants are trained in disaster management. If any natural hazards arise in the country the Desuups are immediately informed through short message service (SMS) or through Twitter.

Sonam Wangmo

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