Detained for alleged rape of a minor

A 29-year old man from Punakha has been detained by the Wangduephodrang police after he was accused of raping a 16-year old minor on the night of February 1.

Initially, the victim’s elder sister had lodged a complainant with the police on February 2, saying  her younger sister was missing. When the police deployed a search team for the girl, she was found from the Bajothang town. She had not gone home since February 1.

It was learnt that with the fear that her sister might scold her, she had not gone home.

The victim had revealed to police that she had spent night with the suspect and was forced to have sex with him. While the suspect had said it was a consensual sex.

It was also learnt that the victim and suspect had met through phone.

The victim is a school drop-out and a divorcee. She was married for seven months.

The victim is from Trashigang.

The suspect was detained on February 4 and is an employee of Punatshangchhu in Wangduephodrang. The suspect is married.

Chencho Dema / Thimphu


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  1. PHPA: A-HA....!

    This is not new and surprising in Bajo. Bajo is growing wild. It will hit worst if its growth is not monitored by the concerned authorities. Everyone seems to be relaxed, blaming everything to the Punatsangchu project.

  2. Go through the second paragraph of the story, is it “Initially, the victim’s elder sister had lodged a ‘complainant’ with the police ……….?” or “Initially, the victim’s elder sister had lodged a ‘complaint’ with the police….?” or is it the sheer carelessness of the reporter or the editor???

  3. Yes….this is true with Bajo town. The drayangs in Bajo are doing hell. I live backside of one of the drayangs (Radap). It creates hell everynight. Police patrols seems to be sleeping even when the drayang goes pour throughout the town disturbing the peace till AM. Fights are usual feature of this drayang. Media- ask the people living in these areas to get a correct picture of what shape these drayangs are delivering to the society, then advise the policy makers accordingly through your press.

  4. Drayangs should be stopped urgently, immediately and rampantly for it is a social stigma.

  5. Based on the law of the land, a 16 year old is a minor. Beside this man I think her divorced husband should also be charged in the court.

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