Detainee rearrested

Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) re-arrested a 28-year-old detainee who escaped from Thimphu District Court on 19 June at around 10:30 AM. RBP arrested the man in Samtse on 10 July, after which the suspect was located back in Thimphu for a court hearing on 12 July.

The suspect was initially arrested Thimphu in March 2018 for larceny and snatching. The case was later forwarded to OAG on 26 April after investigation, and the suspect was given 31 charges in total.

The suspect managed to escape when he was taken to court for his first hearing and he was under trail when incident occurred. Now that he is re-arrested, in addition to his existing 31 charges, he will now be charged for escaping from the lawful custody.

Police said that the suspect has stolen cash, bags and mobile phones from the victims worth around Nu 0.8 million.

The suspect is from Trong under Zhemgang and he was unemployed during the time of arrest. The suspect is a repeated offender.

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