Development plan for Samtse Thromde waiting for a suitable time to begin:PM

During the question and answer session in National Assembly, Bartsham Shongphu MP Dr (Ph.D) Passang Dorji raised a question on the status of the development of Samtse dzongkhag as Thromde A in the House which was announced during the First Session of the Third Parliament.

In response, The Prime Minister, (Dr) Lotay Tshering said government has put in three orders in Samtse dzongkhag. First being in Sipsu, there are more people with an old hospital and the government is planning to increase the capacity of the hospital along with the health team comprising of surgeons, child specialists and medical specialists. Second is based on the construction of road service which connects Samtse to Tendu Bara and for this, the budgetary work has been completed. PM said the works remained pending due to the rainy season, however, the work is now being carried out.

The maps for the new construction of hospital and the road are ready, and the government is planning to have a well equipped surgical hospital and place a surgical specialist, said the PM.

The PM said thirdly according to the ground study done by the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement, the development of Samtse town has been seen as possible since it is plain and the area covers 4.4 square km and since the national density ratio states 19 to 20 people per km sq it is possible to fit around 1,100 people in that place. The marketing would be possible since the Haa to Samtse road has been connected and Phuentsholing too is connected.

The Foreign Ministry and Indian Government has talked on plans for connecting railways and the study results were submitted to the government since March 2020. Therefore, the new development plan for Samtse Thromde is waiting for a suitable time to begin.

“If Samtse dzongkhag is suitable to be developed as a Thromde, then the government will work on it.  We have even put forward the plans to develop a Thromde in the east and the government has also received the studies from the experts but due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the country, we have kept it in hold to avoid further pressure on the fund involvement in it,” said the PM.

Prime Minister also said till now in Samtse dzongkhag there has not been many medical experts and on this, the government has now put in five medical specialists and the Ministry of Health (MoH) is also working on the areas which needs more medical support.

“All the works are done accordingly as per the plans of the government,” said the PM. 

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  1. Expecting early decision on the township not only at Samtse but other potential growth centers too in the country from the government.

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