Devotees at Punakha Wang pleased with B-Mobile services

bwDespite there being more than 150,000 devotees which formed a huge crowd for the Wang in Punakha that concluded recently, the B-Mobile network which took measures to ensure effective communication succeeded in its objective.

The people at the Wang say they are pleased with the B-Mobile network performance which was running well and the people in the Wang could contact each other without network failure.

Talking to the Project Manager of B-Mobile from the Bhutan Telecom, Tenzin Dorji said “we actually increased the resources in Punakha by four times in terms of capacity compared to before on a temporary basis, especially for the Punakha Wang so that the people wouldn’t have a tough time for the network connection”.

“Before the Wang we never had contemplation that there would be so many devotees attending the Wang. We had to use two extra new base stations (BS) near the Wang arena and also used the temporary resources known as cell on wheels (COW). Before only 350 subscribers in the town area in Punakha would make a call at a time. But around 1,500 subscribers made calls at a time,” he said explaining the increased traffic caused by the numerous users who are the devotees gathered at the Wang.

“With our service we can say that the B-Mobile service worked out very well in the crowded grounds without facing any technical problems,” he said.

Talking to some of the devotees in Punakha Wang, Tashi Chophel who has been there for a month said “The B-Mobile network really did well as compared to before and the facilities are very good”.

Gyem Sithup said, “We didn’t face any kind of problems with the network and actually there is no differences between the Tashi sim and the B-mobile sim as I am using both the sim cards”.

Khandu Chophel, 29 who feels the same said that there are no differences in the network whether it is in the crowded place or in the town areas.

Before in Punakha there were only two B-Mobile towers which are located in Khuruthang and near the cremation ground. But with a huge crowd expected at the Wang the Bhutan Telecom had used the temporary resources called cell on wheels (COW).

Sonam Wangmo / Thimphu

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