DGPC Engineer invents the poor man’s hydro project

The mini generator

Bhutan is known for its mega hydro projects that involve billions of dollars and years of construction. However, Karsang Dorji an Executive Engineer for Druk Green Power Corporation (DGPC) has come up with two simple but effective inventions to generate green electricity using a few spare parts.

Both inventions are descriptively titled, ‘Human Power and Water Generator’.

The water generator is based on a modified and simplified concept of a hydropower turbine and generator. Karsang has affixed improvised buckets or blades to a bicycle wheel that turns when placed under a small stream.

The wheel turns at force to generate electricity through a small generator attached to the wheel generating 230 Voltage power. The power, he said is equivalent to that of a conventional solar-panel and is enough to power a 40 Watt bulb.

The second is the Human generator that gives the benefit of  exercise and a phone charger. The device though similar to the first one does not require water force but is attached to a cycle that has to be pedaled to generate electricity.

In both the above inventions the power can also be stored in a rechargeable battery.

Karsang said, “In 2003 I used a very basic version of my current invention to generate electricity on my farm for room-heating where mushrooms were kept under the required temperature.”

“It was designed using thermostats to control the room temperature for the proper growth of mushroom. In addition to the Products being good they could even grow mushrooms during the off season,” he added.

Karsang said that it took him 15 years of research and design before he came up with this innovation.

Karsang has big plans and he wants to capitalize on his inventions and manufacture them on a large scale.

Karsang had already presented his inventions to the DGPC management earlier.

As of now he is waiting for government to approve the draft renewable energy policy.

He is confident that DGPC will finance those who come up with such projects as promoting renewable energy is part of DGPC’s mandate.

“I will help any organization or community with these inventions if needed, since most of the rural sections are deprived of all modern facilities,” said Karsang.

“Some rural areas and schools still don’t have electricity, with the help of my design I can illuminate them with light,” he said.

He said that most rural communities depended on solar panel system which is an inconvenient and unreliable source to generate electricity continuously due to storms, fog and nightfall. He gave the example of farmers in southern Bhutan having problems with their solar fencing.

Karsang has already developed a light-emitting-diode (LED) bulb by using plastic bottles.

Karsang is not satisfied with his two inventions but he is now in the process of developing a windmill generator which can light LED lamps, charge mobile phones and many other small applicants.

The young inventor is also working on creating a renewable energy pumping system to pump and store water for paddy cultivation.

He says that designing such models is his hobby and he has been working on his design after office hours and on weekends.

“The energy sources from such models would be cheaper and ecofriendly which would contribute to achieve Gross National Happiness,” he said.

Even at home he uses water heater of his design which gives a lower electric bill.

He said that through such inventions he would want to fulfill the third mission of DGPC which is to “Provide energy security for domestic consumption, fuel economic growth and explore other forms of renewable energy other than hydropower.”

He said that his main motives were to generate green electricity, reduce monthly electricity bills, light up homes from renewable energy resources, increase energy security of the country and fight global warming.



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  1. Such technology is already there and is being used in other parts of the world.Pls TB don’t say it is new invention

    • I appreciate his effort but if he has spent 7 years in researching it, i would say he has been wasting his time for these many years…such thing are already there long time back…and I second toka in insisting that it is not at all a new invention….and the reporter, do not try to insult the gk of your readers…..yes you may be told so but it is also your responsibility to correct the facts and publish….

    • I appreciate his effort but if he has spent 15 years in researching it, i would say he has been wasting his time for these many years…such thing are already there long time back…and I second toka in insisting that it is not at all a new invention….and the reporter, do not try to insult the gk of your readers…..yes you may be told so but it is also your responsibility to correct the facts and publish….

  2. I also feel that its not an invention but discovery. The word discovery would be correct term

  3. Did the bhutanese checked with DGPC management on its opinion about the article before publishing it. I think TB is a very credible paper, don’t discredit yourself with such meaning less articles. All technical person with some electrical or elctronics background knows that TB has been fooled by KD…

    • Bhutanese people by large don’t work but complain.they will fold their hand and give lot of comments and talk of egoistic manner.

  4. I feel this young person should be nominated for the young inventor of the year award. Well done my man.

  5. I can already see the mentality of the so-called compassionate Bhutanese. It’s a great work done by karsang. We must appreciate his innovative works. Those who write against must verify your comments before posting the article. If his works has already been invented as claimed by above commentators, they must mention the name and where these works have been invented. Otherwise, it’s purely an indication of how you are egoistic and pessimistic on someone’s great works.

  6. They are good observer and not doer.Firstly,they will not work and not allow others to work independently. 

  7. Dear drupc,
    Firstly thanks for your comment. You need bother about DGPC management. We all members are united together and busy with our works to fulfill our mandates. As far my article is concern whoever you may be and whatever education level you have i give you my word for the challenge to solve atleast one problem that are facing by our Bhutanese villagers especially in the remote area. The present problem are Drinking water system, Solar fencing system, Solar lightning system, Alternate Power supply to DG set users to reduce pollution, Irrigation water problem for cultivation of crops.

    I heartily request you to come forward with solution to any one of the above problem which will benefit our Bhutanese at large. The solution must be with environmentally friendly solution. All the nest and waiting for your challenge la.

  8. Knowing and doing are two different things…and being jealous is yet another..

    • My purpose of posting this is to share my knowledge and experiences that i gain through my great interest and motivation. I have learnt an lot how difficult it is and at same times how cheerful it is when i we can do our self which in turn can benefits our own people of the country. Being jealous will help to non of us and i am sure so called Mr. drukpc cannot challenge me because i know his presentation for promotion of any type will be just COPY and PASTE in Computer and present it. Practical DEMO gives 100% presentation for real interview. ” You can go through the complexity of mathematics but you cannot bit the experimentation “

  9. this artical is very informative keeping on goning

  10. Thanks la..kamps. Likewise if you are interested there are many research and practical  design information which is will be a solution to many problems that are exciting in our country  la. I will happy to share my experiences and feeling for the betterment of our country people at large, mostly farmers and school going children la.

    Regards la

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