Dhan Maya with the Japanese lawyer Setsuo Hanato who did not take any legal charges to help apply for the visa

Dhan Maya gets three-month visa extension

Dhan Maya Tamang got a three-month visa extension till 24th November 2019 after with help from well wishers in Bhutan.

The Ministry of Labour and Human Resources on its Facebook page also put up a most thanking the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for also working on the issue, though it is not clear what role the ministry played.

Dhan Maya’s visa was expiring by the end of this month. Many Bhutanese and Japanese supporters in Japan helped her to extend her visa for a few more months so that she can stay with her daughter for a longer duration.

Pasang Tamang, over a phone call, said only his mother will be renewing her visa and he will be returning back to Bhutan.

He said they are staying with Sonam’s roommate at the moment.

“Mother is still having difficulties in finding the direction to the hospital, but Sonam’s friends will help her to take her to the hospital when I am not around. So I believe there will not be much of a problem in that,” said Pasang.

He said that Dhan Maya has decided to keep Sonam in Japan only. He said his sister’s condition is the same as before.

Mr. Kazunori Ikeda a Japanese supporter said the medical report of Sonam Tamang was produced by the doctor for the purpose of the visa extension.

The medical report stated Sonam Tamang is suffering from Tuberculosis Meningitis and her treatment are Anti-Tuberculosis drugs, Artificial Breath Management and Survival Nutrition. And there were no future symptoms reflected in the report. Pasang said that the color of Sonam’s face is a little pink.

Yumiko Kan, a social worker, along with some Japanese and Bhutanese supporters in Japan also helped Dhan Maya to also get the visa extension. Yumiko said that mother has also asked help from BEO partner in Japan, Mr. Endo, to extend her visa.

Yumiko said that she had been enquiring about the visa extension with the head quarter of immigration in Tokyo. She learnt that visa extension is possible if medical documents from the doctor and a bank statement, proving they have enough money to stay in Japan, are provided.

Yumiko said Dhan Maya suffers from constant pain in her knees and a lump in her neck area.

Therefore, Yumiko Kan said she has fixed an appointment with a doctor for Dhan Maya’s check up. She said Dhan Maya should also get a treatment while she is in Japan because it will be difficult for her if she gets sick.

Tashi, who is settled in Japan, said that with the permission of Sonam’s family, he has asked for bank statement for extending their visa. He said that the supporters in Japan have the sole intention to help Dhan Maya to be with her sick daughter.

Jaganath Koirala, a youth in Japan said that they applied for the visa extension for more than three months and he said a Japanese lawyer Sesuo Hanato is helping in the visa extension process.

An official with the labour ministry said they have requested Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) to facilitate the extension of visa. However, the issuance of visa is up to the Immigration Bureau of Japan and the labour ministry has no objections if Dhan Maya extends the visa by herself.

“Sonam’s mother and brother were given 30 days visa and they can extend their visa with the Japanese immigration office. However, we cannot guarantee with the visa extension since it depends on the Japanese government,” said a labour official last month.

Labour ministry pays 30 percent of Sonam’s medical expenses. Last year, the medical bill from September till November, was around Nu 65,615. The medical bill amount comes to around 40,000 to 60,000 Yen in a month.

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