Dhan Maya’s Japan visa expires this month

Dhan Maya is hopeful that she will get help from the government to renew her visa while she is still in Japan. She has to leave Japan on 23 November, but she does not want to leave her daughter, Sonam Tamang, who is in a coma due to tuberculosis meningitis and is being treated with anti-tuberculosis drugs, ventilator management, and tube feeding.

“I don’t know and I can’t even think of leaving my daughter behind and leave for Bhutan,” said Dhan Maya.

She is left with no other choice but to leave when the visa expires. She has earlier planned to get a surgery on her neck in Bhutan while she waits for the visa renewal.

“The thought of leaving my daughter behind is worrying me. If the government helps me to renew my visa in Japan only, I would be very grateful,” said Dhan Maya.

She said she has not missed a single day of visiting her daughter in the hospital. Even with a bad knee that causes much pain, Dhan Maya is always by her daughter’s side.

“Sometimes it is very difficult for me to walk because of the pain in my knee, and sometimes it is so hard for me to even fall asleep,” said Dhan Maya.

Earlier this week, Their Majesties granted an audience to the Bhutanese people in Japan where Dhan Maya was also present in the group.

“Our King hugged me tightly when I said that my daughter is sick, His Majesty said nothing will happen to my daughter, and His Majesty will help me in any way,” said Dhan Maya, crying over the phone during the interview with this paper.

She said she could not hold back her tears as she felt extremely happy and blessed.

The Office of The Gyalpoi Zimpon made the travel funds and DSA possible for Dhan Maya’s visit along with her son and even an earlier visit of her son as financial rules don’t allow the government to fund such visits.

She said she wants to observe her daughter for the next six to seven months. She said if her daughter wakes up and can at least have a little bit of rice broth then she can bring her back home. “But she is very serious now and doctors said I cannot take her back home.” She added if the doctors say that she can treat Sonam back home in Bhutan then she will take her.

“I don’t understand the language here, and I have to travel by bus everyday. Even for buying face mask, I have to use the sign language,” said Dhan Maya.

She said the living standard is very high and if there is no one to earn in Japan then it will be very difficult for her to stay and look after her daughter.

She said she has to buy adult diapers for Sonam twice in a month costing 5,000 to 6,000 Japanese Yen. “Thanks to generous people in Bhutan and Japan who contributed money and I am hoping that the amount I received will be enough till I stay in Japan,” she added.

Sonam Tamang has shown no signs of improvement in her current health status. Still, Dhan Maya hopes and dreams of her daughter regaining her consciousness and health someday.

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