Dharma master and a group of pilgrims to visit Bhutan

 Dharma Master Hsin Tao (pic courtesy www.mwr.org.jpg

Dharma Master Hsin Tao (pic courtesy www.mwr.org.jpg

Master Hsin Tao of Taiwan along with a group of pilgrims will be in the country on a nine day visit next week, in search of Padmasambhava’s trace and heritage. The group of tourists has plans to visit heritage sites across the western and central regions of the country.

According to the tour operator taking care of the group’s visit, Bhutan-Bhutan Travel, “for these devoted Buddha followers, this is not only a trip that brings them to Buddha and Padmasambhava, but a journey that leads them closer to his or hers original minds. Besides personal development and transformation, the pilgrimage is also expected to bring back some lessons from Bhutanese culture—a culture that perfectly integrates realms of the secular and sacred. This Bhutan pilgrimage is sure to give its participants some insights into their secular and religious lives, and to think further about culture and tradition.”

Master Hsin Tao, founder of Ling Jiou Mountain Buddhist Society, Museum of World Religions (MWR), and Global Family for Love and Peace (NGO), was born in Burma in 1948. Left orphaned at the age of four, he became a child soldier at nine years old.  He came to Taiwan with KMT military in 1961 when he was 13 and became a monk in 1977. The master then practiced austerities (Dhuta) in secluded locations. He started a two years fast retreat in 1983, during which time he had no food at all but water, and came to attain deep insight into the meaning of “Only when all beings are liberated, is enlightenment fully attained.”

After solitary retreat, Master Hsin Tao established the Wusheng Monastery to transform the human heart and mind through Chan meditation and Buddhist education. He also founded the MWR to advance world peace through interreligious dialogue and education.

Master Hsin Tao encourages people to be mindful in daily life by contemplating “to live is a blessing, to work is to practice”; as well as “Pilgrimage is a way of planting the seeds of awakening.”

Upon arrival on 9 April, next week, the group will meditate at Dechenphodrang Monastery in Thimphu in the afternoon.

During his stay in the country, Master Hsin Tao will call on Venerable Dorji Lopen and receive blessings from His Eminence Namkhai Nyingpo Rinpoche at Lhodrak Kharchu Monastery.

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