DHI pay hike aims to maintain 15% pay advantage over CS

The Board of the Druk Holding and Investments will a meeting in the first week of December to decide the pay and allowances of the 7,725 DHI staff working in 14 DHI companies including DHI itself.

The expected outcome of the pay hike is that it will maintain the 15 percent higher pay than the civil service.

This is because after the recent civil service hike the current pay of DHI corporate employees and the CS are around the same or even in the negative in some cases.

The 15 percent gap is on the gross pay which is the basic pay and house rent allowance of the civil service compared to the basic pay, 23 percent corporate allowance and 15 percent performance based variable allowance.

The first pay proposal was put up to the DHI Board in November 4th but the board instructed for certain changes to be made and so it is being represented again.

One aspect that the DHI pay proposal is looking at is rationalizing the gaps in pay between grades so that when someone moves up a grade there is a consistent increase and not a major or minor one.

DHI has also studied the CS pay hike with the higher hikes given at the lower ends.

However, an official clarified that DHI in the past had also given higher hikes at the lower ends and so it may again follow suit.

The DHI companies that will be covered by the hike are BPC, BT, BOB, dgpc, druk Air, Dungsam Cement, Dungsam Polymers, NRDCL, CDCL, Woodcraft, SMCL, Kufoko International Limited, Thimphu Tech Park and DHI itself.

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