DHI to give Nu 1.50 bn in additional funds to Govt for COVID-19

DHI in a press release said His Majesty The King had envisioned for DHI to maintain adequate reserve for use at times of national exigencies.

In line with His Majesty’s vision, DHI and portfolio companies have proposed to contribute an additional fund in excess of Nu. 1.50 Billion for use to the government during this COVID-19 emergency. The contribution is in addition to the normal dividend and taxes for FY 2019.

DHI subsidiary companies providing essential services, such as BPC, BT, BOB, Drukair and DGPC have activated their Standard Operating Procedures for business continuity for COVID-19 situations as they play out.

These companies have stocked up all necessary spares and input materials to last for at least a year, identified and restricted the movement of key people and all critical measures have been put in place.

Bhutan Telecom is working with the government in ensuring availability of affordable and reliable voice and data connectivity to ease the difficulties posed to the education system. Also, it ensures uninterrupted communication service to hospitals and facilities set-up to fight COVID-19.

Drukair is ensuring continuity of its services to help Bhutanese outside the country to return home. Additionally, Drukair stands committed to help in air transport of mass cargo and also for mass evacuation of the Bhutanese residing outside the country.

DGPC has maintained adequate spares and commodities to ensure generation at all times.

BPC has formed a dedicated team with all required resources to immediately attend to electricity related problems that may occur in hospitals and quarantine facilities. Further, its ensures ensure reliable transmission and distribution of electricity to all at all times.

BOB extended full support to initiatives that the RMA may outline to ease challenges related to monetary issues.

In ensuring continuity of these essential services, DHI procured and supplied facial masks and hand sanitizers for all frontline staff of the companies. Together with it, DHI also supplied about 4,000 facial masks to JDWNRH to support frontline health workers.

DHI has offered its resources around the country to support local governments in fighting COVID-19.

DHI has offered to leverage its network outside the country to source essentials commodities, including medicine, where necessary.

Understanding the economic impacts would be felt for a long time DHI is exploring and evaluating projects that could be undertaken soon to help jump start the economy.

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