Diamond Quiz originally meant for school children casts a bigger audience net

The national television is airing an increasingly popular special weekly quiz show “Diamond Quiz” dedicated to the 60th Birth Anniversary of the Fourth Druk Gyalpo. The show aims to reconnect youth to the history and facts about Bhutan but it is also drawing in other age groups as well.

Diamond Quiz, aired every Sunday at 8 pm, is an interschool competition held among sixteen lower secondary and middle secondary schools in Thimphu. The quiz consists of four rounds; general knowledge, the box, pick-a-number and lightning rounds. The questions on the quiz are mainly on Bhutan History, Geography and current affairs topics.

There is also an important section on the Wangchuck Dynasty.

The producer and anchor of Diamond Quiz, Thinley Yangchen Dorji, said that BBS 2 prioritizes educational programs to encourage children’s participation and provide them with the platform to showcase their wide knowledge and talents through entertaining and educational shows. She said, “The show helps the children to take a centre stage in the wonderful year of the 60th Birth Anniversary celebrations of our beloved Fourth King.”

The high quality content of the show has gained acclamation and appreciation from students, teachers and also the parents of the contestants. Parents who generally limit their children from watching television shows are seen encouraging their children to watch the quiz show every Sunday.

A mother of two school going boys, Sonam Choden, said, “I look forward to watching Diamond Quiz with my children. The show is very interesting with well researched questions. I ask my children to sit with a pen and paper in hand and write down the questions and answers accordingly to improve their knowledge.” She said that she also answers the questions on the quiz along with her children, adding, “It is one fun-filled show as well.”

“My father may not allow me to watch other shows on television except some of the shows on BBS which includes his recent favorite, Diamond Quiz. He (father) says I should watch such educational shows to better myself about our country’s history,” said Dorji, a student at Dr Tobgyel School.

The teachers, especially the English literary coordinators of the respective schools, are happy with such a platform available for their students. A teacher at Druk School, Sherub Wangmo, expressed, “It was a very wonderful experience for my students. They found it very fun, engaging and productive. It was also challenging but my students thoroughly enjoyed the competition.” A teacher of Lungtenphu Lower Secondary School, Deki, said that her students prepared well for the tough competition and it really was not about winning, rather she said, it was more about the great experience her students had acquired. Another teacher of Loselling Middle Secondary School, Sonam Tshomo, said that participating in the Diamond Quiz was a very enriching exposure and experience for her students.

According to Thinley Yangchen Dorji, the students, teachers and many of the public have expressed how the program is providing a great opportunity for the students to gain exposure on national TV. “I have received many positive feedback and comments on the quiz show from the viewers and colleagues alike. The contestants were happy to be able to commemorate the auspicious year by participating in Diamond Quiz because the program is primarily a tribute to our legendary Kings and country,” she added.

BBS 2 will soon be uploading the quiz show on YouTube. Further, to make learning more fun and easier, BBS radio (English) also aims to come up with the audio version of the Diamond Quiz to reach the students in the remote areas. In order to reach a wider audience, the quiz has been made friendly to watch and listen for the visually and hearing impaired.

“Diamond Quiz is a great platform to highlight the exemplary achievements of our Fourth Druk Gyalpo, who at a very young age of seventeen, shouldered the heavy responsibilities of a King and gave us a prosperous, stable and peaceful nation,” said the producer and host.

The questions are meticulously researched from wide range of books on historical backgrounds of our country. The producer said that additional research and cross checking on the facts were done after gathering numerous research materials from many sources.

Diamond Quiz saw many competitive and bright students who have all been well guided by their respective teachers. “Diamond Quiz was one fun ways of learning. It was a great honor and privilege for the production crew and BBS to collaborate with all the sixteen schools, officials from the Ministry of Education and our sponsors, in coming together and celebrating the glorious 60th Birth Anniversary,” said Thinley Yangchen Dorji.

According to BBS, Diamond Quiz was produced on a modest budget of little over Nu 100,000 provided by Literary and Publication Sub-committee (LPSC) which is the main sponsor of the show. Other sponsors include private enterprises like Kushu, Champay, Nana, PT, and BCMD. The finale of Diamond Quiz will be aired on Sunday, November 8 at on BBS 2.

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