Disagree to Agree or the other way ‘round

The Prime Minister at the Thursday Meet the Press dubbed the OL ‘very irresponsible and unpatriotic’ and definitely not speaking the words of a ‘loyal citizen’.

He said a small nation’s sovereignty and independence could never be taken for granted. And establishment of new ties with countries would only strengthen Bhutan’s sovereignty while it emboldened our identity among others in the international arena

The opposition leader (OL) said of the whole bid for a seat at the UNSC as ‘ill conceived and misguided’. The OL also said in a press conference that for all the time and resources ‘expended’ to secure a non-permanent seat in the UNSC, even if it did happen, Bhutan would be “exposed … to more harm than to good”.

To that end the OL demanded a detailed expenditure report of how money was spent in the due process to secure a seat in the Security Council.

It is without a doubt that all arguments hold water on both sides, the occasional offbeat remarks aside vis a vis, PM’s over the top name callings.

It’s a simple cornerstone unconsciously set-in-stone in the halls of any democratic setup, awe-inspiringly big and old like our immediate neighbors and the ones overseas or as small and new as is the case in this fledgling democracy in a landlocked geographical get-up.

It was known-accommodation in foresight that Bhutan would not win – Lyonchhen’s words. But it is also true that the country has benefitted from the endeavor through which Bhutan created new ties with many countries while it strengthened its sovereignty and identity.

The Security Council campaign has strengthened the sovereignty of the country and enhanced the respect and goodwill of the international community for Bhutan and its people, said Lyonpo Khandu Wangchuk who stayed back in New York after the delegation returned home for the last phase of elections.

For a nation almost invisible on the map and supposedly inaudible at the ‘big tables’, to have walked out of an international meet with all the giants and having stamped a mark through competition. It is indeed a matter of pride for the Bhutanese delegation that walked out of the halls of the General Assembly and for the remaining population back home.

From what transpired, the concerns expressed are common for the well being of a nation compelled to adapt to metamorphosis in a fairly new democratic skin.

The end goal is to liberate toward stability inside and security outside. The road so far has not undesirably changed the Home. And as long as the long road leads home it’s a good sign.

As much as it stems from a need to oppose, arguments still tread the grounds of dialogue and deliberations.

Welcome home again to democracy.

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  1. If he knew that we were going to lose, then why contest at all in the first place. Isn’t there better ways of making ourselves known than taking a beating. In fact, the PM was already putting Bhutan on the map through promoting K4’s GNH.

  2. Hmmmm …. Always in “Denial Mood”

  3. If we do not agree to everything our Dear Leader says then we are all anti national. In this country you are either with Dear leader or against him. He does not believe that we can have our own view…. welcome to the bhutanese democracy…..

  4. Dorji T P speaks exactly like JYT.

  5. “To that end the OL demanded a detailed expenditure report of how money was spent in the due process to secure a seat in the Security Council.”

    if OL has demanded,PM must be answerable to it. Not accuse him. Journalist-he will fire them, civil servants -he will scold them, MPs- he will scold them. Now tell me where is his leadership qualities.

  6. Expenditure incurred would have solved rupee crises and made Bhutanese happy in GNH country …

  7. I don’t agree OL is unpatriotic. May be he is. But he is surely a opportunist. He offered ‘united front’ hoping to share credit if Bhutan wins and later he said ‘waste of resources and time’ just to drive home votes because he knew some educated people are against such steps. He wants to distance away from blame. If JYT is like Obama not delivering all he promised, OL is like a Mitt Romney who has no particular stand in any issues…….

    So for the lack of better leader, my vote is for DPT…

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