DNT and DPT battle it out in Lhuentse

Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) and Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) have secured a seat each from Lhuentse in the Primary Round of National Assembly Election 2018. DPT won in Maenbi-Tsaenkhar constituency and DNT won the Gangzur Minjey constituency.

The two parties could retain their seats if the voting goes the same way as in the primary round.

Gangzur Minjey

DNT won from the constituency after securing the highest votes at 2, 134 votes followed by DPT which secured 1, 504 votes. PDP secured 1, 302 votes and BKP got 507 votes.

DPT’s candidate, Tshering Dorji, said, “Though DNT secured the highest vote in the primary round of election, DPT still has chances because in the primary round, the people’s votes were based on party, but in the general round, people will vote based on the candidates.”

He said, “I strongly believe that when it comes to candidates, people will vote for me because I am friendly with them and easily approachable.”

The candidate pointed out that there are about 2,000 voters who voted for PDP and BKP in the primary round. “I am not saying that all 2,000 voters will vote for DPT, but more than 60 percent of PDP and BKP voters will vote for us because our pledges are doable and attainable.”

He said a major issue in his constituency is the poor condition of roads. He said DPT plans to address the issue of bad roads if the party is voted in.

DNT’s candidate, Kinga Penjore, said, “DNT won in the primary because it was able to convey its clear message about the party’s manifesto to the people, and people believed in DNT’s mission, vision and objectives.”

He said, “People today are more educated and informed and it was not difficult to convince people or explain our manifesto.”

DNT’s coordinator from Gangzur, Rinzin Wangda, said, “I am not sure how the people voted in the primary round but in the coming election, people will vote based on the party president. People in the gewog are saying that they will vote for Dr Lotay”.

DPT’s dzongkhag coordinator, Karma Choki, said, “In the primary round, people from Khoma voted for DPT and BKP because the candidates were from Khoma gewog.

DPT will win again in the general round because people who voted for BKP will vote for DPT.”

She said, “On the other hand, DNT is also in a strong position because the DNT candidate is from Gangzur gewog and from eight gewogs in Lhuentse, Gangzur has the highest population.”

“People from Kurtoe voted for PDP in the primary round as the candidate was from there. In the finals, Kurtoe votes will be divided between DPT and DNT, and the party which gets the highest votes from Kurtoe will win,“ she added.

DNT’s dzongkhag coordinator, Karma, said, “DNT won from Gangzur Minjey in the primary round, and we are confident that DNT will win in finals too. Even in Maenbi Tsaenkhar, DNT can win the seat with some support from PDP.”

He said, “The only reason why DNT won in the primary and why it should win in the general is because people wanted change, they feel that government should change every five years. Also, DNT’s president and DNT’s doable pledges are the other strong reasons.”

Maenbi Tsaenkhar

DPT won after securing a total of 1,951 votes followed by DNT with 1,620 votes. PDP secured 1,216 votes and BKP got 440 votes.

DPT’s candidate, Choki Gyeltshen, said, “In the primary round, the postal ballot votes played an important role, but in general round, EVM votes will make the difference. PDP secured 700 votes from EVM and BKP got 200 votes. A total of 900 EVM votes of two parties will decide the election results.”

He said, “Nowadays, voters are well informed and educated and will make the right choice. They know about parties’ pledges and their capabilities too.”

DNT candidate, Tshering Phuntsho, said, “Both the parties have equal chances of winning in the general election. I feel that DPT won in the primary round, not because DPT is a strong party or it has strong supporters, but people did not want PDP to win, and in their effort to get rid of PDP, they voted for DPT.”

He said, “DNT is confident that it shall form the government, in fact people feel that they need a new party like, DNT to form the government and DPT will best serve as the Opposition.”

The DNT candidate said PDP and BKP voters play an important role in deciding the results. “PDP will vote for us and PDP votes will not be counted as votes if they vote for DPT because of the PDP versus DPT factor.”

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