DNT and PDP in Chukha

Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) performed well in the two constituencies in Chukha. In Phuentsholing constituency, DNT secured the highest votes at 2,685 votes (2,167 EVM + 578 PB), People’s Democratic Party (PDP) came second with 2,364 votes (2,012 EVM + 352 PB) Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) secured 938 votes (832 EVM + 151 PB), and Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party (BKP) secured 801 votes (685 EVM + 116 PB).

PDP secured the highest votes from the Bongo Chapcha constituency. PDP candidate, Dawa Gyeltshen, the former Home Minister, helped secure 4,413 votes (3,188 EVM + 1,225 PB) Similarly, DNT secured 3,139 votes (2,100 EVM + 1,039 PB), DPT secured 1,273 votes (847 EVM + 426 PB) and BKP with 822 votes (542 EVM + 280 PB).

DNT candidate from Bongo Chapcha, Tshewang Lhamo, said that the responsibility to choose the right party falls on the people.

“I believe people will definitely make a right choice to elect a party or candidates who they believe is right for the country. DNT will always fight with the mission and vision of narrowing the gap,” she added.

In addition, she also said that DNT’s top two priorities at the constituency level are maintenance of the existing farm roads and to find more market for the goods produced by the farmers. “We will also pledge to make the health facilities more convenient and with better facilities,” she added.

Meanwhile, the PDP candidate, former Home Minister, Dawa Gyeltshen, said that the people made their own choice, and one must consider it as a good choice when it comes to democracy. “I am very happy with the support I got from my people. I think I won in both the elections (2013 and 2018) because I did and gave my best for the people and country. I was with them like an ordinary man, and may be this is why they share their suffering, and in return I gave my best during my tenure,” he added. “I wish both the parties the best of luck.”

Dawa Gyeltshen said that his vote goes for the party that serves people and country with full dedication and with no differentiation, and can save the country’s security.

An 88-year-old voter from Langnyelsa, Chapcha, Damchoe Dem, said that being a Bhutanese citizen she has been voting since 2008 elections without fail.

“I stay in Thimphu, but I always come to vote, and I will always come in future if I stay healthy. I watch BBS which is why I am able to identify all the party logos and their pledges,” she added. She also said that she was excited for the poll day, however, she couldn’t cast her vote this time as her name was registered for postal ballot, which she was not made aware of and it has left her disheartened.

“I don’t know much about democracy but I surely know that whichever party it may be, they are working hard for better development of the country,” she added.

A 68-year-old voter from Bjabchho gewog, Zeko Dukpa, said that he has been voting for different parties since 2008 elections. “All their pledges cannot be achieved at the end of their terms, however, they give their best to fulfill all their pledges. I appreciate all the parties who have served as both ruling and opposition,” he added.

He said he is always excited to see what new changes come with each party. He said the campaigning period is an enriching time for the voters as it gives them the knowledge and time to compare the different party manifestos and pledges, to make informed choices.

Similarly, Basan Maya Mongar, 60, from Takthan, Darla is an enthusiastic voter. She had to walk for two hours to get to her polling station. She said, “I did not miss a single election even though I did not know much on importance of the election in the past and with language barrier. Now with time and education, I know the importance, and this is why I came to use my voting right to choose the best.” She added that watching BBS debates among candidates has helped to judge the candidates and make informed decision.

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