DNT brings forth another eight strong candidates

Yesterday, Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) revealed their second group of candidates. Like the earlier eight candidates, the eight new candidates belong to highly qualified backgrounds with strong professional experience. The DNT website was also launched today, dedicated to the Bhutanese youth

DNT’s first eight candidates were revealed just after a week of its registration as a political party with the Election Commission of Bhutan.


Dorji Choden Thrimshing Kangpara
Dorji Choden Thrimshing Kangpara

Dorji Choden

Dorji Choden is the first DNT woman candidate revealed so far. She will be contesting from Thrimshing-Kangpara constituency under Trashigang Dzongkhag.

Although her political career in the first election was short-lived, she again decided to join politics with the intention of taking forward Bhutan’s young democracy towards an inclusive, healthy and clean one.

“I strongly believe that Social Democratic approach is the one which embraces inclusive participation and growth, leaving no one behind. And at the same time promotes individual goals and free enterprise,” she said.

She added that DNT is grounded on the long term vision of ensuring continued participation in the democratic process.

Dorji Choden who was the former commissioner of ACC believes that democracy should strengthen the rule of law, reduce corruption, enhance inclusiveness and participation; and promote teamwork and shared leadership.

“I believe that the ultimate aim of the political structures and the systems is to achieve good governance; and the country’s peace, security and prosperity hinges so much on good governance,” she added.

Kamal Dan Chamling Pagili-Samtse
Kamal Dan Chamling Pagili-Samtse


Kamal Dan Chamling

Another candidate revealed yesterday was Kamal Dan Chamling, who will contest from Pagli constituency under Samtse Dzongkhag.

Kamal with a Masters in General Forestry from Indra Gandhi National Forest Academy in Dehradun, India decided to join politics to serve the Nation through his own ‘small contribution’.

He thinks new times demands for new people and new ideas and it’s time Bhutanese see new people who can lead with new ideas.

“In an under developed country like ours, it is important to treat each individual equally. We still need to work on the ever widening gap between the rich and the poor,” he said.

Kamal is a pioneer of Scientific Forestry Management Plan


Karma Dorji NganglamKarma Dorji

Karma Dorji the technical IT software developer believes in logical policies that should have an outcome that is known.

“No policies or rules should bring the outcome which is not known before hand, and turns out to bring a totally undesired outcome,” he said.

He will be contesting from the Nganglam Constituency under Pemagatshel dzongkhag. He has a Masters in Information Technology from the Curtin University of Technology from Perth, Australia.

He joined DNT since he was motivated by the party’s ideology, its team and the leadership of the party.

His experiences in the private sector has made him believe that the private sector has a major role in improving the economy and addressing many problems.

The major one, he says,  is the unemployment issue which can be tackled by bringing changes in policies and rules, towards a positive private sector development.


lobzang Tenzin Bumdeling-JamkharLobzang Tenzin

Lobzang Tenzin the former commanding officer of the Signal Company at Lungtenphu, Thimphu will contest from Bumdeling-Jamkhar constituency under Trashigang Dzongkhag.

Being in the military service for the last 32 years, he finally realized that his duty to serve the King, country and people did not end there. “I had much more to owe the country for all that it has given me in the 57 years of my existence,” he said.

He decided to join DNT because of the party’s ideology and because he believes in the equality among people.

“I think it is important to treat each and everyone around equally. No one is more superior to the other,” he said.


Nima Tshering (Sipsu)
Nima Tshering (Sipsu)

Nima Tshering

Nima Tshering, an educationist will be contesting from Sipsu Constituency under Samtse Dzongkhag.

He has got a Masters Degree from Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts.

“I would like to work closely with the people and local government in indentifying people’s needs in developing plans to address them,” he said.

He feels that people know what they want and they are ready to work towards making their life better. Therefore, he thinks the leaders have to listen carefully, look at the world through the eyes of the common people and act in simple but effective ways.

He said it is the time for new people with new ideas to come forward to usher in new times.



Mani K Pradhan Ugyentse-YoeseltseMani K. Pradhan

Is also the first IT graduate involved in creating awareness and promoting computer programs in the country since 1983. Mani K. Pradhan will be contesting from Ugyentse-Yoeseltse constituency under Samtse.

He worked in the government as the head of Computer Support Center for more than 12 years and during his tenure he was also National Project Director of the IT project called ‘Introduction to microcomputers in Bhutan’.

Having worked for both the civil service as well as private sector, he feels that he is ready to join politics and strengthen democracy. He joined DNT because of the party’s far sighted vision for the country and also because of the talented and experienced members in it.

“I think it’s not just the development activities that need focus but also a lot of social issues that needs to be addressed,” he said.


Norbu Wangchuk Kanglung-Samkhar-UdzorongNorbu Wangchuk

Norbu Wangchuk, (43), one of the founding members of DNT, who has 20 years of working experience in various sectors, will be contesting from Kanglung-Samkhar-Udzorong constituency under Trashigang.

He graduated from Sherubtse College and did his PGCE in Samtse and worked as a Senior. Lecturer in Royal Institute of Management (RIM) for five years.

“I am entering politics with an open mind, willing to listen and work on the collective wisdom to come out with creative solutions,” he said.

He said “Democracy should not make us competitors for power but should unite us as partners for the nation’s progress”.

He also believes that “everybody is a born leader” adding with an innate potential to lead and “given an opportunity and the right conditions, the leadership flower should blossom”.


Pelzang Wangchuk Jomotshangkha-MartshalaPelzang Wangchuk

Pelzang Wangchuk, 55, who contested in the first parliamentary elections in 2008, will be contesting again from Jomotshangkha-Martshala under SamdrupJongkhar Dzongkhag.

He studied BSc from St Edmund’s College in Shillong, India and has a post graduate in Rural Development in Pune and Masters in Resources Management from International Training Centre in Netherlands.

Though he is contesting for the second time, he said “I am more anxious because today I feel people are more sensible and are calculative about who they are going to vote for”. He added that “With the emergence of more political parties this time, it is more challenging and I am looking forward to it.” He chose to join DNT because of he felt this party is all set to bring about a lot of changes with new ideas.

He started his career as a Program Officer at His Majesty’s Royal Secretariat and later joined the Ministry of Agriculture in 1986.


Thinley Wangmo & Tashi Deki /  Thimphu


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  2. I think that DNT is trying to emerge as the most successful party besides DPT. However, the problem with all new parties is the weakness of their leadership. I wish they find better leaders.

  3. Bumdeling-Jamkhar constituency under Trashigang Dzongkhag??????? CONFUSED!

  4. Contest from Bumdeling -Jamkhar constituency under Trashigang Dzongkhag?????????? small error, surely make big difference 

  5. Hey “Bhutanese” how do you define “Strong Candidates”…. ?
    Anyway DNT has some candidates, keep looking…

  6. this just shows how biased this paper is and it shows this paper is supporting DNT. How can they say strong and brainwash our voters. Let people decide who is strong or weak!!!

  7. Most of the DNT candidates are former PDP candidates or member. I really have doubt why these people leave PDP and has to form another party. How can the public judge the commitment these candidates put in to the party in particular and to the nation in particular?  Looks like, some of these candidates are looking for the yellow scarf, my opinion!

  8. I have a doubt why PDP candidates joined DNT ? It is also question of integrity…Why they have to leave their party and join other. Looks selfish…

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