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Kinley Dorji

Kinley Dorji for Radhi-Sakteng constituency, Trashigang

A former Director of Department of Human Resources, under Ministry of Labor and Human Resources (MoLHR), he resigned to join Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT).

The 61-year old has a Masters in Educational Administration from the University of New England, NSW, Australia and a Bachelor of Arts from Punjab University, Chandigarh, India. He did his Indian Certificate of Secondary Examination from Sherubtse Public School, Kanglung in 1974.

“Democracy for me would be to be with the people to facilitate and support their aspirations for the well being of the community and the nation at large,” said Kinley Dorji who received a Certificate of Appreciation for his 33 years of dedicated service to the Royal Government of Bhutan from the Chairman, Royal Civil Service Commission.

He served as the Executive Director of Bhutan Narcotic Control Agency and also as the Director of Department of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education from 2004 to 2006.

“DNT is made up of well-balanced group of representatives in terms of age, experience and knowledge coming from humble backgrounds. I have full trust and confidence that Nyamrup will strive to serve for the well-being of the people and the nation with dedicated Nyamrup spirit at all times to come,” said Kinley Dorji






Tenzin LekphellTenzin Lekphell for Bartsham-Shongphu, Trashigang

He is one of the founders of DNT. Before he became the CEO of Institute of Management Studies (IMS), one of the premier private management institutes in the country, he was the Chief Labor Officer in the Department of Labor.

He has a Masters of Science in Agriculture Economics from University of London, UK and a BSc from Sherubtse College, Kanglung. He started his civil service career as a Planning Officer in the agriculture ministry in 1995.

“To end well we must start well. Our journey of democracy has just begun and it’s very important that we nurture it and together put it on the right path,” said Tenzin Lekphell who was also a militia officer in Royal Bhutan Army from 1990 till 1995. “I am worried and afraid that our democracy, gifted by our Kings, could be controlled by the few influential and the powerful and that it may not result in the way our Kings have envisioned. As a citizen it’s a huge responsibility to join politics and contribute in whatever way we can. If we don’t then who will?”





Tashi for Drujeygang-Tseza constituency, Dagana

Thirty year old Tashi has a Bachelor of Computer Applications from Manipal University, Sikkim, India. He is a self-employed construction entrepreneur.

Having lived in his village in Dagana, he understands the hard and difficult village life and the problems the people in the villages face.

“Since graduation, I have worked and lived in my village and saw that unless one is playing active role in politics, one is just a spectator and cannot make a difference for the people at grassroots level,” said Tashi. If elected, he wishes to uplift the poor people in his constituency through practical policies and implementation.

“Nyamrup means a shared responsibility and in the spirit of Nyamrup I am sure that we can make some difference for our King, country and the people.”








Jigme LhendupJigme Lhendup for Bji-Katsho-Eusu, Haa

28 year old Jigme says “I am comfortable where I am and with what I am doing, but I believe that there is a greater cause as a citizen of a nation and much more as a newly emerging democratic nation.”

He has a bachelor’s degree in International business from Rangsit University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Jigme Lhendup has worked in the tourism sector managing a travel agent. He also worked in the automobile industry and in the construction sector.

“Working in tourism industry has taught me that engagement with local communities at the grassroots level provide greater and richer cultural and traditional insights into our nation,” Jigme Lhendup said. “And for us too, as a citizen I have realized we must go to our villages to understand and experience our own country. Then only we would know how best to serve our people in our own individual way.”







Tshering Dhendup for Goenkhamey-Lunana, Gasa

The 30 year old graduate in Bachelor of Arts (Buddhist studies) was a Dzongkha teacher at Rinchen High school for seven years. Before that he taught at Jigme Namgyel Lower Secondary School in Motithang.

He left his job to pursue politics because he truly believes that the sacred constitution expects every citizen to make a difference for the nation

“I chose to join DNT because of its political ideology the core of which is to strengthen democracy and promote the ideas of freedom, social justice, and solidarity with the disadvantaged.  The team spirit in which the group works inspired me and attracted me to the party,” said Tshering.

He aspires to improve transport facilities to ease the living conditions of the people in the constituency.



Phuntsho NamgayPhuntsho Namgay for Chumey-Ura, Bumthang

Phuntsho Namgay, 27 has a Bachelors degree in commerce from Bangalore University.

Since graduation, he worked on several construction projects notably the Gongfu-Panbhang road, Nangar-Ura bypass road, construction of Pemachholing nunnery in Tang, construction of BHU grade II, and construction of Nganglam highway. He was responsible for the overall supervision and execution of these projects.

“My experience in the construction industry has given me the privilege of coming into contact with rural life,” Phuntsho Namgay said. “I have lived for months in the remote areas, where at times you have to literally collect rain water for cooking.”

“Although I still have much to learn and experience, living in some of the most remote parts of our country under very harsh working conditions has given me incredible insights of the things that has to be worked on. I have seen why it is essential to provide the gift of education. I believe that education will make the difference and must be the foundation of every society.”







Sonam DendupSonam Dendup for Nanong-Shumar, Pemagatshel

Sonam Dendup, 26 has a Bachelors de gree in Commerce with a major in Human Resource Management from Gaeddu College of Business Studies.

“I am not here to compete with anybody but to learn and experience. Though I am young, even by coming out as a candidate I believe that I am contributing to our democracy which we got as a gift from our Kings,” he said

He said politics should be about the people and our nation, not about winning or losing.







Sangay PhurbaSangay Phurba for Kabji-Talo, Punakha

The Executive Director of the Guide Association of Bhutan (GAB), said “Joining politics is a huge decision and a responsibility. Ultimately I realized that today is the right time to join politics because I care about life and when I talk about life I am also talking about the life of our nation.”

He spent his entire working life in the tourism sector. After his graduation from Sherubtse College in Bachelors of Commerce he started his career as a freelance guide and later became General Manager of Lhomen Tours and Trekking Company.

In his 20 years of career in tourism he lead many important tour groups in the country and represented Bhutan in seminars and conferences all over the world.

He was also a guest lecturer on tour guiding at the Royal Institute of Tourism and Hospitality in Thimphu.

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  1. Heads to fill up a gap and to fulfill requirements to contest for election. Political play and politics have all surprises… this is a pure sign that we have too many parties and this is unhealthy. Everyone vying for whatsoever MPs’ are entitled. Whole IMS gangs are in DNT… I am surprised to see their CEO as well and not to mention… we have Dasho KD. May be Dasho is confident for Blue Kabney as speaker is now in political trap set by this paper and other cunning people.  Let’s see who win and who lose. We really want to see this political league cum knock out match. 

    • “speaker is now in political trap set by this paper and other cunning people” please think twice before u make such statements….. Speaker is convicted my court of law….and not by any people… If u r referring ACC as cunning people… then I guess u r your self a corrupt crook……be careful… there will also a trap set for you…ANy ways cheers..:)

  2. Long live appa kinley….May god bless u for bringing up tobacco act under your kind guidance and leadership .

  3. Mr.Kinley Dorji jailed monk . Radhi and Sakteng public will not vote for him.

    • its Not Kinley Dorji who jailed the Monk.. Its the senseless law made by DPT majority parliament that jailed not only Monks but many innocent and humble people….. Lhaksam, I hope you are getting my point. Cheers…..:)

  4. KD, got certificate of appreciation from Thinlay jamtsho…. surprising !!!! both are of same feather… we can understand, audit his foreign trips while he was in Youth and BNCA, people will know how sincere and good for people he is.

  5. DNT Will regret to include KD as member, we hate him because he ruined several house due to his short sight brain by bringing up Tabbaco laws. He is the founder. DNT, HE IS NOT ASSET he is gone be liability..

    • I think you need to understand little more about the process of law making…Single individual like Kinley Dorji do not have the scope of enacting a whole law. its the Parliament that reviews and then enacts the bills so submitted……so before you wag your tongue, please do some research and fact finding…….

      If you are a smoker, i probably think you will realize the good job done by people like apa Kinley on your death bed……..

  6. how popular is he in Radi? No so much. DNT is desperate for candidates. their recent candidates shows that. Initially I thought they are good but now I have doubt about their ability and capability to run the country. Just do not fill in to work up the numbers but look for quality candidates. take time and have patience. Now PDPs candidates are looking even more stronger. Anyway best of luck.

    • If arrogant DPT has run the Govt with with full of corruption, what makes u think that these people are incapable…..I think given a chance,, these people might even do better than those seasoned corrupt crooks……..So Mr. Wisdom, Lets not make any premature judgement at this time… Sem-chen Tag ge remo Chelay, Guna me ge remo nanglay….I am sure U have heard this saying…….Cheers…:)

  7. M sure he has not gone to Radhi for the last many years. If he goes now for the votes no one will recognize him except few elderly folks!

  8. Who has removed photo of Kinley Dorji, was it removed on his request? Otherwise he looked elderly among fresh aspirants as if vying for Minister,s post. Cheers!

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