DNT dominates in Thimphu and Paro


The president of the Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT), Lotay Tshering, won from South Thimphu by a huge margin after securing a total of 3,662 votes (849 PB+ 2,813 EVM), while DPT’s candidate, Kinley Tshering, secured a total of 1,978 votes (312 PB + 1,666 EVM) a difference of 1,684 votes.

Lotay Tshering said that DNT is more concerned and worried at times with the huge responsibility it must now shoulder.

He said DNT is going to work for the people and country with full dedication. “The result wasn’t surprising as we were confident that we’ll get full support from the people of Bhutan.”

He added that DNT’s victory is a typical example of working as a strong team, where every person is equally involved in taking the party to where it stands today.

“We didn’t have any special strategy that won the heart of people, maybe our manifesto and our vision of narrowing the gap must have captured the voters’ attention because we would like to shift the developmental paradigm henceforth,” the DNT President said.

He further added, “I am happy with the winning members, but I will be much happier if the two core members, Tenzin Lekphell from Bartsham-Shongphu and Karma Dorji from Nanglam were also on board today, that would be a dream come true.”

DPT’s Kinley Tshering said that the people voted for change and favored DNT based on their manifesto and pledges. “People mainly wanted to give opportunity to the new party, so that they can make a better choice in the next election.”

DNT’s Dechen Wangmo won from North Thimphu after securing a total of 2,276 votes (457 PB +1819 EVM), while DPT’s Lily Wangchuk lost after securing a total of 2,102 votes (370 PB + 1732 EVM), with a difference of 174 votes.

Dechen Wangmo said that her win is credited to the good team effort shown by the party members. “I don’t think I would have been able to win without the effort from every party member. I feel that people of North Thimphu voted mainly to witness change and DNT was really able to connect with the people with our slogan of narrowing the gap.”

She also attributed her victory to the party leadership that has touched the lives of people all across the country.


DNT’s Namgay Tshering won after securing a total of 4,155 votes (940 PB + 3,215 EVM) while the DPT candidate, Chencho Dorji, secured a total of 2,112 votes (342 PB + 1,770 EVM).

Namgay Tshering said that the people mainly wanted to witness change which is why they elected DNT to form the government. “I think people have more trust towards DNT and since democracy is young in Bhutan, people felt that an opportunity must be given to the new party for a better choice.” DNT candidate, Ugyen Tshering, won after securing a total of 3,566 votes from Lamgong-Wangchang constituency, while the DPT candidate, Phub Tshering, secured a total of 3,496 votes (661 PB + 2835 EVM).

Ugyen Tshering said that DNT’s pledges and manifesto were very effective and people found it realistic. Moreover, he said that party’s teamwork played a major role in securing a strong foundation of the party and the members.

“Our president went round and made sure that the party was always on the loop and made our mission known to every corner of the country. Personally, I was a former NC member during the 2008 election and I also contested during the second parliamentary election. Thus, I was a familiar face amongst the people and that paid off too,” said Ugyen Tshering.

DPT’s Phub Tshering said that although he won by the EVM votes, he said he lost because of the postal votes.

“Another factor I think is because PDP and DNT worked together after the primary round asking the PDP supporters to vote for DNT,” said Phub Tshering.

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