DNT elects President and Vice President in a big convention

With 1,126 votes, Dr Lotay was voted by Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa as its president. A total of 1,155 people at the party general assembly voted. More than 1,000 other participants at the assembly, who were not members of the party, could not vote.

Dasho Sherab Gyeltshen secures 1,086 “yes” votes of the total 1,158 cast to become the DNT vice president.

His Majesty’s National Day address was screened at the assembly for the participants to serve as an inspiration for the participants at the DNT convention.

Having served in various capacities in the civil service, Dasho Sherab Gyeltshen brings to the party more than 30 years of administrative and legal experience.

“For trusting me with this responsibility despite my old age and limited qualification, I would like to thank all of you supporters here today.” Dasho Sherab Gyeltshen said, “This trust you repose on me, will be a boost for me towards fulfilling your aspirations and that of the nation.”

King, people and country, Dasho Sherab said were the three permanent institutions we must never forget.

Dasho Sherab expressed reservations over adoption of political culture and practices within the region and the world-over that does not bode well for a Buddhist nation like Bhutan.

“We have His Majesty the King to look up to and the fourth Druk Gyalpo, if we do so, there will never arise a time where we should worry about going wrong at any point of time in our lives,” said Dr Lotay Tshering.

“Dasho Sherab is like a parent at DNT, likewise for all of us across the country and we seek your guidance in this process as we venture into it together,” he added.

“Just having interest in politics is not good enough, neither is the ability to speak eloquently, or wealth alone, we need knowledge, good intent for the country’s long term and the acumen to meet these aspirations,” Dr Lotay Tshering

“I’m not your candidate of choice if what you wish to hear is my saying that I alone can govern, alone solve the many issues facing the country and lead the people towards a common vision for the nation. That would be a lie,” said Dr Lotay.

“When a party has clear aspirations, drawn in keeping with people at the heart of it; when a party has a dedicated and competent group of people as its candidates, when a party has committed people in the background working day in and out to beat all the challenges, and when a party has such overwhelming support from you all, who would not want to be its president?” Dr Lotay Tshering added.

He said that so long as a political party has sound aspirations that identifies with its people and has a vision it wishes to take its country to, political parties should be given the opportunity to serve its nation and its people.

“I have looked into the health policy and several other policies the country has and I believe it is about time we revise some of these policies in keeping with the time and needs of the people.” Dr Lotay said.

“For instance, taking it from my medical experience, we still have people being referred here, travelling for days over roads that least favour patient travel and by the time we attend to them, most often it is almost always past any intervention.”

“Why can’t we have policies that favour average Bhutanese too? Why can’t farmers have access to the same medicines and medical treatment that are available to a few today? Why not have a policy that requires health specialists, likewise even decision makers, take services to the people instead,” asked Dr Lotay, drawing a cheer from the crowd.

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