DNT finalizes it slogan as “Hope, Continuity & Change

Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa in a press release issued on 31 December, 2012 said that it has finalized its official slogan as “Hope, Continuity & Change.”

“As a celebration to welcome the New Year 2013, we would like to release our official slogan,” said the release.

“We stand for hope.It said that every journey begins with hope.,” said the release. “Hope gives us strength and courage. We believe those who were left behind must also see hope for a better future. The flame of hope should never go out,” said the DNT release.

Explaining continuity the DNT release said, “We believe good policies and practices of the past that still serve the purpose must be continued. For example, due to our geographic reality, a policy such as Indo-Bhutan friendship must withstand the test of time.”

DNT said that policies that need to keep up with changing times must be improved with change. For example, due to Bhutan’s demographic reality, policy such as youth issues must change with time.

“In Nyamrup spirit, let’s light up our hopes for better Bhutan,” said the release.

The party, in an earlier interview had said that Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa is a party founded on ideology and aspirations in common with the people. It is definitely not based on one individual personality. It is formed in Nyamrup spirit, that politics like all national undertakings is a shared project. All democratic institutions like the bureaucracy, judiciary, constitutional bodies, local governments, civil society and media houses must have power and capability to share this goal of democracy. “All as one, we can and we will make a visible difference in the lives of our people,” said DNT.

The party had stated that it was on the profound principles of social democracy in Freedom, Justice, and Solidarity.

DNT General Secretary, Dr. Tandin Dorji, had earlier said that Nyamrup is working on the strength of its professional candidates and a team to make a difference.

DNT was the last party to apply for registration with the Election Commission of Bhutan on 10th December.

It had recently been asked to resubmit the document with minor editorial clarifications and corrections on terminology of the charter.

DNT also had submitted a list of 15 candidates but the ECB had asked the party to submit at least 50% of the candidates list. DNT had already submitted all the necessary clarifications.

Recently the DNT had also announced its interim-President as, Dasho Jigme Zangpo, a former high court Judge but it will have elections to finalize its President.

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