DNT gathers force, will register soon

The Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) has formally completed the party charter and confirmed 31 candidates and has start works on the party manifesto which comprises seven points.

The party spoke person Norbu Wangchuk, who currently works as a consultant and instructor at Institute of Management Studies (IMS) said, “We have more than 40 candidates but we cannot disclose their identity due to various circumstances”.

Norbu Wangchuk said that DNT will register itself with the ECB by September if not, then definitely by October so the DNT can start works formally. The party is currently on the hunt for a President to lead the party.

“We have not given up and we will not give up because we do not have anyone else in our mind other than the president who has the highest integrity, perfect record and proven his leadership,” said Norbu Wangchuk.

The DNT’s seven plus point for the manifesto which they call as a contract with the people of Bhutan to address the major issues grounded with the present reality will be basically to do it differently and improve the illness of present scenario.

“We will ensure means to improve the economy where Bhutanese can dream big and make their dreams come true” said the spokesperson. DNT will intervene on the material wellbeing so that Bhutanese can prosper but will stick to old ideas while incorporating new thoughts.

“At present the economy of the country is not going well but DNT will manage the system differently thus taking it to greater height,” said the spoke person

The party will focus on the preservation and promotion of the culture since culture redefines the nation, DNT is planning to look at different angles like use of social medium like films, folk dance.

Creating a society that does not go unduly poor where social justice are rendered will also be part DNT’s manifesto taking into consideration the 23% poverty rate at present.

The message Dr. Tandi Dorji of DNT passed through a Radio valley 99.9 fm program was “Do not shy away from politics, be involved and be the cause for the change”.

Lekey Dorji a core member said DNT is not here to win though winning is important, “the party is here to make the difference”.

A DNT news release says DNT has been established in response to the need to uphold a vibrant multi-party democracy and to deepen the process of democracy in Bhutan by offering a choice to political ideologies and fostering comprehensive democratic governance.

The woman strategy will be done by five days from now, since women form an important component in the society.

“Women-friendly policies will be framed so that they will have better atmosphere to work” said the spokesperson.  DNT’s Youth strategy will be completed in the next ten days and a media wing will be formed mainly to disseminate party information to the public using various forms of communication.

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  1. haha what a joke by a party which is the reincarnation of the PDP. PPl like lekey dorji and norbu wangchu of IMS trying to lead the country: give me a break…

    • Haha, you mean lekey dorji, that joker on the Social Democracy in Bhutan site who is giving moral lectures to everyone that would care to listen, just a hand full, I think. Now I know where to go if I want to ROFL.

  2. I think it is a new party and not the reincarnation of PDP. Just because Dr. Tandin and Mr. Lekey are there that doesnot qualify to say that DNT is the reincarnation of PDP. Who said Mr. Lekey and Mr. Norbu are going to lead the country. They are party members like any DPT MP. Do you think DPT useless MPs are leading the country? It is the cabinet ministers. If DNT has capable minister candidate and president, they can lead a country. Infact, we should support and encourage new parties, be it DNT, Druk Meser T etc etc.

    • We do not need parties formed by people with sinister agenda. And people who are hunting for jobs to secure their own pockets. Dr. Tandin Dorji would have served best as a clinician in the hospital to many needy children. Lekey Dorji instead of wasting his education would have served best ??? Well I don’t know, he did not do anything good when he was in the Post, what good he’d do in the government. Of course he is aiming for the patang and kabney or whatever. DNT of course is another version of PDP, I think these people knew that there is a high risk of PDP getting disqualified. 

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