DNT makes a clean sweep in Dagana, Tsirang and Sarpang

Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) has marked its victory in the primary round with 92,722 votes. The party garnered votes from various regions of Bhutan which led to the party’s win.

The party dominated votes in the southern region. DNT has won in all the six constituencies in the three southern dzongkhags of Dagana, Tsirang and Sarpang.


In Tsirang, DNT stood winner both in terms of Postal Ballot votes (PB) and Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) in both of the constituencies. Tsirang has total of 23,696 registered voters of which 14,748 voters turned out, making it 62.2 percentage of voter turnout.

DNT has secured 5,779 total votes from Tsirang followed by People’s Democratic Party (PDP) with 4,761 votes from both the constituency, while Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) stood third and Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party (BKP) came in fourth.

Kilkhorthang-Mendrelgang has a total of 7,604 voters of which 3,073 votes went to DNT and 2,352 votes for PDP. It is followed by 1,419 votes for DPT and 760 for BKP.

The other constituency Sergithang-Tsirang-toed favored DNT. The total voter turnout from the constituency was 7,144 out of which 2,706 voted for DNT.

DNT’s candidates from the two constituencies stated similar views on the party’s appeal to the voters. They are confident that PDP and BKP supporters will favor DNT in the general round.

“They will definitely go for DNT because our manifesto is significantly better than other parties, and we represent change,” said Kilkhorthang-Mendrelgang candidate, Bimal Thapa.


DNT acquired the maximum votes in both the constituencies in Dagana. There are 24,570 total registered voters in Dagana from 14 gewogs. Out of which 22,134 voted, making it the highest voter turnout with 90.08 percent among southern dzongkhags.

DNT secured total of 9,199 votes from Dagana. Second highest vote count was acquired by PDP with 7,656 votes from the two constituency. DPT scored 2,900 total votes while BKP scored 2,379 votes.

DNT secured 3,639 votes though EVM and 2,425 PB votes in Drukjyegang-Tseza constituency while the party secured 1,925 votes through EVM and 1,210 through PB in Lhamoizingkha-Tashiding constituency.

The second winner in the dzongkhag, PDP secured 3,631 EVM and 1,531 PB in Drukjyegang-Tseza constituency while the party secured 1,822 EVM votes and 698 PB in Lhamoi Dzingkha- Tashiding constituency.

DPT secured total of 2,026 votes and followed by BKP with 1,745 votes in Drukjyegang-Tseza. DPT secured a total of 874 votes in Lhamoi Dzingkha-Tashiding followed by BKP with 634. BKP managed to pull in a total of 712 PB and DPT had 1,367 PB in both constituencies vote count.


Sarpang has 30,183 registered voters of which 17,242 voters are based in Gelephu constituency and 12,941 in the Sompangkha constituency. The voter turnout was almost 62 percent from the dzongkhag.

Out of the total of 8,115 valid votes cast in Shompangkha constituency, DNT secured 3,271 votes followed by PDP with 2,519 votes. DPT with 1,342 votes and BKP with 983 votes in the constituency. The voter turnout from the constituency was 8,115 out of 12,941 registered voters.

In Gelephu constituency, DNT secured 3,488 votes followed by DPT which secured 3,368 votes in the constituency. The voter turnout was 10,758 out of 17,242 registered voters in the constituency.

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