DNT opens 2nd regional office in Trashigang

The Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) party has opened its second regional office in the eastern district of Trashigang to create space for people in the east to visit and share their concerns.

The party’s general secretary, Tenzin Lekphell, said the office would strengthen the party and Nyamrup’s ‘People’s manifesto’.

He said Trashigang was chosen for its regional office as it is not only one of the largest dzongkhags but is also located in the centre with easy access to the other eastern dzongkhags.  “The location of the regional office is a step towards the Party’s focus in the East prior to developing its manifesto,” he said, “The Party intends to bridge the growing gap and to include major development towards rapidly developing the East.”

“This regional office will be run by a seven member committee of Trashigangpas and supported by a secretary. They will meet every month, discuss issues and concerns of the east and act as bridge between people of Trashigang and DNT head office,” Tenzin lekphell said.

Tenzin Lekphell said party workers from across eastern Bhutan would consult with people in their respective constituencies and submit concerns, provide information and make suggestions through the regional office to the party head office in Thimphu. “This is intended to make decision making transparent and democratic within the Party. It hopes to set example by building a political institution that practices democratic making decision starting from the grassroots,” he said.

During the opening the party president, Dr Tandi Dorji, raised concerns on the divisions created by politics and the need to be unified as one people. He said there is a need to secure the future and the way to do that is by working together. “Securing our Future: Together we Can,” he said.  He reminded party workers on Bhutan’s unique democracy and the fact that it was a ‘Democratic Constitutional Monarchy’.

The party consulted workers in understanding concerns such as unemployment, goongtom, and markets for farmers, and the bad condition of roads. Hundreds of party workers from the six eastern districts and more than 350 people that included businesspersons, well-wishers, civil servants and other local people offered their wishes during the opening ceremony.

To mark the ninth Coronation day, DNT members prayed for His Majesty’s health and wellbeing. “We also shared Nyamrup’s mission, which is to lift the poorer society and narrowing the gap between rich and poor. The Party consulted with the people to understand their major concerns to include it in Nyamrup’s People Manifesto,” a news release said.

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