DNT pledges ‘heart, soul and strength to save the future from corruption’, DCT will live to save Bhutan

aaa“Corruption not only destroys the moral fabric and the core value structure of the society, it is also a pervasive threat to the rule of law. It erodes the spirit of democracy,” pledged Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) an aspiring political party against corruption by signing the ACC pledge book yesterday at the office of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

DNT believes that corruption in any form will not be ‘tolerated’. “It is widely accepted around the world that corruption has large costs for economic development. Studies have also found a strong relationship among corruption, income inequality, and poverty,” stated the DNT news release.

In its pledge against corruption, “DNT will put their ‘heart, soul and strength’ to save our shared future from corruption”.

Sources in ACC, Public Education Department says that the final analysis will be stipulated within this week.

The Druk Chirwang Tshogpa (DCT), another aspiring party in the current mold of democratic developments did not make it to the pledge signing on the day, but the party’s interim president said DCT is without question all for zero-corruption.

“Corruption weakens our democracy and trust in our leaders. Corruption affects every Bhutanese! We all need to get involved – for the sake of both current and many generations to follow. The best way to stop corruption is for all of us to take a stand by signing the ACC initiated pledge book against corruption. DCT will be signing the pledge book to show our commitment towards rooting out corruption from our country,” said Lily Wangchhuk, the DCT interim president.

The DCT pledge is inscribed as follows: “The members of Druk Chirwang Tshogpa are united in our common goal of combating corruption and remain steadfast in fighting and rooting out corruption from our country. As a party formed to serve the Nation with our best efforts and intention that will uphold integrity and honor, we believe that we owe it to the people of this country to take up the good fight and to see justice done.  We will strive to put into action an accountable and transparent system of governance that works for the good of all people. Our genuine commitment to our country and its people is unwavering”.

The DCT pledge further promises to tread all grounds “dedicated and honest in the conduct of public affairs in a manner worthy of responsibility”. While on the chosen path DCT pledged not to misuse positions of power to earn favors or give favors. This as explained would address the root cause of all corruption in Bhutan by correcting the systems and policies.

“We pledge to end corruption, we pledge to save Bhutan, we pledge to protect Bhutan, we pledge to live for Bhutan. Our genuine commitment to our country and its people is unwavering. We rededicate ourselves to serve Tsa-Wa-Sum with absolute loyalty and dedication!” said Lily Wangchhuk finishing the lines to the party pledge.

Puran Gurung 


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  1. Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa’s pledge to fight corruption is questionable because of the credibility of its interim president Jigme Zangpo, former drangpon of High Court. He was Supreme Court Construction project director and tender committee member in the award of the Supreme Court construction to Nima Construction. Recently the Supreme Court has directed relevant authority to take administrative actions against tender committee members that favored Nima Construction in awarding the work through manipulation and tampering with tender documents. How can Jigme Zangpo be trusted to fight corruption? He has a dubious record as a judge and he certainly outlived his utility. In the long run he will be a liability to DNT.

    • I totally agree with you Sonoma, how can DNT claim that they will fight corruption when their President is charged for corrupt practices while inservice. This is not accetable at all…..

  2. what do you mean by “the office of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).” never heard of such name!! U mean Anti-corruption commission.

  3. Good DNT ! but recently, its acting president was found guilty in favouring Nima construction while awarding supreme Court construction tender. he was made administratively liable by the Supreme Court!! Can this paper dig on this or will you dig after ten years like in DPT ministers cases???

  4. Yes, the Office of the ACC- it looks good and it is right as well. 

  5. DCT – I loved and appreciated your pledge. It sound very sincere and genuine and you stand tall above DNT in that pledge. I support your President Aum Lily Wangchuck who has a clean record and I support your party . May you win all the hearts and support

  6. Whyso and Seal It, I also doubt about DNT with a president with dubious record and character. Why did they bring a 62 year old man back and that too with corruption record. Are we short of leaders that we keep bringing back old leaders. We had enough of conservative policies. That way  I am happy that DCT opted for a young, fresh leader who I understand is a born leader and has lot of capacity. Whoever I have discussed with they seem to be have a very good opinion of her so for me I will surely go with DCT led by smart, intelligent woman and not DNT with a old, toothless man. 

  7. Looks like DNT is starting off with a Bang.

  8. I think we Bhutanese are sometime over critical and too judgmental. DNT’s president might have been implicated in a corruption case but what we should appreciate is the party’s collective intention and stand to fight corruption in Bhutan. He is just one of the committee members of that implication. Otherwise we have heard he is a down to earth man with a very clean record, may not be as glorious as we expect. I think we need to learn to appreciate more than criticize. We have not seen other parties doing that. What about the ruling party? Should not they lead us from the front? Just my thought. No offense meant to any individual.

  9. Patriot, I guess are you DNT supporter? Well as for me I am a great fan of DCT’s President and because of that I am supporting DCT for sure. DNT went and signed but DCT has made a pledge that has been written above so its clear that atleast two parties have made their stand clear and that includes DCT too  

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