DNT president says DPT tshogpas using fear tactics against DNT voters in her constituency


dorjichodenOne of the biggest upsets of the 2013 primary round elections was in the constituency of Thrimshing in Trashigang where the Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa(DNT)  president Dorji Choden won a landslide victory, keeping DPT at a distant second, and PDP at an even more distant third.

Of the 3301 votes cast in her constituency, the DNT President secured 2038 votes as compared to 809 of DPT, 362 of PDP, and 92 of DCT.

The DNT president Dorji Choden told The Bhutanese that she has been receiving several calls from her DNT party workers and supporters that DPT party workers have been creating an atmosphere of fear and disturbance among DNT voters in her constituency.

She said, “I have been told by my supporters that DPT coordinators have been trying to find out how they got only 18 votes in a village called Tsangpo in Thrimshing. I have heard that they have been up and down Thrimshing trying to find out how they got only a few votes.”

The DNT president said, “The fact that they are looking carefully at why voters have not shown support is an indication that they want to create disturbance among the people.”

“They were even telling the people that Lyonchhen is visiting Kangpara soon,” said Dorji Choden.

She said that this was not good as in remote areas people are ignorant and get disturbed and fearful with such tactics.

She said that she had no problems with DPT going around and trying to garner support, but the current tactic was not good.

The DNT president said, “My biggest concern overall is that there is a danger that whoever forms the government would take note of who supported them and not, and this could affect, in terms of providing public services and implementing developmental activities.”

She said that she has appealed to the people in her constituency not to get disturbed or threatened.

“There will be people who will do all sorts of things and people should not get scared and afraid of them as they do not represent government institutions and are from a political party. They have no legal basis to do such things and are only doing it based on party politics,” said the DNT president.

Meanwhile, the incumbent DPT candidate Cheki Wangmo said that she was not aware of such activities. She said, “DPT Party workers are not campaigning as campaigning is not allowed under electoral laws.”

 Tenzing Lamsang 

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  1. DNT president Aum Dorji Choden doesn’t seem to know politics and for that matter she is not fit to be president. Instead of always telling people that this or that party plays politics with Tsogpa she should concentrate on how to garner more votes for her party from other constituency. Politics is politics, so parties can use any technique to garner votes. This DNT party is always trying to give wrong message to the people that their party is for people and other parties are not. 
    Now it is time not to find excuses, but instead join PDP and get a post of MP to serve your constituency who has supported you merely because they think if DNT wins, you will be PM. Which constituency doesn’t want their candidate to be PM or minister. 
    Better join PDP and try to learn some politics from OL and Damchoe so that you can do better campaigning in 2018.

    • Dear self proclaimed Dasho! what kind of a statement is that when you say “politics is politics, so parties can use any technique to garner votes”, i think you are suggesting that democracy should allow hooliganism and criminal like behaviors amongst its electorate. Are you saying rule of law should not hold supreme and that politics should maintain highest of integrity, principles and values in democray. If not why have government or democracy altogether, if every tom, dick and harry is irresponsibly free to do as he likes. Every one in democracy has to play by the books and rule of law, that has been framed for the common good and not for some vested interested groups and its only appropriate that DNT raised this issues and inform the public of Bhutan on some of this cheap tactics employed by DPT. The accused party should be answerable and ECB should deal with this kind of criminal like tactics accordingly with the laws of the land. Bhutanese democracy cannot allow such thug like behaviours from our political parties from the outset itself. This is unacceptable to the electorate and specially the ignorant and innocent villagers who get taken for a ride during this political campaigns. I urge ECB to act on this and treat it as most urgent.

      • Just it is accused doesn’t mean it is guilty. I don’t know she won big in her constituency if DPT has used fear tactics..

    • PDP or DNT should make great history by implementing the real Wang-Tse-Cher-Pal, People centered Democracy not a Power, wealth, policy centered Democracy.. 

  2. Funny, I thought it was the PDP, DNT and PDP that were using fear tactics, always shouting to the world that the DPT was concentrating power in a few people’s hands and that was dangerous for the country, now suddenly, it is the DPT that is being accused of using fear tactics.

  3. If I was DNT President, I would first talk with the President of DPT on the matter instead of taking the matter with the Bhutanese. Call JYT and discuss on it rather than blowing off the issue. Why not to Kuensel or other credible papers  

  4. Am Dorji had already abandoned PDP and joined DNT. Now, how can she again abandon DNT and rejoin PDP? Will she then again come back to DNT after five years? Is she psycho or what? Only psychos will do that. Also, wat will happen to those PDP candidates who have tried their best to win primary round? Can they simply give way to the power-hungry DNT candidates?

    • Aum Dorji Choden is going to join PDP, the party she first ran away from, now in a cruel twist of fate, she is set to rejoin the PDP, now, I wonder how she will face her DNT supporters. It’s a real shame that a captain would abandon a sinking ship. If she really does, so, she will go down in history as a woman with absolutely no virtues. 

    • I think u are psycho too not Am Dorji . if not you have to form your self. Form my point of view she is doing good for country and people, so we have to respect them.

      • First she left PDP to join DNT, now she is abandoning her own party DNT of which she is the President and not just a candidate to rejoin PDP, the party she first abandoned, to me, this means she has no integrity,  And I am sure she will create a dubious world record of being the 1st President of a party to leave her own party to join a rival party. If you want that, so be it.

    • Right after the primary round results, the people of Aum Dorji’s constituency had gathered and requested her to join PDP and if she or any other DNT candidates join any of the two parties then it will be for the betterment of our country because the party they join will have to negotiate and incorporate some of DNT’s pleges (or ideologies)…if this happen, then the 17% of the voters would be well represented in the upcoming general elections..i don’t see anything wrong in this..

      • I don’t find any reason or draw back in Aum Dorji joining any party as far as her constituency people wants her to represent. Looking at how ‘good’ looks at things, he is not fit to be part of DPT or her supporter. I suppose DPT party are not arrogant or immature like him. Just need to shut is bullshit mouth.

  5. Fear Tactics if true should be investigated by ECB through spies and secret means. There would be no level playing field if such things exists. I think rural people in eastern Bhutan would easily succumb to such tactics as they are humble and not well informed.

    Civil servants and other educated sharchokpas should educate the eastern people.

    Let party with genuine feeling for people’s benefit win.

  6. i am surprise to hear that DNT loose from primary round… Since i atleast expect DNT must wont frm primary round… Anyway better luck in next

  7. PDP man from the beginning

    Forget you Dasho Kaka……….We will make sure that PDP forms the government this time and not the autocratic DPT 

    • Stop this dirty campaign to misinform people. Whole DNT, DCT and PDP team reiterated risk of concentrating power to few influential leaders. This is as same as fear tactics used to sway voters in their favor. Lots of lies were told to the voters about DPT plans to ply JYT’s personal buses on Bhutanese farm roads. C’mon bring all this issues if this paper is truly nation informer rather than writing one sided story.

  8. The voters of Thrimshing are matured minded and not like other constituency in the east. I feel ECB should look into this matter. DPT knows that DNT and DCT voters will support PDP to form ruling government and therefore they began using fear tactics. If any voter look for the glory of our country and bright future of our children than change is inevitable. Please do not exchange those with one bottle beer or NU 100 recharge voucher, it may be too late by then.

  9. PDP man from the beginning, still dreaming.

  10. just to inform public DPT has started bribing voters around, specially Wangdue and Punakha. The Budget set aside is Nu: 10,00,000 for each candidate.
    They pay voters based on the size of family members.

    • That is budget given ECB. They get Nu. 130000 from ECB….The Bhutanese is confused because DPT just might analyzing the voting pattern….Dorji Choden now running to get MP post by joining PDP. Nobody wants to lose high paying job twice…

  11. common citizens of Bhutan wake up….we need change, change, and change. We have drenched enough with lots of problem created by previous government. Why are you with the same, have you not seen enough in whole 5-year term. Now lets go for next to see what they can do for us and again lets decide in 2018 whom to vote. Once again think.

  12. DPT..is a party with an ideology of autocracy n t trying to veil people fromand are turning our supposed democracy into Oligarchy…please lets rise agianst them…if DPT forms the.government..then the.middle class must rise against by joining the opposition…..come on my fellow bhutanese

    • Rise against PDP?, OK let us do immediately. U mobilze from West, I will from East and they will from South and Central. Common guys!

  13. Doji choden lost 2 times so she is in search of reasons for y she lost 2 time. This is bhutanese style- if its good u fail to acknowledge N if u fail u hav many reason to say y u fail. Doji choden u r lost so accept with dignity.

  14. It is sad that DPT has started what we thought would never happen in our peaceful and idyllic country…….. FEAR TACTICS, BRIBING AND LYING.We must ensure that we as citizens don’t tolerate such destructive practices that can only destroy our tiny country.
    They introduced it in 2008 and they are continuing this time around. Maybe it has worked and now with more resources and manpower they think it will be a walkover. Maybe this time we are a little more aware and educated.

  15. I say again, to hell with party workers. Why can’t we have politics without party workers? Why can’t people be allowed to form their own independant opinions and vote? I think ECB should rethink on this and do away with party workers. Otherwise by 2018, we might see ugly scenes like bombings and assassinations due to them. watch my word.

  16. This is a Complete Rip OFF News. None of the above statements are true. Nothing but an excuse for Joining forces.

  17. Well! our youth and educated people are still bit not aware of politics showered by JYT and DPT, There is no doubt JYT and few senior ministers are well experience and good in work. We thank them for their hard effort and appreciate their kindess to serve for another five years.
    But the danger is another issues parallel to their qualities. ISSUE is we want other hard working sincere able people to serve the country. They too are capable to lead our political govt. We do not want Bhutan to be a politics of other countries run by Nepotism and powerful people. We all know our ministers, secretaries and high level people are inter connected by relations, marriage etc.
    We support DPT concept and party but for the sake of country we need just change of govt. I still rem JYT said there is wrong in gyalposhing case but proved wrong by court. So some times attitude brings wrong politics and ruling. Am dorji choden and her party are taking proper decision to get involve in politics and win the game. Politics is power, and power is service to people.
    Please donot stay in a notion that we will give just next chance to DPT. Not this time please. We want a experience opposition to head the govt. Please make DPT a strong , efficient, powerful opposition and then we will win them in 2018 election.
    In Bhutan both politics are capable and strong. their agenda almost strong. As every one know planning are all set ahead, development is their quest. so why to worry about changing the govt..


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