DNT says no trust between the govt and bureaucracy

A release issued by Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) said that the party has been patiently and closely following the recent case of surrendering of the three Secretaries to the RCSC by the Government.

It says that listening to views and concerns of the people from all walks of life; the party has come to believe that there is no trust between the Government and the Bureaucracy. It says this is dangerous and that DNT wants to caution both the Government and the Bureaucrats.

“We don’t want to say who is right or wrong between the Cabinet and Committee of Secretaries but there is a fundamental problem of trust. There is no trust between the two and they are the two central institutions in this country,” says the release.

It says that the Bureaucracy is the bedrock of society in delivering services to the people and Government of the day is elected by the people to serve them. The top leaders in both the Government and the Bureaucracy, therefore, must not forget, at all times, that they are there to serve the people first according to the party.

DNT said there have been limited or no consultations at all between the Government and RCSC on this matter. It says that had there been trust, there would have been proper consultations and a large part of the problem would have then been already solved at the outset.

But the government has taken a unilateral decision to hand over the three secretaries for alleged misuse of their powers, without proper investigation and acknowledgement of the due process.

It says this has inadvertently created a tangible gulf between the bureaucracy and the political government. The party said that it can set a dangerous precedent.

Against this backdrop, DNT Questioned how the government and bureaucracy are going to serve the people and take the country forward when there is no trust. DNT called upon the Government and the RCSC to promptly look into the issue and facilitate quick and effective justice.


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