DNT to distribute Bhutan’s mineral wealth equally, if elected

These are certainly new times and with this bold promise from the DNT camps, it certainly calls for newer measures from other parties as well to up the ante.

Through its ‘Mitser Thoblam Chathrim’ or the Citizens’ Dividend Act’ the Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) promises to ensure equal shares in the minerals and other natural resources.

“In Nyamrup spirit, let’s leave no Bhutanese behind,” said DNT Interim President, Jigme Zangpo.

This act called Mitser Thoblam Charthrim calls for ‘a path toward fair and just distribution of the nation’s natural wealth’.

The ‘Mitser Thoblam Charthrim’ figures among one of the seven clauses of the DNT’s seven point manifesto. It is a clause inspired by Article 1, Section 12 of the constitution that states, “The rights over mineral resources, rivers, lakes and forest shall vest in the State and are the properties of the State, which shall be regulated by law.”

Additionally, DNT highlighted Section 1 of the constitution that stated: “the sovereign power belongs to the people of Bhutan.”

Adding to the annals of the Act, the DNT Interim President said, “This constitutional mandate prompted DNT to attempt to assure that all Bhutanese receive a discernable share of the benefits from the Sovereign wealth, be it from hydropower generation, mineral extraction, or other State natural resources”.

Interpreting Article 1 and the ‘Citizens’ Dividend Act’, Jigme Zangpo said, “Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa’s new idea Citizens’ Dividend Act is dedicated to our people and to our future generations. It will give economic, social, and political power to the people in the true sense. We believe no Bhutanese should be left behind”.

“… We offer a vision for every citizen in 2013 elections. To make this happen, we seek your mandate to enable us to enact a law called Citizens’ Dividend Act that empowers every citizen economically, socially and politically. Once the law is enacted, it will be a path toward fair and just distribution of our nation’s natural wealth for the benefit of all people, for all times to come,” pledged DNT interim president, Jigme Zangpo.

In the offing to be accomplished are, ‘Hope, Continuity and Change’.

DNT believes that the entire citizenry must hope toward a brighter future, and ensure the continuity of policies but discard the outdated ones and those that don’t serve the people now. DNT believes in  change of governance, institution building, the ‘bottom-up’ approach and support for media.

Meanwhile, the President revealed that the party is in thorough research for refining the other clauses of its seven-point contract as it is the manifesto.

As DNT waits for its registration with the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB), the other two parties, Bhutan Kuenyam Party (BKP) and Druk Chirwang Tshogpa (DCT) has already registered with ECB on the first day of the calendar year, 2013.


Puran Gurung / Thimphu


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  1. You mean take away Gup Sonam Dukpas mines in the east and Gup Ugens (Lhakis) mines in Samchi and distribute it to other’s, I am all for it.

    • haha.. u got it right. this new political parties seems so juvenile in their thoughts. equal distribution of minerals left me wondering, how much could each households get the minerals. Or will it base on no. of heads in a households.

  2. While applauding the new idea, to be set forth by DNT, it leaves one wandering how this idea could really be translated into benefits that our poor sections of the society looks for. when one talks of owning business with state resources, the general thinking is, it is either own by big business houses or it is being operated by the state. It is hard to think how this can empower our poorer lots.

  3. Glorified Clerk

    One thing that the upcoming political parties should fight for is the right to information act. Things which the citizens must know must be made known to them based on requests.

  4. Seemingly, it is a very noble vision but very big doubt on it’s actual achievement. We would be eager to al teast see their theoritical plans and policies during their campaign. Hopefully the noble vision wouldn’t end with the election.

  5. We dont want wealth Mr. PM of DNT. give us citizenship right abolished form categories. make land issue more flexible m we will  give u vote for 10 years.

  6. A great idea. However, one doubts the pragmatism here. I believe that the RMA has policies on the distribution of shares to the Public, but I’m told it’s virtually impossible to detect if the shares are purchased by people in someone else’s name. I think the problem here is hardly legislation which are all in place. In fact we have so many laws, what we need to do is get the implementation right. It would be good to hear DNT’s plans on operationalizing such a lofty goal. Or is this just a political statement to win votes and entice the Bhutanese Public?

  7. And Singay mining at Jigmena. These mines/minerals are hijacked by these companies since I was young boy. I really don’t know how they could operates these mines for so long? In fact they are sucking the natural resources/wealth of this country by paying only few ngultrum as royalty and BIT. Again they are very smart to obtain tax deduction/incentives from RGoB by submitting false expenses, contribution, etc. Funniest thing is the RGoB listen to these people.

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