DNT welcomes decision to remove Foreign Minister 

The Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) has welcomed the decision of the government to remove the Foreign Minister Lyonpo Rinzin Dorji but in doing so has asked the government to look into other issues like BOIC and the electric car.

The DNT release said, “Any form of corruption is an impediment to the nation’s progress, particularly, political corruption at the highest level of the government can be detrimental to the health of Bhutan’s young democracy.”

It says that in this wake, the PDP government’s decision to remove the Foreign Minister who is currently embroiled in a lawsuit in the ongoing Lhakhang Karpo case is a correct move.

The release says that DNT is confident that such decisions will have a positive impact on the collective effort to root out corruption in the country.

However, DNT believes that a decision to this effect should have been taken much earlier. “Therefore, question that one could ask ourselves is: Why did the PDP government wait for this action to be taken only after the court verdict that cleared the Foreign Minister of corruption?” asked the release.

“PDP presents this action on high moral ground. If morally sound, we could ask why PDP nominated him in the first place as candidate and then as a Minister?” says the release. It alleges that this contradictory decision is a demonstration of the weakness of PDP’s executive and poor judgment of its leaders.

DNT said that it believes that corruption is a serious threat and impediment to the nation’s progress. The DNT called on the government to now review several of its past decisions such as such as the controversial and illegal existence of BOIC as pointed out by the National Council and the unfair promotion of electric cars as reported by ACC.

It said these and others have disregarded the rule of law and also violated the provisions of the sacred Constitution. DNT said while it welcomed the government’s decision, it urged the PDP government to do much more to combat corruption.

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