DNT’s 25 pledges in 120 days

One of the highlights of the DNT’s manifesto is its 25 important and urgent pledges that it has promised to undertake with 120 days or approximately around 4 months from the time it gets into office.

With the 10-day election petition period still on and with the National Assembly yet to have its first sitting the Interim Government is still running the government for now.

However, DNT will have to get cracking on an array of pledges once it formally gets into office.


DNT will establish a high level committee to draw up the country’s new long-term vision, Bhutan: Vision 2045 to carry our nation forward.

The party will establish a dedicated water agency with a plan of action to ensure drinking and irrigation water for all by 2021.

It will review the national youth policy and implement a national youth action plan to address the needs of the youth.


DNT will establish a tourism development board and initiate implementation of Bhutan Tourism Review, 2016 recommendations.

The government elect will establish a private sector development committee led
by the Finance Minister in partnership with BCCI. Together the DNT and BCCI will implement Private Sector Development – The Way Forward, 2016 recommendations.

It will identify and list the country’s skills needs and design a program to train youth for employment. There will be a complete review of employment policies to strengthen it and draw up strategies to achieve jobs and livelihood opportunities for all.

DNT will initiate recruitment of domestic workers by reviewing and amending immigration rules and regulation. Institute stringent monitoring standards and guidelines for that.


DNT will Implement free nutritious lunch program in all schools.

It will initiate and implement discontinuing examinations until Class VI, and removing Class X cut-off point.

The party will finalize a framework, in consultation with teachers nationwide to reduce
teacher workload. It will provide administrative or HR support for extra and co-curricular activities.


It will set up insurance schemes for farmers to protect their crops.

DNT will initiate the Sonam Gongphel project, where the government will buy farmers’ produces. Review and revise the function of farm shops to buy from farmers at floor price without impeding small businesses in the gewogs.

Governance and service

The government elect will develop professional service standards and minimal turn- around times for all public services.

DNT will begin projects to address stray dogs’ problem, manage wastes more efficiently and develop a blue print for building adequate residential complexes.

It will institute the fourth pay commission to revise civil service salaries and allowances.

The party will institute mechanisms for delivery of all public services in gewogs and thromdes through one-stop shops.

DNT will contribute to the decentralization process and support tshogpas by opening offices for them at chiwogs.

It will review and revise working conditions and salaries of RBP personal to ease long duty hours and appropriate compensation for additional duties.

Cabinet ministers will use electric/hybrid cars for local travel.


DNT will give free access, 24/7, to all online data within the country like BBS, online shopping, websites browsing and document downloading by installing intranet technology.

It will develop “Suung Joen” app
to enable Bhutanese to communicate freely without the need to recharge voucher.

It will also remove the five percent voucher tax.

The party will meet taxi tshogpas, thromde representatives and other agencies to address issues facing taxi drivers over parking space, professional driving license and ownership, age of vehicles and age of drivers.


DNT will convert the Samrang project into a vegetable farming project and it will promote vegetarian meals during official functions

It will enumerate and provide budget to all community Lhakhangs to support them to conduct annual rituals and festivals.

The government elect will review the 12th Plan to include revolving fund for CSOs and funds for lm and documentary promotion.

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  1. Already fulfilled by the previos governments. Nothing left for DNT.

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