DNT’s ‘7-point contract with the people’ awaits ECB seal of approval

The seven-point contract also the DNT manifesto prominently outlined ‘economic strategy’ to be the USP of its manifesto

After brainstorming its ‘seven-point contract’ with the grassroots people and stakeholders of democracy Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) will unveil its manifesto which the party calls ‘a contract with the people’.

The Chief Election Commissioner’s seal will however be the ultimate nod of approval.

“We have already outlined the seven-point contract that we will use as our manifesto and it will be a contract with the people of Bhutan. DNT is going for a retreat for about one to two weeks brainstorming these points with the people, policy makers, bureaucrats, technocrats, politicians and many others. Details are still to be worked out,” Secretary General of DNT, Dr Tandi Dorji said.

‘Economy plans’ are featured prominently in the manifesto.

The DNT secretary general said that DNT has very clear economy plans that will take the country out of ‘the mess that we are currently suffering from’ and that government should not interfere in the independence of the Royal Monetary Authority (RMA).

The prime focus of the party will be ‘fiscal measures’ and on small and medium enterprises and also those enterprises that will generate Rupee.

DNT is in keen consultations with many other stakeholders and they are also looking at Scandinavia (Three Kingdoms, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden also Finland and Greenland) countries and also examples of other countries how they are faring and how their models could be best put in the Bhutanese context.

“Five-year plan needs to be revised and we need to revise the process, how we are developing. This five-year plan has been a very good document for us to adopt but is it the best model for us?” asked the secretary general.

The DNT secretary general said plans are made by the grassroots people and they should be the legitimate stakeholders to implement as well and parliamentarians should only work on legislation. Politicians are not really aware of their roles; they still work on executive and judiciary arenas.

He stressed that ‘hospitals, schools and roads’ are the rights of the people and not any endowments of the government.

DNT highlights that the role playing mismatch has brought conflicts in Constitutional Development Grants (CDG).

“So the message DNT conveys is that the government should restrict their roles to making laws only and help the local government to contribute its experiences in country or community projects and securing funds.

“Democracy is not only about participation of National Assembly or National Council, people must come together and such other institutions. Unfortunately in the past five years, there has been no true emergence of stakeholders of democracy,” said Dr. Tandi.

He elaborated that “a bad precedence has been set by the government of the day and that is what DNT will definitely try to correct”.

“The very fact that we have emerged as political party tells about the performance of incumbent government.If they were setting good example, we would want them to continue, we are coming because we feel that Bhutan can become truly better. We are here to provide alternative to the government now,” said the Secretary General.

According to Dr. Tandi Dorji today there is rift amongst the constitutional bodies, stamping cases against one another and cause is the people in the incumbent government’ and DNT is ‘deeply concerned’ about the Nation.

When DNT is registered it will hold a party convention where it will re-elect their party leaders. Currently it has three nominees for the post, one of which is Dasho Jigme Zangpo, while two others are still serving their respective commitments.

DNT would also reelect its Secretary General, Treasurer and the party leader as it was previously elected by the only 27 founding members.

Puran Gurung

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  1. What a joke.

    • I agree with Kencho, this is a big joke and goes to show that DNT has absolutely no idea how dirty politics is. The party will do well only if all Bhutanese are perfect human beings, which unfortunately will never happen. 

  2. what do u mean ‘joke’? Does it seem a joke to you? Reckless comment… 

  3. Good luck dnt. May democracy shine in Bhutan.

  4. For some anything will be a joke especially those who are callous about others feelings and needs. This is indeed reckless and mindless comment kencho. Pl be responsible.
    These are group of people who are trying to serve the country. How they will serve is for us to see and judge in the years to come.
    Whether they are your rival or enemy we should appreciate genuine their efforts. It is not easy to form a political party in Bhutan in the face of many challenges. So learn to appreciate. No offense meant.

  5. Another party to fool the Bhutanese people.

  6. I liked it, good job. Yes, we need the people with clear idea of what their role is and also how they were going to do it, in order to serve the country. Bhutan badly needs a true democratic system for the people.

  7. DNT wants to import cocoa from Ghana and plants in Bhutan…

    what do they mean by consulting people. There will be a land bill. he will ask people in referendum?

    They will make a monetary policy, they will refer to people in referendum?

    what will they do in five years?
    Probably pass three bills and do nothing…

  8. What difference can any new party make in Bhutanese politics, even DNT? I see no different manifesto in all the parties. They sound the same: chirwang, nyamrup, kuenyam, are they not synonymous? There is no one who has really etched good democracy in Bhutan. After all, every party will have to rotate around one pillar. This is all bullshit.

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