DNT’s sweeps Wangdue and Punakha

Wangdue Phodrang

Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa’s candidate, Kinley Wangchuk, won after securing a total of 4,001 votes (1,420 PB + 2,581 EVM) from Athang-Thedtsho constituency. DPT’s Nim Gyeltshen in the same constituency secured a total of 3,134 votes (694 PB +2,440 EVM) losing by a difference of 867 votes.

Kinley Wangchuk said that he has put in a lot of effort, which has ultimately paid off in the end. “I worked really hard, and I would like to credit my win to all my supporters. It is also due to DNT’s reputable image as a party that greatly favored many of the candidates.”

He also said the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) voters would have preferred to vote for him since PDP does not favor the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) as he has observed.

Meanwhile, DPT’s Nim Gyeltshen went as far as to say the collusion between DNT and PDP supporters greatly helped in DNT’s win in the general election.

DNT’s Wangchuk Namgyel won the seat from Nyisho-Saephu constituency after securing a total of 4,388 votes (1,249 PB + 3,139 EVM), while DPT’s Chimmi Jamtsho secured a total of 3,061 votes (655PB +2406 EVM) and therefore, losing by a vast difference of 1,327 votes.

“I think we won mainly because of our manifesto and our pledges, which greatly touched the people across the country. People also really liked our theme on ‘narrowing the gap’ between the rich and the poor. Secondly, I was able to generate trust from the people due to my commitment to serve the people with sincerity. And I think we also won because the people wanted to see the change and DNT was their best choice among the two old parties,” said Wangchuk Namgyel.  He added that the party’s clarity and hard work are at par with the two established parties and that really helped with the victory.

DPT’s Chimmi Jamtsho said that it was the people’s choice and Bhutanese people would have known better on why DPT lost.

During 2013 election, both the seats in Wangdue were held by PDP.


DNT’s Tandi Dorji won the seat from Lingmukha-Toedwang constituency after securing a total of 3,154 votes (1,030 PB + 2,124 EVM) while DPT’s Sonam Wangyel Wang lost after securing a total of 2,082 votes (425 PB +1657EVM), a whopping difference of 1,072 votes.

Tandi Dorji, who also serves as DNT’s spokesperson, believes that he won because he contested the election for the third time, and winning only now. He added that being one of the founders of the party also helped him win. In an earlier interview with the paper he felt that there was some sympathy factor at play, due to which he was able to win during the primary round.

“Out president is favored by the general public, and I think people found our manifesto and pledges appealing enough to vote for the party. We also have a good teamwork and our party coordinators were very active and supportive. And I also feel that people voted for change and since DNT did not engage in any divisive tactics, people wanted us to form the government,” said Tandi Dorji.

The need of the hour is on improving the health facility and people seem to believe in that, said Tandi Dorji.

DNT candidate, Tshencho Wangdi, won the seat from Kabisa-Talog constituency after securing a total of 4,294 votes (1,392 PB + 2,902 EVM), while DPT’s Kinley Wangchuk received a total of 2,459 votes (678 PB + 1781 EVM)- losing by a huge difference of 1,835 votes.

“I think I was elected by the voters mainly because they wanted to see change, and DNT has always pledged for a better change. People also liked our manifesto and our theme on ‘narrowing the gap’,” said Tshencho Wangdi.

He said his pledges have been formed after close consultation with the people in his constituency, which went appreciated as the vote count shows.

“Our pledges are realistic and I promised the people that I will deliver everything that the party has pledged. And since I also contested as a National Council candidate from Punakha this year, I was familiar with the voters and they must have favored me on that ground to some extent,” he added.

Both the seats in Punakha were held by PDP.

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