(Left) 42-year-old Karma Lhamo (Mongar) and (Right) 45-year-old Karma Dorji (Nanglam)

DNT’s two experienced candidates for bye-election race

There are two experienced candidates from Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT), 45-year-old Karma Dorji (Nanglam) who is one of the party founders, and 42-year-old Karma Lhamo (Mongar), a seasoned politician, contesting against the two new candidates, Dorji Youden and Rinchen Pelzang of DPT.

For the up-coming bye-election, two men and two women will be contesting against each other. All the four candidates aspire to bring in better changes, given the opportunity.

DNT reiterated that as much as the election was important, the party is mindful of the COVID-19 norms, and seeks to compliment efforts made by the entire nation throughout the process.

Karma Lhamo shared that having participated in the three consecutive parliamentary elections, she had taken a break from politics. It led to a spiritual expedition that also provided a fulfilling time to pursue her passion as a social worker.

However, “In this unexpected turn of event, fate has heaved me back into politics. When the offer came to consider representing the ruling party in the upcoming Monggar bye-election, it took a while for me to decide,” she added.

She said that in her experience, as a politician, her allegiance has always been with the people she pledged to serve. She thanks DPT for all the years they have worked together.

She said, “From the day one, when I joined politics, one of my objectives was to represent the voice of women and inspire other women, especially young women to come forward in politics. I am happy to see my opponent, Dorji Youden, has fulfilled one of my objectives.”

Meanwhile, Karma Dorji from Nanglam constituency said that it is not the destination but the journey that makes a man. With the people of Nanglam constituency, he strives to make it an enriching and successful journey.

He said that he would begin this journey by paying sincere homage to late MP Choida Jamtsho. “With promises to carry forward his (late MP Choida Jamtsho) dreams, and that of Nganglam constituency, I have come forward to represent DNT in the upcoming bye-election. Like all the big decisions in life, choosing to contest the bye-election required reason and purpose far bigger than oneself,” he added.

As for the Nanglam constituency, he said that there are promises to keep and aspirations to meet, and it is only through the golden opportunity of working with the party in governance that he can find the right solutions.

He said, “During the campaign, familiar faces at the shops and residences in Nanglam town greeted me with warmth and smiles. We discussed issues, shared ideas, and articulated my intentions to re-contest this time around.”

The bye-election is important for the candidates and the voters, he said, adding that in a very democratic sense, it is important they know what is in it for them before arriving at a decision. He said he has the responsibility to represent the ruling party, which is an enormous task, however, he intends to give it his best and live up to everyone’s expectations.

“I also make a point to discuss about the COVID-19 situation in the country and individual responsibilities to prevent the disease. Our people are aware and they remain inspired by His Majesty The King amid the strenuous times,” he said.

He reiterates the fact that the bye-election is not about voting for the political parties but about choosing a candidate that will bring along the advantages of a democratic government.

Karma Dorji has a Masters in Information and Technology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Information System from Curtin University, Australia and Bachelors in Electrical Engineer from Thammasat University, Thailand.

He is a software engineer, an advisor and CEO of eDruk private limited and an IT consultant.

Karma Lhamo has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from University of Canberra, Australia and also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from Samtse College of Education. She also did BA Pyschology from Bangalore University, India.

She is a travel manager, domestic tour promoter, social worker, former Member of Parliament, a teacher and a career counseling and parenting focal person.

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