DoIM media workshop trains local talents

The Department of information and media (DOIM) conducted a 12 day workshop on “Film making” which ended yesterday with the awarding of certificates to the participants.

There were 40 participants in total and most of the participants were from the Motion Pictures Association of Bhutan (MPAB) who are well known faces of the local film industry and some students who were interested in script writing and film direction.

The head of the Media relationship division Tshering Yangdon said “This is mainly to support the film industry and is targeted for those who have interest in the movies. So with this workshop we can help them too”.

“We started the workshop with the four main components of film directions and they are the story telling, the tips for movie direction, production and finally script writings,” she said.

Anne Carey, an international film director, actress and a script writer from the United States of America (USA) for the first time trained the participants and directed a short documentary movie called “Last Dragon Kingdom” based on Bhutan.

She said, “I am not a teacher it is not about the teaching but it is about sharing my views to the participants for the better product and our session started with the story structure and acting skills”.

Talking to some of the participants, a very locally well known director of the country Mr. Karma Sangay said “If I could do my films back again after attending this kind of workshop it would have been far better and now I finally realize what actual film making is”.

Miss. Kinley Yangden, former Miss Bhutan runners-up and now an actress said, “This workshop has been very helpful for me because before I was not comfortable to face the camera but now I am very confident and now I can finally do my work better”.

Sonam Wangmo

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