Donations for COVID-19 not compulsory

Many businessmen, Parliamentarians, farmers and others came forward to support the government in fighting COVID-19 in the country by offering donations in cash, medical equipment, bags of rice and vegetables.

During COVID-19 press briefing, the Foreign Minister expressed gratitude towards those who donated voluntarily to the government.

He said the government has never asked the general public or any other organizations to make compulsory donations for COVID-19 expenses. However, the government has received donations from various organizations and businessmen to show their concerns and support.

Lyonpo said if one cannot afford to give donations then refrain from doing so. Even prayers can be enough in such a situation.

He said the government has already returned back the donations collected from the civil servants. Voluntary donations by people are welcome but it is not compulsory for any local government or agency to give such donations, said Lyonpo.

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  1. It is heartening to hear Lyonpo saying that donations are not necessary if one cannot afford it. This will do away with various people of influence trying to garner support mandatorily. How nice to hear that prayers are also regarded as some form of donation. Many private sector companies are trying hard to keep paying their employees without laying off. This too is a donation during such times. Thank you His Majesty the KING and Thank you royal govt for everything.

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