DPT campaign heads to the center and the east

The Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) campaign this week started from Bumthang where the president met the people of Chumig-Ura constituency on 7th and 8th October.

The President said the Constitution mandates the state to provide free education to all children upto the tenth standard and ensure that technical and professional education is made generally available and that higher education is equally accessible to all children on the basis of merit.

He mentioned that DPT will not do away with cut-off point but will allow one-time disqualified students of class X & XII to repeat as regular students.

“Should DPT form the government, easing access to education, enhancement of literacy and improving the quality of education, in the formal, non-formal as well as technical realms, will be given utmost priority. And we will be ambitious, prudent and steadfast in achieving these goals,” said the DPT President.

En-route to Bumthang from Thimphu, the president met the people of Samtengang and Nyisho and Sephu Gewogs in Wangduephodrang and the people of Nubi and Tangsibi gewogs in Trongsa.

On 9th October, the campaign was held for just a half day in Choekhor Tang.

The president said that there are talks doing the rounds that if DPT come to power, then the prices of goods imported from India will soar.

“This is not true. The recent hike in fuel price happened not only in Bhutan but also in India,” he said, adding that it was because of recent depreciation in INR against USD. He said that the Indo-Bhutan relationship is very important and whoever comes to power will maintain and strengthen this unique and exemplary relation.

After the meeting which the president attended the debate.

After the debate, the campaign journey headed off for Lhuentse on 10th where DPT President met with the people of Tsenkhar, Gangzur, Dungkhar and Menji.

In Lhuentse the president Pema Gyamtsho said, “There are some serious issues that has to be addressed before constructing this road.” he said that to construct the much-awaited Shingkhar-Gorgan road is easier said than done.

He also mentioned that DPT will prioritize the construction of this road if elected and promised the construction of Menji-Trashiyangtse Dongla road will also be prioritize.

After meeting with the public of gewogs in Mongar, the president departed for Trashiyangtse on 12th and had meeting with supporters, coordinators and people at Gomkora.

Right after the campaign, the journey headed towards Trashigang where President firstly met the coordinators and supporters in Rangjung and he met with the people of Radhi, Phongmey and Khaling.

The president also met with the public of Bartsham, Bidung, Rangjung Throm and Shongphu gewogs and the public of Wamrong Throm.

The president said that he cannot tell as to how many ministers will be appointed from East should DPT win.

“The party’s executive committee will decide based on the people’s support with equity and justice. But all candidates are capable,” he said.

The president reminded the people to vote wisely.

“Parties will come and pledge to provide everything for free to win votes.

It is upto you to decide which pledges are good for our nation and for the future of our children.”

The president mentioned that DPT’s pledges like hydropower development are to make the country a self-reliant nation in next seven years.

On 13th, bringing the change in a schedule, the president and team will campaign in Samdrupjongkhar and Pemagatshel which was initially not planned.

After meeting the people of Pemagatshel on 14th, the campaign will be concluded on 15th in Mongar.

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