DPT files two names for Radhi-Sakteng constituency

While filing the Letter of Intent (LoI) on 5 May, the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) has submitted two names to the office of Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) for the Radhi-Sakteng constituency in Trashigang.

One name being of that of Jigme Tshultim, 37, and the other a lady whose name has not been revealed to this paper.

The mode of submission suggests, on the part of the DPT, that Jigme Tshultim introduced last week as DPT’s candidate from Radhi-Sakteng constituency could stand to be replaced due to his past criminal record. And the lady is on standby, in case the ECB should reject Jigme Tshultim’s candidature.

On contacting the DPT spokesperson Khandu Wangchuk refused to comment further but only said, “Jigme Tshultim remains as the candidate of DPT as of now.”

Meanwhile, Jigme Tshultim himself said that he has got all the clearance from the concerned agencies to make him eligible to contest in the elections.

Though there are reports of the 37-year-old being involved in brawls in the past, and he has also openly accepted that he was sentenced for petty misdemeanor, in lieu of which he had paid thrimthue (compensation).

In one of the brawls, the candidate had hit a police officer who was then the officer in command (OC) in Mongar, in 1998. The case was registered with police and was charge sheeted to court on 12 January, 1998.

It was learnt that on 18 February, 2002 the judgment was passed, but what the verdict was, is not known as stated by the victim, retired Major Tilak Sharma.

Article 23(4)(c) of the Constitution states, a person shall be disqualified as a candidate or a member holding an elective office, if the person is convicted for any criminal offence and sentenced to imprisonment.

Jigme Tshultim said that he got all the required documents and clearances, including the police clearance, as of now.

“I do have a record of legal background,” he said. “I don’t think this will be a problem,” he added.

Article 23 (6) of the Constitution further reads that in order to provide for an informed choice by the voter, a candidate for an  elective office  shall file, along with  his or her nomination, an affidavit, “declaring records of criminal convictions, if any; and whether the candidate is accused in a pending case for an offence punishable with imprisonment for more than one year and in which charges are framed or cognizance is taken by a court of law prior to the date of filing of such a nomination.”

A petty misdemeanour shall be sentenced to a term of imprisonment, a minimum of which shall be one month and a maximum of which shall be less than one year as per the Penal Code of Bhutan.

Chencho Dema/ Thimphu


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  1. chart sheeted?

  2. I believe Jigme Tselthrim has criminal record and if laws doesn’t allow. he should be disqualified. Having said that the law should be changed slightly because in politics, mudslinging and criminalizing for political gain is rampant through out the world. , people will use as political tool. A small problem like brawl in traffic can disqualify. With political vendetta on mind, half of Bhutanese educated people can be criminalized and sentenced with misdemeanor charges.
    Therefore, till third degree felony should be accepted in politics and bureaucracy because every makes mistakes…

    • Hello, you mean everybody makes mistake like brawl and hit someone like police officer. Hope, you don’t have criminal records, and don’t even dream that law could be changed to suit criminal people.

  3. well…if his candidature is stopped for just some small fights….in that case we can instigate some politicians ….harass his/her family and drag him into fights which can result in his disqualification…so i am not sure if it would be good idea to “NOT ALLOW” him to stand…..

  4. forwardlooking

    who doesnt have a story??? But if he is denied of his candidature for some brawls in the past , then history of each and every politician should be studied as well. lets leave past in the past and focus on the present and future!!!!

  5. Yes, let’s forget the past, but remember kind of people we will be voting for, because even if the incidents have long been gone and forgotten, the person(s) committing such rash criminal acts of aggression are still here and and the same blood that rushed in their veins in their urge to hurt and humiliate is still running in them. So let us not forget that.

    • We should certainly give one a chance when he is determined to serve the country….He is known for his loyalty and most of the fights that he got into was for others. So, lets us give him a chance …..

  6. I think this law should be changed by the next parliament. Everyone gets involved in brawls and if this is barring, then the Constitution is not guaranteeing basic human rights. Some needs be done with this for petty misdeamenour.

  7. I am eagerly waiting for the next govt. I can see this news paper never wrote good news for DPT. So, we the people are watching behind and let see whether The Bhutanese keeps on blaming govt. or not  if PDP or other parties happens to be ruling govt, 

    • Ya, it is disappointing. This news paper always covers about DPT. Readers of this paper have to be bit skeptical about the contents huh.

  8. he was chargesheeted, put to prison and fights every day… DPT is becoming to be party of goons and muscle power and money power…

  9. Many years ago Jigme Tshultim nearly killed a police officer on duty. The matter was hushed up considering his Father was the Mongar Dzongda(The infamous former speaker himself). This cant be considered petty. If you know him well enough, any sane person will say he does not deserve a chance. 

    • Everyone gets involved in brawls and if this is barring then most of the politicians will be disqualified. Jigme Tshultim is a bright, humble, loyal and down to earth man. Like everyone else, he definitely deserves a chance to serve the tsa wa sum. 

    • Do not wory, your child will do the same and later he will context for the MP post. This is called karmic action. Just now you are pointing finger at JT, later someone will point finger at you or to your issue. It is just matter of time as much as death is the consequence of birth and ailment.

    • Do not wory, your child will do the same and later he will context for the MP post. This is called karmic action. Just now you are pointing finger at JT, later someone will point finger at you or to your issue. It is just matter of time as much as death is the consequence of birth and ailment

    • adrukpa,

      if u don’t know the fact, pls don’t write bullshit to defame someone….It was not fight when police officer was on duty, they fought over a girl and that tooo under influence of alcohol…and that police man was equally in fault…if u don’t  know, ask mogarps and get the facts corrected….

  10. Like father, like son. Jigme Tshultim, Jigme Tshultim. Charge sheeted, charge sheeted. Matching point for point. Wow! See the coincidental.

  11. Isn’t he the son of ex-speaker Jigme Tsulthrim? I am pretty sure he is

    • At least he has a father! Do you ?

      • Yes i do just like everyone… All that is given birth by mother have father.  Even a kokti like you have a father.. Without someone fathering you how could your mom give birth to you? Got it now dude?

  12. Recently another gunda Dr. Wang the former director of Royal Education Council has join DPT


  14. Its good for the country that such goons are being inducted by DPT. Public will vote-out Druk Prado Tshokpa. Other Party will be less experienced but it will be accordingly less corrupt.

    • if it is to dig one’s life history, m sure even someone who is pretending clean like sangay would ve got into trouble like brawl, stealing somebody’s pen while in school etc…only difference is, u r not in politics….just hiding with some nick name….u need not ve to tell us but ask ur self whether u haven’t had fight in ur life or not…haven’t done some minor mistakes in ur life?….r u really perfect person? ask ur wife if u r married, probably she will tell u the truth…

    • Peoples Devil Party=PDP will not win either. So be happy.

      • Why devil? Some started branding DPT as Prado Tsogpa after the ministers shamelessly took home Prado each. If JYT is truly dedicated to serving the people without greed and vested interests, he should have surrendered prado to the government so that it benefits the people of Bhutan. Instead he greedily accepted it as soelra. Doesn’t this set precedence?

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